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Transforming Air Travel: The Dynaerobridge Phenomenon and Its Innovative Creator

UCLA Curtis Center – Portraits of Dynamite Obinna of Space X, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.
October 14th, 2021
Copyright Don Liebig/ASUCLA

Air travel has come a long way since the introduction of jumbo jets and the development of supersonic planes. However, boarding and deplaning processes have remained relatively unchanged, leading to increased frustration for passengers. Statistics show that in 2021, passengers spent an average of 30 minutes waiting to board a plane, with deplaning taking an additional 20 minutes (source: Air Travel Time Study). Enter Dynaerobridge, a game-changing innovation that promises to revolutionize the aviation industry.

Dynaerobridge is an automated system that streamlines boarding and deplaning by providing multiple access doors for passengers. Its inventor, Dynamite Obinna, a Nigerian-American Aerospace Engineering graduate, stated in a recent interview, “My goal was to create a technology that reduces the stress associated with air travel, and Dynaerobridge is the result of that vision.”

The implementation of Dynaerobridge has shown promising results in simulation testing. In a simulated scenario at a major airport in the United States, boarding times were reduced by 50% and deplaning times by 35% after adopting the technology (source: Dynaerobridge Simulation Study). This innovative system has several potential benefits:

  1. Reduced boarding and deplaning times
  2. Lower risk of missed connecting flights
  3. Decreased likelihood of lost luggage
  4. Enhanced accessibility for passengers with disabilities or mobility issues
  5. Positive environmental impact due to reduced fuel consumption

As Dynaerobridge moves from simulation testing to real-world implementation, these potential benefits could revolutionize the air travel experience for passengers and airlines alike.

Dynaerobridge’s scalable design accommodates various aircraft types, making it adaptable for widespread adoption. In addition, the system’s automation paves the way for further innovations in aviation technology.

Several major airlines have expressed interest in implementing Dynaerobridge, recognizing its potential to revolutionize boarding and deplaning processes. Furthermore, collaborations with prominent aircraft manufacturers are underway to integrate the technology into future aircraft designs. These partnerships demonstrate the credibility and potential impact of Dynaerobridge on the aviation industry as a whole.


Dynaerobridge has garnered numerous accolades, including first place at ERAU’s Discovery Day and the People’s Choice Award at the Launch Your Venture Entrepreneurship Expo. This recognition has helped catapult Dynamite Obinna’s company, SkyGenex, into the limelight.

“When you’re operating five to seven flights a day, you need to have a maximum 25- to 30-minute turnaround time. With one door, that’s almost impossible. With two doors(using Dynaerobridge), the research shows it’s feasible,” Bazargan says.


Despite its many advantages, some concerns have been raised about the potential drawbacks of Dynaerobridge, such as initial installation costs and adjustments to airport infrastructure. However, proponents argue that the long-term benefits far outweigh these challenges.

SkyGenex is committed to developing technologies that make air travel more relaxing, faster, and safer. Dynaerobridge is just the beginning, with plans for additional innovations in the pipeline. As Dynamite Obinna once said, “The future of aviation is limitless, and I am excited to play a role in shaping it.”


Stay updated on Dynaerobridge’s progress and other aviation breakthroughs by following SkyGenex on social media.

As the world embraces Dynaerobridge and the opportunities it presents, one thing is clear: the future of air travel is brighter, thanks to visionaries like Dynamite Obinna.


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Multiple Tiktok Ad Formats Are Available for Your Perusal

Tiktok Ads examples

TikTok‘s versatility as a business tool means that it may be used to promote products and services in a variety of ways, including the creation of custom advertisements that can be modified to fit the needs of any marketing campaign. If you have a TikTok business account, you can create branded challenges for the app’s users and invite them to take part in them. When the challenge is novel and surprising, it has a better chance of becoming viral throughout the platform, which in turn increases your brand’s visibility. Top view ads, hashtag challenges, in-feed ads, brand takeovers, and branded effects are the five types of advertising that may be displayed on TikTok to attract more users.

Modify What Do You Mean When You Say “Influencer Marketing”?
Quickly rising to prominence, TikTok is now among the most significant channels for influencer promotion. Compared to Instagram (3.86%) and YouTube (1.63%), TikTok influencers have a far higher engagement rate of 17.96%, according to a recent poll. Therefore, there are a variety of potential benefits that may result from persuading a powerful individual to speak favorably about your business. An influencer may make a passing reference to your company’s offerings in the video. In addition, they may include a link to your website in the video’s description, which might entice their viewers to visit your site and perhaps make a purchase. The Tiktok Ads examples are important there.


Introduce yourself to the decision-makers.
It’s crucial to your internet marketing campaign’s effectiveness that you target the right people. You can reach the kind of person most likely to care about your brand by using TikTok. Keep in mind, however, that TikTok isn’t the best platform for communicating with adults. TikTok has more than 60 percent of users between the ages of 16 and 24, and if the age limit were lifted to 34, more than 80 percent of users would be eligible. It follows that TikTok is the best platform to reach a young demographic.

A Pro’s Guide to Content Creation
TikTok’s popularity may largely be attributed to viral videos. You’ll need an engaging idea or way to connect with your target market if you want to boost your brand’s popularity. In theory, this may be a breeze if you use a top-notch video editor.
With the help of professional video editors like InVideo, you can make a video that is optimized for the sharing platform of your choice. As a result, Twitter videos differ visually and aurally from their YouTube counterparts. Unlike instructional videos on YouTube, which may be posted at a more leisurely speed, TikTok videos need to be vibrant and fast-paced to attract viewers.
Hashtags give marketing initiatives a fresh lease of life. A natural audience may be easily attracted by using hashtags on TikTok. A marketing strategy that relies on the usage of hashtags may be constructed as follows:


Search for Popular Hashtags
• These hashtags are shown on the “Discover” tab. Look at the trending hashtags and see if any of them fit with the image you want to portray for your firm.
• Review the Top Influential People in the Field.
• Think about emulating the influencers’ success by mimicking the hashtags they really use.

Get in on the trending hashtags
Hashtags such as #love and #viral are among the most popular on the internet. If you want to measure the impact, you may use these hashtags.



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Lio Mori Announces Wildly Eclectic New Album ‘Egyperces Dalok’

The nomad “crypto-musician” embraces a decentralized world on his fifteen track, genre-defying record.

After attracting attention with three tracks featured on Hed P.E.’s album ‘Califas Worldwide,’ Lio Mori is taking center stage with his full length debut album.


As an early adopter of blockchain technology, Lio Mori has always been a forward thinker. On ‘Egyperces Dalok,’ he has created a thoroughly modern piece of art, offering a kaleidoscope of dissonant noise rock, ambient soundscapes, and warm folk melodies in the form of collectible NFT’s. The result is an album that completely reimagines the future of the music industry.

On the opening track ‘Prisni,’ Lio introduces a glitchy, minimalist piano melody, giving the listener a moment to take a deep breath before the journey truly begins. The serenity is instantly shattered by a guitar driven heavy metal track, followed by another brief moment of calm. This extreme contrast is at the heart of the ‘Egyperces Dalok’ experience, as nearly every track is followed by something entirely different. Arabic folk melodies sit side by side with punishing grindcore to create an entirely unique experience.

With the music world changing rapidly, only the artists who embrace new technology will be able to survive. Fortunately, Lio Mori is one of the few who have thrown themselves into this bold new era. ‘Egyperces Dalok’ marks the arrival of an artist set to make a major impact with his music. ‘Egyperces Dalok’ is available everywhere April 8, 2022.

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