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Valid and Stretch Money share potent single and video for “Game Film”

Ahead of their upcoming LP Bill & Isiah, Detroit veterans Valid and Stretch Money drop off a new single and video for “Game Film”. The potent, sharply-crafted song harkens back to 80s cinema with classic references laced between clever bars and slick flows, while the accompanying visual does well to enhance its themes with VHS-style shots and retro sports settings. The duo once again demonstrate their ability to pull together all the elements it takes to make a cohesive statement, with “Game Film” expanding upon their personal passions while also connecting to fans through its vivid imagery and nostalgic feel.

With playful yet stylish verses and feathery, focused production, “Game Film” has all that it takes to classify as a modern hip-hop banger. With trap-infused percussion, airy harps, and surreal strings, the song conjures a unique atmosphere and gives space for the two emcees to shine, while the video, directed by Jerry Reid brings out its themes and moods coherently across warm shots.


Valid mentioned to Stretch that an idea for “Game Film” came to him for them to do a record referencing classic 80s movie titles, scenes, and phrases. As he was saying it out loud, it came to him instantly that sports team’s study game film. “Stretch, I got it. To stay true to the concept of the album, we watch game film like sports teams do, but our game film is these classic gangsta’ ass 80s flicks.” Stretch saw the picture painted clearly, and the two went to work on top of the Eddie Logix score. The two MCs would end up penning what both would consider some of their proudest works, and a legit ode to the VHS era.

Take a listen to “Game Film” HERE on DSPs and check out the video below.


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Photo by Paul Lee


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Artist Spotlight

Adelide Takes a Bite Out of Temptation in New Disco-Inspired Track “Witness”


In an innovative new release, Adelide, a prominent soul-pop artist from NYC, presents “Witness,” a song that artfully combines the rhythmic essence of 80s disco with a contemporary twist. This soulful track explores the theme of forbidden love and is characterized by lush synths, captivating rhythms, and Adelide’s compelling vocals.

“Witness” reinterprets the timeless tale of temptation within the context of a modern, queer romance. Adelide’s emotive and resonant vocals complement vibrant synths and bass lines inspired by funk, resulting in a nostalgic yet refreshingly unique soundscape. The song’s narrative draws parallels to the Garden of Eden, inviting listeners into a realm where passion and surrender intersect, establishing “Witness” as a poignant anthem for those who embrace love boldly.

The music video, directed by Margot Bennett, serves as a visual complement to the song’s themes. Set in a contemporary Garden of Eden, the video features stunning cinematography and choreography that immerse viewers in a dreamlike world of desire and temptation. Notably, the video includes a memorable scene of Adelide biting into a pear—an ironic twist on the forbidden apple—only to humorously spit it out at the crew’s insistence, injecting a touch of humor into the otherwise sensual visual narrative.

Adelide’s “Witness” offers more than just music; it provides an immersive experience for both the auditory and visual senses. With its infectious rhythm and captivating storyline, this track is positioned to make a significant impact in the soul-pop and disco revival genres.

Adelide continues to push artistic boundaries and redefine musical genres, making “Witness” essential listening and its accompanying video a must-see. Immerse yourself in this modern-day Eden and allow Adelide to guide you through the complexities of love in “Witness.”

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Discover Your Anthem in Neil Michael Anderson’s “What’s Your Truth?”

Neil Michael Anderson

Neil Michael Anderson, the heart and soul of Truth or Consequences, NM, has just unleashed a musical gem with his latest single, “What’s Your Truth?”. This country-rock anthem, which recently bagged the “Best Music Production Award” at the 2024 New Mexico Music Awards, is set to strike a chord with listeners far and wide.

From the first strum of the guitar to the last lingering note, “What’s Your Truth?” invites you on a journey of introspection and self-discovery. Anderson’s signature blend of genres creates a sound that’s as familiar as it is refreshing, echoing the timeless vibes of The Eagles’ “Take It Easy” and the Traveling Wilburys’ “End of the Line”, yet brimming with an optimism that would make John Lennon proud.

In Anderson’s own words, “Never have I been welcomed like I have by the people of Truth or Consequences. Every time I come back here, it feels like I am returning home. I’ve loved singing this song to them around the campfire, and on the stage. And now, it’s for the world.” This sentiment is palpable throughout the track, making it a beloved staple at his live shows and a favorite around the campfire.

“What’s Your Truth?” is a call to action. Its catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics encourage listeners to reflect on their own truths, love, and the consequences of their choices. Anderson’s ability to weave these profound themes into an engaging and upbeat tune is what sets him apart in today’s music landscape.

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