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Feedbacks on Solange Knowles Rumors That She Cheated On Her Ex-Husband

Most time rumours end up a happy relationship do you know?

Solange Knowles took to her Instagram page to announce that she split up with Alan Ferguson who she has been married to for five years. Their break-up announcement became as a shock to internet. Solange has always been open about her life to the public, so the details she explained on her initial post made sense considering the circumstances her living.

According to news, fans began to theorize that she might have been cheating on Ferguson with her co-manager, John Bogaard. Solange Knowles’s not a fan of these rumors to be sincere and she took to her social media where she scolded those making up alleged lies about her.

In a post she shared on Twitter, Knowles said “I hate to even give this energy, but I will not let something so untrue follow me when I’ve tried to lead my life in truth. I hope y’all spread this with the same conviction and energy that [you] did that false narrative. Much love.”

Solange knowles share this on instagram read:

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This is what she has to say.

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