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JayHonest Cover Honk Magazine issue 2020 Edition

Meet JayHonest a Canada based music artiste who has been making waves in the music industry. Today JayHonest is putting his brand out there. We at HONK met up with Jayhonest to discuss about his beginnings in an Interview.

Rapper JayHonest was born Jordan Jason Poirier Whelan in Ottawa, Canada, 1994 at CHEO the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Jay’s surroundings weren’t exactly the easiest for a child, from his mother being ill and in bed for 5 years, his real father in and out of his life & overachieving sister, he grew up alone. Interested in music from his early childhood, Honest was writing lyrics by the time he was only 6 and eventually took on music as a full time career. At the age of 15years, Honest played his first concert at Ottawa’s 1st CapCityShowdown at City Night Club, being the only contestant to get an encore from the crown. His energy on stage and in his music are very versatile as he can make music of many genres.



  1. Tell us who you are, where you’re from and what you do for a living?


My Name Is Jordan, I Go By Jay Honest, CEO/Manager & Recording Artist At Canadian Label HONESTGANG. I Help Artists Start Off Their Careers & Achieve Their Dreams, Goal By Goal!!

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  1. Tell us your story from before the music, when did it all start?


Growing up, I had a pretty traumatic childhood, filled with abuse, fake love, no support & false hope. As such I made it my mission to give myself a voice, so maybe one day, my pain can help someone else in life.


  1. What were the struggles you faced trying to get your music out there in the beginning?


I would have to say not having parents or support would be the biggest struggle as well as being from Canada, in the capital, there isn’t much support for music, and when you excel (and don’t stick around the underground scene) you get shunned, learning to stop caring about my city & focusing on the USA and Europe really helped kickstart my career!


  1. Which song was that one?


hmmm. That Song would have to be New Year , It wasn’t my first song, or my favourite song by far, but it was my first single to gain major attention and hit over 100000 Wich was a big milestone for me for a long time, and because of New Year, my previous YouTube single ‘’The Call’ hit its 100000 milestone as well!
The Song to push my career to bigger faces would have to be ‘’Superstar’’ prod by ForeignGotEm

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  1. When it blew up what was the first thing you thought?


When it first blew up, I just knew I could do better and made a promise that in 2020 I would go 10x harder. I just want more!!


  1. Do you collaborate with artists that you listen to?


Well I mostly listen to mainstream artists such as Rich The Kid, Tyga & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, but there are a few collaborations ive done who’s music I love, such as Arty Warhol & Josef


  1. How many artists have you collaborated with so far?


Ive only collaborated with 4 artists so far being Arty Warhol, OT Benzz, Papi AQ & Shiloh Dynasty, but I have over 10 New artist collaborations on the way in 2020 such as Sheddy Empire, Tribe Mafia & Breanna Marin to name a few 🙂



  1. How big is your team?


I manage 15 clients as of March , but my team is very minimal when it comes to helping me, I do my own mixing, mastering, promotion, promotion, artworks, video directing, tour management , you name it I learn how to do it, and do it 🙂 that’s one of my passions.

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  1. What is the best part of doing what you’re doing and what’s the part you hate most?


What I love most is I have 7 days a week to plan out what I want to do, being able to wakeup anytime you want and hit record, is a beautiful feeling and makes for some of the best music. I also never really miss an opportunity. Id say the one thing I hate most is its quite a lonely life, as most of my clients and relationships are online, not many are in person, and the bigger you get, just makes you that much more careful of who you let in.


10 Are you addicted to something? And what would that be?


Coming from addictions id say no, but knowing myself, id say one thing im addicted to is success

Over time ive grown addicted to the growth. Seeing fans expressions when I drop a meaningful song, such as my debut album , it was amazing to see people connecting with my music, and it always makes me want more 🙂


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