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G Versa is Truly Making his Path in the Music Industry

Lyrics are an important part of Rapping. It is the ability to express something different and unique.

We came across one of Queen, NY fast-growing Rapper named G Versa, who is continually growing his presence in the music world. G Versa is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Queens, NY. He’s a young entrepreneur who is taking the rap game to the next level with a fan base that supports him every step of the way.

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G Versa started his musical journey in 2014 and never looked back. When he started making his own music he fell in love with it. He released his first Mixtape in 2015 titled “Sixth Man Of The Year” under the artist name Gado. Gado was his first artist name but G Versa was always my nickname since he started making music the G stands for Gado and Versa is short for versatile. Not till in 2016 he made G Versa his official artist name which is pronounced “(G)ado (Versa)tile”.

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In the year 2016, the young star released a song titled “Bands” which at the time was the most played song on SoundCloud. After releasing his song he didn’t stop there, he started working on his Mixtape that was released in 2018 called “S.K.I.N” which stands for “She Know I’m Next” available on all digital streaming platforms.

In 2020, G Versa released two songs called “Vibes” and “Champagne Gado” combined those songs have 63K+ streams.

We feel G Versa’s future is brighter than most other rappers in the upcoming music world today!

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