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F1nessekid: The Young Rapper To Watch Out For

Who you need to watch for?

The world is change so as young rapper y’all need to watch out for. F1nessekid is 16 years old from Peterborough, UK with 8.7k followers still counting. We had a chance to chat with the Hot young rapper popularly know as F1nessekid to discuss about his music, career and get some advice that will be of help to the upcoming artist in UK.

HONK Magazine: Tell us your Full Name and how old are you?
F1nessekid: My name is Dennis Frroku and I am 16 years old.

HONK Magazine: Tell us where you’re from and what you do for a living?
F1nessekid: I am from Peterborough, UK. I was in Italy until age of 3 then moved here and been here since, I am a singer, rapper and a model.

HONK Magazine: so, How come about the stage name F1nessekid?
F1nessekid: The group name O.R.A is a music label and stands for ONLY REAL ALBOZ 🇦🇱F1 was a nickname and to separate myself from others and be unique i came up the name F1nessekid.
HONK Magazine: Tell us your story from before the music, when did it all start?
F1nessekid: Actually, I’ve been around olders all my life lookin up to them and most of them were musicians and rappers so from young since 2013 or so i would be spittin bars and recording, learned how to do a lot of shit myself and now I’ve got the whole town waiting on my first release many years later.
HONK Magazine: That’s, so awesome!
HONK Magazine: What were the struggles you faced trying to get your music out there in the beginning?
F1nessekid: To be sincere with y’all it’s not friendly. Getting a name, branding and knowing how to do shit myself is hard for me. I am use to the struggle that won’t keep me off balance in the music industry.
HONK Magazine: That’s won’t make you stop chasing your dream!

HONK Magazine: How many artists have you collaborated with so far?
F1nessekid: I am still working on that only got feature. What i got currently is ft my bro “Krazy”.

HONK Magazine: How big is your team?
F1nessekid: Not big, just me and some friends who support me.
HONK Magazine: What is the best part of doing what you’re doing and what’s the part you hate most?
F1nessekid: My best part is to express myself and the support and feedback from my loyal fans across the world and also makin hits coming up with different melodies no ones used and wouldn’t dare say i got a worst part.
HONK Magazine: What are your advice to the upcoming artist like you?
F1nessekid: Okay, stay consistent stay unique and don’t give up, keep improving and finding your own sound and build a sold team around you.

HONK Magazine: Thank you so much Dennis Frroku for finding out time t chat with US and we look forward getting you on front page of the next issue.

F1nessekid: Thank you for having me

INSTAGRAM: F1nessekid

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