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Interview: B Menace From Rap Duo Bossed Up Camp Opens Up – “New Shit”

We had the opportunity to chat with Suffolk based artist B Menace from rap duo Bossed Up Camp to talk about his latest release, “New Shit,” and upcoming projects. 


Hope you are well and healthy! How are you guys handling the lockdown? Are you using the time to make new music


Great staying safe and social distancing. Definitely got a few dope joints in the cut.


Please tell us more about your new track, “New Shit” and your collaboration with Wody?


“New Shit” basically is one of them trap type songs that describes being fly, fresh, and onto all the new things. Wody has that feel and look so having him on the hook was a plus.




How would you describe your musical style?


Versatile. I Can adapt to any type of song or concept.


What is the first album you ever listened to? Who are the artists you look up to, past and present?

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 Harlem World by Mase. Biggie, Tupac, LL Cool J. Busta Rhymes is my favorite rapper of all time. But as far as new artists, I rock with Meek Mill the hardest.


Where do you find your inspiration?


Day to day life and wanting to make sure my mom and kids have everything they need.


What is one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?


Riding from college in NC to VA with my homeboy Kevin Cheek learning how to rap and catch beats.


Please tell us more about your experience in Suffolk, how it affected your life and art?


It’s a city where many don’t make it out and make something out of themselves, but the ones that have and are on their way out will all tell you, “it made me who I am.” 


How does your creative process differ now compared to when you started?

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 It’s a lot easier to write and come up with things. I also critique my verses and hooks more than before.


If you could take anyone in the world dead or alive for dinner, who would it be?


My mom 


-Do you prefer recording or performing live? And why?


Performing live. As for myself when I’m on that stage I feel extremely comfortable and lose my mind, in a good way lol. Feel like I’m supposed to be there and I make fun out of it every time.


Thank you B Menace!