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50 Cent Respond To Wendy Williams’ & Method Man’s One-Night-Stand

50 Cent Respond To Wendy Williams’ & Method Man’s One-Night-Stand.

50 Cent has returned to his trolling ways against one of his regular targets: radio and television host Wendy Williams.

A few years ago, 50 Cent spent his days incessantly trolling Wendy Williams for any little thing she said. The messy talk show host doesn’t have a great history with the New York rapper, who went so far as to bar Wendy from entering one of his big parties a while ago. As Wendy’s biopic remains a hot topic in the entertainment world, the host decided to stir up some drama by implicating Method Man, claiming that the two had a one-night-stand where she “bathed him” in her jacuzzi and went “all the way” with the rapper back in the day.

50 Cent clearly heard about that madness and decided to weigh in.

“The f*ck kinda weed made you do that blood,” referring to the part in the story where Wendy admits that she got pretty high with Method Man. “LOL. OH NO WHAT THE F*CK GOING ON.” Of course, 50 added to his post with an unflattering photo of Wendy bending over while at the beach.


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