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MULIMBA Uncovers Incredible New Single ‘Chasing Gold’

MULIMBA is back with another hard-hitting statement track with genre-defying tendencies on his new single ‘Chasing Gold’. The enigmatic artist is creating a hype with his Kanye West-inspired, gospel beats, laced with electro Daft Punk-style hooks, providing one of the most aggressively original soundscapes for MULIMBA’s distinct vocal delivery to shine on. ‘Chasing Gold’ fuses stirring hip-hop beats, haunting gospel choir motifs and a hefty dose of indie guitar for a radical track about finding your own artistic path, not to mention his breathtakingly rhythmic bars. 

MULIMBA also shares a video to accompany the track, with lo-fi footage that cuts between one of MULIMBA’s electrifying live performances and the artist going about his everyday life, joking with friends and going out at night, showing two sides to MULIMBA- the powerful, game-changing artist and the man that his friends know and love.

Revealing more about the new track, MULIMBA shares: “As soon as I heard this beat I lost my mind… When you’re around music all day every day it’s rare to feel such an instant connection to something, but within 15 seconds I was bouncing around the studio like I was on stage. This is my favourite song to date because everything about it runs so deep, from the church choir vocals to the picky indie guitar lines, to my love for hip hop. There was no time to step back and wonder what kind of song we wanted to make, this indie-hip-hop crossover just came instantly and we wrote the whole tune in a couple hours. It’s about the hustle as an artist or for anyone trying to find their path, no matter what it is. It’s an upbeat reminder to count your blessings when you’re at your lowest and keep pushing, it’ll come…”

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