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Buying Machinery At Auction

Buying Machinery At Auction



The Condition Of The Machine

When you buy anything online, the experience is unsettling for you. Online auctions have become popular and are where most people visit when they want to sell their underutilized machinery.

You need to make sure you have a condition report on the machine before you can bid on it. some auction houses are going to provide you with the report if you ask.

If the location of the machine is not far, then you can go and inspect it in person. You can bring along a trusted friend who is going to help in inspecting the machine.

If this isn’t possible, then pay a local mechanic to help you inspect the machine you are interested in.


Retail Price vs Auction Price 

This is an important thing to consider because in the past auctions provided buyers with a place they could get machines at a bargain. The internet has made life a little easy and auctions can be done online.

Online auctions are handling a lot of transactions daily because it has become the go-to place for many people. One thing that has happened in the auction “bargain” price becoming the auction “retail” price. If you check out eBay, you will see the “buy it now” option is popular.

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You need to research so you can know the difference between a “retail” price and a “bargain” price. There is no need of paying more than needed when buying a machine when you can visit the Surplus Database.


The Service Records 

Before you buy a machine, you need to ensure that you can service the machine.

If you are good at mechanical stuff, you can do it yourself. If you have to rely on a mechanic to repair or service the machine, make sure you can get the service books or advice from an OEM if needed.

One thing you have to keep in mind is the machine is going to break down at some point and the important thing is how long is it going to be down. You can save yourself a lot of time when you have the service manuals and you need to work on the machine after it breaks down.


Spare Parts Availability

Spare parts are very important because you will need them when the machine breaks down. When you buy from an online auction and see a good machine from a brand that is unfamiliar in the marketplace, ask yourself whether you are going to get spare parts easily.

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If the machine is from a foreign brand, then it is going to be hard to get genuine parts when you need to repair the machine, which will complicate things a lot.

There are few dealers who will have the reach to get international parts when you need them.


Machine history

This is going to go hand in hand with the condition of the machine. you will find many machines at the online auctions that are reported to have low hours of operation, but they are not. The owners gave it a quick “liquid overhaul”.

You need to know where the machine was before. The place where the machine was previously is going to have a big impact. A machine that has 1000 hours of operation in a fruit shop is different from one that has 1000 hours of operation in a foundry.


Transportation costs

Many people overlook this when buying machines online. They realize it when it is too late. When they realize the machine is in another state and they have to spend it the moment they realize they have made a mistake.

Make sure you factor in the transport cost when calculating how much you are spending on the machine. You might be surprised to find that you could have bought it locally at the same price.

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When you buy a machine from an online auction, forget about getting a warranty with that purchase.

The machinery is most of the time sold as it is unless it is stipulated. If you get the machine and you start using it then you realize it has broken down a few days later, you don’t have a warranty that covers the purchase.

You have to meet the full costs of repairing the machine.

The condition of the unit, service availability, and spare availability is very important if you want to keep it running.


The afterlife

You need to think about what you are going to do with the machine after you are done using it.

Is it easy to resell it? Can you relist it on the online auction and then sell it? Are you going to own the machine until the end of its natural life?

It is a good idea to have a disposal plan for any machinery you purchase.


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Jeremy Parsons Delivers “Otherworldy” New Single “Tickin'”

A distinct western twang makes “Tickin’” a true trip showing off the deft skill of Jeremy Parsons in creating his own world. The heavy psychedelic elements alongside the sprawling approach gives it a surreal quality. His vocals have a steadfast aspect to them for the many elements that filter into the fray threaten to disrupt his lyricism. Yet he remains fully committed to the deliberate pace, proving to be the only constant in the ever-swirling series of atmospheres that rise up. Rhythms have a delicacy to them for they rise out of the sonic ether.

Opening up with a strictly minimal approach, him and the slide guitar start things out. From this tiny beginning he lets a whole series of genres into the fray. Beyond the obvious rock and country, pieces of electronica, industrial, and more find their own places. The way that the song tries to careen out of control adds to this tension. Word choice is impeccable. Usage of the sounds around the verses further adds to the mysterious aura that he conveys. Dry vocalizations help to give the song a hypnotic quality as the rest of the work descends into outright chaos. For the rest of the piece he makes sure that shards of melody pop throughout, and the rest of the piece gradually gets degraded into absolute nothingness for the final stretch.

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“Tickin’” shows off Jeremy Parsons’ uncanny ability to deliver something that has an otherworldly presence about it.


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John Vento Honors Suicide Prevention Awareness Month With Latest Single

John Vento’s “Sweet Cheslie” tells the tragic story of former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst, while raising awareness about suicide prevention.

Music Veteran, John Vento is well-known for both his award-winning brand of rootsy rock and roll, as well as his work with multiple charitable causes. Not only is John the co-founder of non-profit, Band Together Pittsburgh, working with those on the autism spectrum, but he is also heavily involved with the Remember Me Rose Garden, in memory of the Flight 93 Heroes.  Now, Vento is releasing a new song to bring awareness to Suicide Prevention Month, “Sweet Cheslie.”

“Sweet Cheslie” is dedicated to the life and memory of former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst. The recording brings together notable artists from the Pittsburgh area, including Shane McLaughlin (guitar/vocals), Bob Zigerelli (vocals), Cherylann Hawk (vocals) and David Granati (guitar/bass/vocals.) The song was written by Vento, McLaughlin and Granati, with lyrics by Matt Wohlfarth.

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An accompanying music video for the song is in production.

John Vento said, “This track is dedicated to the memory of Cheslie Kryst, who was an American television correspondent, model, and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss USA 2019. As Miss USA, she represented the United States at the Miss Universe 2019 competition and finished in the Top Ten. Kryst was also an attorney and had served as a correspondent for the TV program “Extra” from 2019 until her death.”

Vento continues, “On January 30. 2022, Cheslie jumped to her death from The Orion, a 60 story high rise apartment building in Midtown Manhattan. Though the world was shocked by her suicide, it once again highlighted the mental health crisis facing our society. After her death, Cheslie’s mother released a statement that her daughter had suffered from high- functioning depression.”

Living in a city of eight million

But you still somehow felt alone

Searchin’ for that rest and peaceful feelin’

May your light continue to shine           

Oh sweet Cheslie, 

Why didn’t you just come home

Oh sweet Cheslie, 

Why we’ll just never know

Ohhhhh Cheslie, 

Why didn’t you just come home

You could always come home

Deep beneath your beautiful brown eyes

There was a darkness that fooled us all

Wish we could have reached out and held your hand

Before you took that fall

Oh sweet Cheslie, 

Why didn’t you just come home

Oh sweet Cheslie, 

Your mama wants to know

Ohhhhh   Cheslie, 

Why didn’t you just come home

You could always come home

People have a need for love

That they can’t always show

Thirty seemed so old to you

With nothing else to do

Ohhhhhh Cheslie, 

Why didn’t you just come home

Ohhhh Cheslie, 

Your daddy wants to  know

Oh, sweet Cheslie, 

Why didn’t you just come home

You could always come home

You could always come home

You could always come home

You could always come home

Come home

Through this song, the artists are doing their best to cherish the loving memory of Cheslie Kryst, while also hoping that they can somehow make an impact in someone’s life during a time of need. More details about John Vento can be seen at

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For more information about Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, please visit

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