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Cardi B Spends Her “Money” On Toys For Children’s Charity

Cardi B who was spotted at a local Target in Miami hauling tons of toys for kids and putting them in a U-Haul to send off to the youngins this Christmas. The “Money” rapper dropped lots of dough, upwards of $5,000 TMZ reports on toys, teddy bears, and games not as privileged as most, so it’s safe to say she understands the hard times that Christmas can bring. “I have real good parents, they poor. They have regular, poor jobs and what not,” she said in an interview with Global Grind. “They real good people and what not, I was just raised in a bad society.” She added: “I always wanted to be something that made him had money. “And a variety of things children know and love.

Cardi B has previously opened up about her family struggles growing up and how she grew up

“There’s no hood than my hood,” she said in an interview with i-D. “I had to toughen up when we moved to the Bronx in the sixth grade, because if you don’t then people will pick on you.”

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