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Equipboard – Connecting Artists to Products

Ever want to use the same gear as your favorite artist? Equipboard is making that easier than ever before as the one-stop platform connecting artists to the best industry products by breaking down the gear, tools, and products used by artists, professionals, and influencers in their craft. Founded to connect musicians with the proper technology to create music – and quickly becoming the world’s largest community of musicians and their gear – Equipboard showcases products used by mainstream musicians to make it easy for artists of all levels to be inspired and easily shop the same gear as industry professionals.

In 2014, inspired Giulio Chiarenza and Michael Pierce launched Equipboard in Austin, Texas with the goal of learning what gear their favorite artists were using to create specific sounds. As musicians, Chiarenza and Pierce were always searching for how their favorite artists would create their music or capture a specific tone on a track. With that curiosity serving as the foundation, Pierce and Chiarenza ended up creating a platform for themselves. “Ultimately, we want to make it easy for musicians to find out how to make the sounds they want to create from the music and artists that inspire them.”


Originally starting as a site and community where users research artists and add/review music gear in-depth, Equipboard quickly evolved into a comprehensive platform where musicians not only find in-depth research on artists and gear, but can also find the best price for the gear they are interested in purchasing. Users can follow professionals and other artists for updates, save products to a wishlist, upload and tag their own music setup, and use the site’s price comparison tool so they know where to find the gear at the best price. Today, more than one million people worldwide visit Equipboard every month to find their next music gear, providing a purchasing power of over six million dollars in gear through Equipboard in 2020 alone. The community is now over 200,000 strong, with more than 15k+ followers on social media.

What’s next for Equipboard? As more musicians have moved online in the last year to create and collaborate, Equipboard has seen an increased interest in people wanting to learn music from online resources – especially in areas such as producing and learning how professional artists use their equipment. As the community amasses more and more data about music gear and usage, Equipboard is developing new features that will show common combinations of gear, and what genres are most commonly played with a given piece of gear. They have also developed a “Gear Score” – product rankings of gear by category that aggregates reviews from multiple sources – making Equipboard the ultimate one-stop-shop for research and purchasing when it comes to buying new gear. Founder Michael Pierce remarks on his hopes for Equipboard saying, “Equipboard wants to be the definitive destination to find the absolute best music gear tailored to your needs. We want to enable personalization based on your musical tastes, the genres you play, and your budget. We know gear discovery looks very different for a guitarist that loves Jimi Hendrix than it does for a bedroom producer inspired by Grimes. We are building a site around that philosophy with the individuals’ journey in mind.”


Both Chiarenza and Pierce share a background in music where they both pursued successful endeavors in their career. Chiarenza is a lifelong musician. He plays the piano, guitar, drums, and served a brief stint signed to a label as an electronic music producer.

Pierce bought his first guitar, a Fender California Series Stratocaster in Candy Apple Red, in 1998. He enjoys rock of all types, from classic to punk to metal. He has taken music lessons in piano, guitar, and trumpet over the years.



Elevating Product Performance: An In-Depth Exploration of Stage-Gate’s Portfolio Governance Program

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, effective management of new product portfolios is a cornerstone of success. Stage-Gate’s Portfolio Governance Program empowers organizations to orchestrate their project portfolios with precision and foresight.

The challenge facing businesses today isn’t solely executing individual projects; it’s about ensuring these projects collectively contribute to the broader strategic goals. This program isn’t just a means of managing projects; it’s a conductor’s baton guiding organizations to orchestrate their portfolios for sustained success.


Understanding Portfolio Governance’s Strategic Essence

Far from being merely a managerial tool, the Portfolio Governance Program by Stage-Gate is a comprehensive strategic framework that facilitates the alignment of project portfolios with overarching business goals and vision.


The Strategic Decision-Making Catalyst

This program serves as a guiding light for decision-makers, offering a comprehensive bird’s-eye view of the entire project portfolio. Armed with strategic insights, it enables informed decisions on project selection, resource allocation, and sequencing, ensuring seamless alignment with strategic objectives.


Insights for Risk Management and Resource Optimization

  • Strategic Risk Identification: It empowers organizations to identify potential risks across the portfolio, allowing for proactive measures to mitigate threats before they escalate.
  • Resource Allocation Precision: By optimizing resource allocation, the program maximizes resource impact, driving improved Return on Investment (ROI) for each project.

Flexibility in a Shifting Landscape

In a constantly evolving market, agility is crucial. Stage-Gate’s Portfolio Governance Program is flexible, enabling organizations to swiftly respond to market shifts and capitalize on emerging opportunities while maintaining alignment with strategic goals.


Harnessing Insights for Elevated Growth

  • Strategic Resource Utilization: The program ensures reasonable resource allocation, directing them to projects that promise maximum value and align with strategic objectives.
  • Proactive Risk Mitigation: Early identification and mitigation of risks empower organizations to navigate challenges effectively, minimizing potential negative impacts.
  • Informed Decision-Making: With a panoramic view of the entire portfolio, organizations can make decisions grounded in strategic alignment, ensuring each project significantly contributes to the overarching strategy.

Cultivating a Culture of Strategic Brilliance

More than just a program, it fosters a mindset—a culture valuing not just individual projects but the synchronization of a portfolio for collective success. Embracing Stage-Gate’s Portfolio Governance Program cultivates a strategic mindset woven into the fabric of an organization.


Concluding the Symphony of Strategic Governance

In the symphony of product development, success isn’t about managing projects in isolation; it’s about conducting a portfolio to achieve a harmonious, strategic balance. Stage-Gate’s Portfolio Governance Program isn’t merely a tool—it’s the conductor’s baton guiding organizations to align, optimize, and adapt their portfolios for sustained success.


By leveraging strategic insights, optimizing resource utilization, and fostering a culture of strategic excellence, organizations don’t just manage portfolios—they elevate them to a higher crescendo of success. It’s not merely a program; it’s the orchestration of strategic governance, creating symphonies of success in the realm of product development.

The Stage-Gate International Value


Stage-Gate International has been instrumental in helping organizations worldwide navigate the complex landscape of innovation management. Global innovators from a range of industries trust in Stage-Gate Governance Models to drive their growth agendas, including companies like 3M, Exxon Mobil, Corning, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Parker Hannifin, Henkel, Microsoft, Rohm and Haas, Mastercard and Starbucks. With a legacy of innovation, science-based solutions, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, Stage-Gate International continues to be the go-to partner for businesses seeking to unlock their innovation potential and drive sustainable growth!


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Transforming Air Travel: The Dynaerobridge Phenomenon and Its Innovative Creator

UCLA Curtis Center – Portraits of Dynamite Obinna of Space X, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.
October 14th, 2021
Copyright Don Liebig/ASUCLA

Air travel has come a long way since the introduction of jumbo jets and the development of supersonic planes. However, boarding and deplaning processes have remained relatively unchanged, leading to increased frustration for passengers. Statistics show that in 2021, passengers spent an average of 30 minutes waiting to board a plane, with deplaning taking an additional 20 minutes (source: Air Travel Time Study). Enter Dynaerobridge, a game-changing innovation that promises to revolutionize the aviation industry.

Dynaerobridge is an automated system that streamlines boarding and deplaning by providing multiple access doors for passengers. Its inventor, Dynamite Obinna, a Nigerian-American Aerospace Engineering graduate, stated in a recent interview, “My goal was to create a technology that reduces the stress associated with air travel, and Dynaerobridge is the result of that vision.”

The implementation of Dynaerobridge has shown promising results in simulation testing. In a simulated scenario at a major airport in the United States, boarding times were reduced by 50% and deplaning times by 35% after adopting the technology (source: Dynaerobridge Simulation Study). This innovative system has several potential benefits:

  1. Reduced boarding and deplaning times
  2. Lower risk of missed connecting flights
  3. Decreased likelihood of lost luggage
  4. Enhanced accessibility for passengers with disabilities or mobility issues
  5. Positive environmental impact due to reduced fuel consumption

As Dynaerobridge moves from simulation testing to real-world implementation, these potential benefits could revolutionize the air travel experience for passengers and airlines alike.

Dynaerobridge’s scalable design accommodates various aircraft types, making it adaptable for widespread adoption. In addition, the system’s automation paves the way for further innovations in aviation technology.

Several major airlines have expressed interest in implementing Dynaerobridge, recognizing its potential to revolutionize boarding and deplaning processes. Furthermore, collaborations with prominent aircraft manufacturers are underway to integrate the technology into future aircraft designs. These partnerships demonstrate the credibility and potential impact of Dynaerobridge on the aviation industry as a whole.


Dynaerobridge has garnered numerous accolades, including first place at ERAU’s Discovery Day and the People’s Choice Award at the Launch Your Venture Entrepreneurship Expo. This recognition has helped catapult Dynamite Obinna’s company, SkyGenex, into the limelight.

“When you’re operating five to seven flights a day, you need to have a maximum 25- to 30-minute turnaround time. With one door, that’s almost impossible. With two doors(using Dynaerobridge), the research shows it’s feasible,” Bazargan says.


Despite its many advantages, some concerns have been raised about the potential drawbacks of Dynaerobridge, such as initial installation costs and adjustments to airport infrastructure. However, proponents argue that the long-term benefits far outweigh these challenges.

SkyGenex is committed to developing technologies that make air travel more relaxing, faster, and safer. Dynaerobridge is just the beginning, with plans for additional innovations in the pipeline. As Dynamite Obinna once said, “The future of aviation is limitless, and I am excited to play a role in shaping it.”


Stay updated on Dynaerobridge’s progress and other aviation breakthroughs by following SkyGenex on social media.

As the world embraces Dynaerobridge and the opportunities it presents, one thing is clear: the future of air travel is brighter, thanks to visionaries like Dynamite Obinna.

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