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Champion James ‘Savage’ Hagler Talks Family Legacy & More


One can only hope that a lifetime of athletic training would get them a hint of success. Luckily, this has come true for champ, James “Savage” Hagler Jr. As a child, his parents saw a future for him in football, enrolling him in the sport at a young age. They were supportive of him becoming the athlete of their dreams, but he made a turn where they didn’t expect. Hagler Jr moved to Alabama and began to box professionally at the age of 24.


He uncovered his dream of taking on the ring and began to meet extreme measures to ensure fortune. In 2016, he boxed in the Alabama Golden Globes after losing 65 pounds by committing to an intense vegan diet. It was the young buck’s first fight, so he lost but not without learning a valuable lesson. He discovered that he must accept that patience was not only a virtue, but something he had to apply to his own life.

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In his spare time, James enriches his heart with volunteering his time to his community. In local high schools, he is speaking and providing programs to struggling youths. He encourages them to ‘Put Their Hands Up and the Guns Down’ to show them there is another way of life that does not involve illegal activity. He sincerely wants them to be the best they could be, as his parents did for him.


The Hagler legacy is one that strikes great importance to James. He plans to uphold the sparkling Hagler reputation by continuing the elevate himself as time goes on. In the next year, he is looking forward to a year-long boxing campaign that he put together. Every quarter, James will take on another champion in the ring and he hopes his fans will cheer for him along the way. The fighter can be followed on any of his social media profiles under @jameshaglerjr.