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29 Velvet Outfits to Slip On For a Luxurious Holiday Season at Home

These 29 velvet outfits give you the comfort you need to end this year, without sacrificing style….

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Photographed by Mikael Jansson, Vogue, November 2018

Nothing captures the holiday spirit quite like a beautiful velvet outfit. The soft material is cozy enough to wear while curled up on the couch but appropriately festive for any holiday gathering. And as we close out a bizarre and disruptive year, this plush fabric feels more satisfying than ever. At the close of 2020, there’s still not a single fabulous soiree in our sights, even as New Year’s Eve approaches, but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace fashion and dress to impress, even if it’s just ourselves we’re inspiring. 

Speaking of inspiring, my last true, pre-pandemic fashion experience happened to be Tom Ford’s fall 2020 show in Los Angeles on February 7th. Velvet outfits played a starring role on the designer’s runway and, as of late, I’ve found myself yearning for the day that I can wear any number of those luxe looks, including Ford’s rich emerald green blazer or royal purple duster. The show may have been a part of the industry’s so-called lost season,” in which retail orders, production timelines, show schedules, and design calendars were completely disrupted by the spread of the virus, but still, my love for the collection remains. 

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So while most of us have fewer and smaller holiday events to attend this year (or let’s be honest, no events at all), I’m taking advantage of the season to revisit velvet, one of my very favorite fabrics, in all forms, whether it comes in the form of a pair of comfy embellished mules or a pretty party dress. No matter if you’re staying home with a bottle of wine, counting down to midnight on FaceTime, or toasting 2021 with a small group of friends, an irresistible velvet outfit feels like the obvious stand-out sartorial choice for a holiday season that’s been anything but ordinary.

Here, discover 29 velvet outfits that are unfussy and undeniably smart. 

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