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Lil Baby Wants $100,000 for a Feature

Lil Baby has shared his price for a feature, but some of the people close to him think he’s lowballing himself.

The Quality Control artist hopped on Twitter on Friday (June 26) and tweeted the hefty price a rapper will have to pay if they want bars from him on their record. “At this point it’s safe to say I want 100k for a feature,” he wrote.

However, shortly after he posted the tweet, Pierre “P” Thomas, the CEO of Quality Control Music, the label Baby is signed to, and Lil Durk told Baby that he needs to increase the amount. “200k,” Pee wrote. Then, Durk  said, “Fuck that 200k.”


It’s unclear what Baby’s final number will be, but his recently announced price doesn’t seem very farfetched considering his continued success from a top-charting album to platinum and gold RIAA certifications.

On Sunday (June 21), it was announced that the ATL-bred rapper has spent his third week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with his album, My Turn. The release debuted at the top of the chart back in March.


Meanwhile, his record “The Bigger Picture” debuted at No. 3 on the Hot 100. The song, which delves into Lil Baby’s experiences with racism, police brutality and the criminal justice system, is the rapper’s highest-charting track.

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Baby released the song just days after attending protests in his hometown alongside city councilman Antonio Brown, who represents the city’s District 3, which includes Vine City, English Avenue and Atlantic Station.


Shortly after delivering the cut, Lil Baby shared that he will be donating proceeds from “The Bigger Picture” to The Bail Project, National Association of Black Journalists, Breonna Taylor’s legal costs and Black Lives Matter.

Lil Baby, who was named Top Song Writer of the Year, so far by Music Business Worldwide back in May, has 22 RIAA certifications in total.


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Join the wild ride as Big Bus Dream unleashes their alternative rock escapade, aptly titled “C’mon Dream”!

Renowned Indie Alternative Rock artist Big Bus Dream has recently released his highly anticipated single, ‘C’mon Dream’, setting the stage for the forthcoming album that is scheduled to drop on September 21, 2023. Drawing inspiration from real dreams, this musical endeavor promises to take listeners on a captivating and diverse musical odyssey.

Big Bus Dream has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, garnering widespread critical acclaim. In 2022, his single ‘Hear Me Roar’ received high praise from critics and fans alike, solidifying his reputation as an artist who pushes boundaries. Similarly, the release of ‘Giant In My Mind’ in 2021 resonated deeply with his dedicated fan base, further cementing his status as a beloved musician.


What sets Big Bus Dream apart from his peers is his innovative approach to music. With each new release, he continues to evolve his sound, offering listeners a fresh and enchanting perspective. His unwavering passion for music was ignited at a young age, performing at legendary venues such as CBGBs and Max’s Kansas City from 1980 to 1986. After a twelve-year hiatus, he made a triumphant return to the music scene in 1998, only to find a transformed industry awaiting him. Reflecting on the changes, the artist candidly remarks, “The music business was never magical; now it’s merely a shell of a fantasy.”

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As fans eagerly await the release of the full album later this year, ‘C’mon Dream’ serves as a tantalizing glimpse into Big Bus Dream’s artistic vision. With his distinct blend of genres and boundless creativity, he continues to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape.


Big Bus Dream site: https://www.bigbusdream


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McMarro Family Restaurants: A Celebration of Mexican-American Heritage and Vibrant Chicano Culture in Los Angeles

Van Nuys witnessed an extraordinary convergence of culture, community, and culinary delights as Andrew Marroquin and the Marroquin family, esteemed owners of McMarro Family Restaurants, hosted the highly anticipated “Cold Brews & Classic Cars” event on Thursday, May 18th. As the one of the largest Mexican-American franchisees within McDonalds, they were perfect for hosting the auspicious occasion. This collaborative extravaganza, presented in partnership with McDonald’s and local car clubs, showcased the enduring spirit of the Mexican American community while paying homage to the vibrant Chicano Culture that permeates the streets of Los Angeles. With the presence of acclaimed personalities such as Rob The Original, LGND, and Concrete, the event became a cherished opportunity to honor LA’s rich heritage and experience the tantalizing flavors of McDonald’s new Cold Brew Coffee.

In their role as the largest Mexican-American franchisee of McDonald’s, McMarro Family Restaurants seized the opportunity to curate a truly exceptional event that embodied the heart and soul of Los Angeles’ Chicano Culture. The gathering welcomed an array of local car clubs, including the Diplomatics Car Club, Finessed Car/Bike Club, Family Empire Car Club, La Gente City of Angels, and a special appreciation extended to the esteemed Notorious Entertainment. Their collective presence infused the atmosphere with an unparalleled vibrancy, elevating the event to new heights.


However, the evening was not just about reveling in the passion for classic cars and the flavorsome Cold Brew Coffee. It was also an occasion to give back to the community. The momentous occasion played a pivotal role in distributing hundreds of Happy Meals to elated children, spreading joy and creating treasured memories. Laughter filled the air as attendees immersed themselves in captivating conversations, captured priceless photographs, collected autographs, and basked in the timeless elegance of the classic cars on display. Adding to the enchantment, the tunes spun by Chulita Vinyl Club created an unforgettable soundscape. McMarro Family Restaurants expresses profound gratitude to the city of Van Nuys for their warm embrace and eagerly anticipates many more remarkable moments in the near future.

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McMarro Family Restaurants’ “Cold Brews & Classic Cars” event stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to celebrating Mexican-American heritage and embracing the vibrant Chicano Culture that thrives in the heart of Los Angeles. Their dedication to crafting remarkable experiences goes beyond delectable cuisine, extending to fostering unity, joy, and community engagement. To stay connected with McMarro Family Restaurants and discover their future endeavors, please visit their official website and follow their social media handles. Join them in celebrating the rich tapestry of Mexican-American heritage and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of McMarro Family Restaurants.


Follow McMarro Family Restaurants here –

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