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ladyybirdd Releases a New Single “into what is wanted”

“into what is wanted,” the audacious debut track by ladyybirdd [music by Gina Izzo]. Far from being conventional, into what is wanted integrated improvisation, analog FX, with the flute at the center, for a seamless and riveting listen. While a flute may seem an unlikely candidate for musical insurrection, Izzo, with her latest project ladyybirdd, brings an unbridled sense of adventure, razor-sharp technique, and dynamic intensity.

Every choice you make alters your direction and always remains a part of who you are. “into what is wanted” is a personal exploration ruminating over one’s own choices through landscapes of acoustic sound and analog FX with the flute at its center. From escalating sequences that echo one another to long reverb reminiscent of what came before, ladyybirdd asserts agency through extended techniques and layered polyrhythms in an attempt to drastically reshape direction. Yet, ultimately finding oneself back at the start.

In conjunction with lighting designer Mattew Soares, the lighting design by videographer Simon Yu created evoking imagery through an LED wall and moving lights that were responsive to the music—in real-time. The technology reacts to sound through visual improvisations with subtle fluctuations and intensities, resulting in high-energy projections. “into what is wanted,” is the first release and introduces the project ladyybirdd, acting as the precursor to the debut solo album set to release in 2022.

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Listen to ladyybirdd – into what is wanted

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