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Italian Pop Star Manuel Aspidi Teams Up With WWF And Releases Project Titled ‘Last Call’

For many years, scientists and politicians have been saying that we need to take care of the environment and be more aware of the impact we have on it. Musicians play a huge role in waking up society as they create art full of references and awareness. 


Last week, Manuel Aspidi, a star of Italian pop dropped a powerful single and music video for ‘Last Call’ – and as the title suggests, it’s a call to action to fight for a better future and to protect nature. The project is an outcome of a fruitful collaboration between Manuel Aspidi and WWF, who teamed up in order to influence worldwide audiences. On ‘Last Call,’ Manuel Aspidi eagerly seeks a solution to improve the current situation and tries to convince people to fast action. 


The music video for ‘Last Call’ contrasts environmental catastrophes with visuals of the most beautiful places on earth. The audience witnesses drastic shifts, and comparisons of how humans damage the planet, and how hurtful influence we have on nature. 

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While Manuel Aspidi delivers outstanding vocal performance, the audience can vibe with inspiring, and uplifting sounds composed, produced, and arranged by Phil Palmer, Julian Victor Hinton, and Max Minoia for the Biscuits studio.

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