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CEO Ariel Levy Changing the Game Through Social Media

    In an industry that has been booming the past few years, the social media industry, Ariel Levy has created a path for himself through his sports agency business. Levy, 19, CEO of Forever Young Management, is one of the youngest sports managers. Levy started his work at a young age by working with sports managers and athletes. One day that all changed when he wanted to try and pursue a career for himself.

    Being a 19-year-old sports manager, representing athletes that are grown adults isn’t easy. There are many challenges when trying to grab a client’s attention while being so young. Many of these athletes see a 19-year-old trying to have them as a client and they just laugh it off. Levy says, “They basically have no interest in working with someone that is 17 or 18. I’ve had that many times where that would happen and the summer would go by and all of a sudden they aren’t landing a deal. At the end of the day, they are coming back to me, sending emails and calls over and over again.”

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    These challenges haven’t bothered Levy as he has been one of the best upcoming sports managers. Over the years, he has gotten the opportunity to learn and improve his agency while handling the challenges respectfully. “At the end of the day if a player wants to play for you, they will”, Ariel says. Levy has successfully expanded his brand to overseas basketball players, NFL, and NBA players such as Michael Beasley, Michael Hunter, Jeremiah Martin, Russell Gage to name a few. This is only the beginning for Ariel, expect him to dominate the sports agency world in years to come.