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Cute Cork Holders That Show How Much You Love Wine

Use collecting corks as an excuse to drink more wine. …

Collecting corks can be fun. Not only does it show how often you pop bottles with your gals, it reminds you of all of the good times—and sometimes bad—you’ve had with wine. You’ve probably made many memories sipping on Sauvignon Blanc while celebrating friends’ birthdays and cheers-ing to promotions at work. You can show off your posh wine palate with wine cork holders.Your corks will be displayed like small trophies in your home. Collect corks from specific occasions, like dinner with your SO or at-home happy hour with your BFF, to pay homage to these long-lasting relationships.

The best wine cork holders come in all shapes and sizes. If it can hold wine corks, it’s technically a wine cork holder. There’s a variety of holders to browse, ranging from vintage-inspired to a modern feminine take on a shadowbox. There’s even a monogrammed option to make your cork collecting truly personal. One of our picks can be placed on a table while the other two are wall-mounted options. Just remember that you will have to accumulate your own wine corks separately. They don’t come with the holders, so you better get collecting. We just gave you an excuse to drink wine. You can thank us later.

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