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Little Wretches Explore Themes Of Faith And Struggle On “Red Beets And Horseradish”

“Red Beets and Horseradish” is the new album from band, The Little Wretches. Named after a traditional Jewish side dish that is commonly served during Passover and Easter, the album is all about the suffering of the singer’s people as well as their history, all presented in the performer’s signature stripped down and raspy performance style. So, how does it all sound?

The very first song on the album, “Rise,” is a perfect summation of just what the album as a whole sounds like, and it’s a fitting opener track. It’s a folksy and joyful ballad, with hints of determination and positivity sprinkled all throughout its mix. Lyrically, the song is a message to the singer’s people to rise up together and harmonize, a strong message of unity.

Musically, most of the songs on “Red Beets and Horseradish” are sparse, though not lacking in spirit. In such a spiritually charged album, this makes sense, especially as each song calls for the listener to rally and join in joyous song. The second song on the album, “Lovingkindness,” exemplifies this, with harmonious harmonicas and an overall upbeat tone, with themes of enlightenment throughout.

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Songs like “Palms & Crosses” and “Old Hundredth” ramp the tone up a little from the softer songs, though it never really pushes things too far, preferring to keep things mellow and happy. What does stay constant throughout all the songs however is the vocal performance on display, which is always solid, clear and full of emotion and passion. They’re a highlight of the album without question.

Some songs do rein back the happy tones, especially key songs like “It’s Raining,” which is a bit more biting and sad than the typical “Red Beets and Horseradish” song. They’re a nice change of pace, and make the album a much more fun listen overall. Some songs like “Old Lillian’s Story” also shift styles, framing the song more like a framed narrative being told as opposed to a typical song.

“Red Beets and Horseradishes” manages to keep your interest throughout its runtime with its small narrative shifts and fascinating touches, really capturing the listener’s attention effortlessly. While the subject matter may not exactly be for everyone, there’s no denying that it’s a well done album.

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Overall, we recommend giving “Red Beets and Horseradish” a spin, especially if it’s something you’d be interested in. With solid instrumentation, good vocal performances, a fun narrative and engaging performances all around, it’s an album experience that you don’t want to miss.

–Jason Airy

Artist Spotlight

Los Angeles Producer ArjayOnTheBeat Is Pushing the Perimeters of the Music Industry

To stand out in music, especially a genre like Hip Hop, an artist has to have a presence not only the presence but commanding energy to them that makes you invest in their artistry, which they present for us to buy into. That separates an artist who you only give one listen to and who you start to keep up with. ArjayOnTheBeat brings that confident swagger to his approach that makes you want to stay connected, as he has been unfailing when connecting with his audience and executing vibrant and unique records from a career standpoint.

Arjayonthebeat discussed with us and answered our uncommon 11 Questions. Check it out below.


HONK: Let’s start by introducing ourselves. You know the basics, like name, age, and where you’re from, as much or little as you’re comfortable sharing.

ArjayOnTheBeat: Artist Name: Arjayonthebeat /Arjayonthebeat3x

Legal Name: Robert Dickson Jr 

Hometown: Los Angeles, California 


HONK: What’s the best advice you ever received concerning music?

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ArjayOnTheBeat: The best advice I’ve ever received concerning music was about mixing. I was honored to have had a one-on-one session with a Grammy-awarded engineer, Leslie Brathwaite, who engineered Pharrell’s “Happy,” which headlined Despicable Me 2. He listened to my beats and told me, “everything was great, but one thing, your mixing.” He then said when it comes to mixing your beats, nothing should be panned to the center but vocals”. In other words, every sound in your beat should be panned between the left and right, never down the middle. 

The best advice of my life…


HONK: What would you have done differently if you knew then what you know now?

ArjayOnTheBeat: One thing I would have done differently is take more of the presented opportunities rather than rejecting them due to being overly cautious.


HONK: What is still your biggest challenge?

ArjayOnTheBeat: My biggest challenge is finding an artist with the potential/ talent to take them to the top and team up. Until then, the search continues. Most artists don’t take it as seriously as I do. I instead get plaques/awards with one artist repeatedly than try to get one plaque out of multiple artists… if that makes sense.

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HONK: What keeps you going when things get tough in the music industry?

ArjayOnTheBeat: My daughters (Indiyah & Xia) and my family are the ones I need to be successful. My goal is to leave generational wealth /money behind for them. 


HONK: If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be?

ArjayOnTheBeat: Lil Uzi Vert, Chris Brown, or DJ Khaled


HONK: Could you talk me through your creative process?

ArjayOnTheBeat: When it comes to my productions, I never force them. I only make beats when I feel like it, so I don’t burn out my creative juices. 

If I’m not working, I typically listen to various genres to get ideas on enhancing my sound daily. Every genre has something you can learn from…


HONK: How do you solve productivity/scheduling problems and reduce overwhelming situations?

ArjayOnTheBeat: I always try to keep the customer/ clients happy, mistakes can occur, so I’ll always offer something in exchange for the mishap to reach a positive conclusion.

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HONK: What are you focusing your time on now?

ArjayOnTheBeat: I’m focusing my time on executive producing more projects rather than singles & building my artist (once they’ve been found).


HONK: How do you currently feel about the state of “Your genre” in general?

ArjayOnTheBeat: We need more substance in the hip-hop community and a different topic to rap about rather than hoes, guns, apps & negativity. I feel it’s time to switch it up, or else we won’t get as successful as other genres like folk rock & country music.


HONK: How can our readers follow you online?

ArjayOnTheBeatInstagram | Twitter | YouTube 

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The Italian Composer Aria Releases New Single

Assieme Edizioni from Sanremo, Italy is proud to announce Aria’s new holiday single, “A Christmas Letter.”  Aria has continued his tradition of releasing ensemble collaborations with talented singers and musicians. In April it was the call to arms for animal rights, The Next Life, and now it’s a song of recognition for working mothers around the world who can’t be at home with their children for Christmas.

Some may know Aria (real name Mariano Schiavolini) for his work with the Italian progressive rock group, Celeste, but in recent years he’s been traveling the world looking for the perfect artists and sounds to “contaminate” his fusion pieces. In the last few years alone, this has led him to South Africa, Los Angeles, and France.

In 2021 he traveled to Prague to work with the world-renowned City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. What they achieved was nothing short of breathtaking. We’re happy to introduce the first song from that session.

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“A Christmas Letter” is a classic soul/R&B tune in the Motown style. It features Sherita O. as a lead vocalist (Boney M.) and North Macedonia’s Heruvimi children’s choir. We’ve also released a beautiful music video.

Christmas is a time of joy, when people come together. But so many can’t be home with their loved ones. Think of the mothers in the military, in the service industry, and what about those in war zones? During this magical time of year, let us all stop to think of those precious to us and take a moment to wish peace upon the world.

“A Christmas Letter” is out now in online stores!

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