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Benji DaRula Is The Multi-talented Businessman And Artist To Look Out For

Benji DaRula is a man who took a plunge and followed his dreams. He knew that he was meant for something different. He did not want to be mediocre, so he pursued his dreams and is the man he is today. Michael Benji DaRula Smalls aka Benji DaRula considers himself to be a multi-faceted,  and multi-dimensional being.

He participated in several performing arts programs from elementary school throughout college. From Student Body President, Honors String/Electric Bass Player, Drama/Theater, and school/community pageants, he was destined to be an entertainer. He is a man of many talents; he is not only a popular music artist but also an entrepreneur. Firstly, Benji is the co-owner of The Elite FX Traderz, which is a result of his strong entrepreneurial spirit. It is a brand based on Trading, Cryptocurrency, Business growth, etc.

Benji DaRula is also the CEO of Street Sweepaz, Da Mafia, iMOBEnt. He currently promotes, hosts, coordinates/plans events and outlets to empower indie artists to develop their brand, artistry, and legitimize their music. He is continuing to build his empire and currently working on new music and projects. Benji isn’t just a skilled businessman and a music artist but is also an investor. He has worked with a lot of people in the industry. His versatility as an artist, and businessman is what makes him unique. Benji writes his own song and performs under his own label.

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Recently, He released his single “StreetBitches”, which gained thousands of streams on all digital streaming platforms. He has always been driven and focused. The reason behind his success is his ability to Reinvent himself as the situation demands. He has been an amazing inspiration for many young artists. Watch out for Benji DaRula.

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