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5 Celebrity Cookbooks to Add a Star-Studded Splash to Your Next Dinner

A-lister approved recipes to spice up your cooking routine. …

While many A-list celebrities have the luxury (and the budget) to have an in-house chef prepare their meals or dine out at five-star restaurants daily, like many non-celebs, some of them actually enjoy the culinary arts as a hobby and a passion. Now, as someone who is admittedly pretty green when it comes to whipping up anything but an average omelet or microwavable burrito in the kitchen, the appeal of not having to cook is pretty compelling, so it’s a bit hard for me to comprehend this mentality. In fact, some of these celebs like cooking so much, they’ve even released their own cookbooks.

As a way to motivate me to cook more (and to cook better meals when I’m trying to impress), I’ve been on the hunt to find the best celebrity cookbooks chock full of recipes that will please everyone, regardless of your culinary preferences or dietary restrictions.

Whether you’re looking for clean eating, gluten-free or sinful recipes to spice up your breakfast, dinner, lunch, and dessert game, these star-studded cookbooks will help you elevate your next meal or snack without the hassle or disappointment. From old-school soul food classic dishes courtesy of hip hop legend Snoop Dogg to nutritious smoothies and bowls that wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow whips up for her family, there’s something for everyone, regardless of your taste, diet, or level of expertise.

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