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Obi Alfred’s new single release, “Get it.”

Obi Alfred, a recording artist, has released the song “Get it,” featuring immensely alluring lyrics and music that explore concepts like attraction, desire, obsession, and seduction. Obi Alfred is predominantly an R&B musician, so this song will appeal to anyone who appreciates listening to R&B music. However, “Get it” contains musical elements which broaden the song’s appeal to individuals who enjoy listening to mainstream music. Finally, anyone yearning for smooth vocals can listen to “Get it,” since Obi Alfred delivers the words in this style.

“Get it” opens with Obi Alfred singing, “She gon’ send that whole thing to the floor.” From this point on, it is evident that “Get it” is a song about a lady, namely the influence and long-lasting impact she has on him. He begins the first lyric with “And I just wanna give it all to you.” implying that this woman has left her imprint on him, and all he can think about is devouring her. He sings, “Oh baby, How you feeling, yeah, Whatchu’ doing” and says that he continuously thinks about her and her killer moves got him distracted from his drink. He proceeds to say that her dancing is making his trip for her. Throughout the song, it is evident. 

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He genuinely cares for this girl’s dancing moves and wishes to be with her. Obi Alfred does a fantastic job of conveying his emotions. 

About Obi Alfred: 

Obi Alfred is a New York-based artist. Obi Alfred is the torchbearer of classical R&B for a younger generation. Born in New Jersey and bred in Texas, the Nigerian-singular American’s aesthetic pays homage to genre luminaries while forging daring, current ground. He is an exceptionally gifted R&B musician and performer who uses imagination and ingenuity.

You can now listen to ‘Get it.

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Renowned Jewelry Artist Megan-Marie Launches “The Althea Collection”

Jewelry artist Megan-Marie is known for exclusive and artfully crafted jewelry collections. She has launched her “Althea Collection” of luxury 14K gold chains.

Every chain in this collection was handcrafted by me…The part that I love most, though, is that these chains are made to be individualized and flatter your unique body and style. ”

— Megan-Marie

Known for her luxury handcrafted gold jewelry collections, Megan-Marie is a New York-based gold jewelry artist with a strong focus on quality and artistry. Being greatly admired by her clients, her collections have sold out fast in the past. She is now back with the new luxury “Althea Collection” featuring custom luxury 14k solid gold chain designs. Taking inspiration from organic textures and shapes, the collection is meant to reinvent and modernize jewelry designs often depicted in Greek mythology. With more chain designs soon to arrive, each order is handcrafted by Megan-Marie so the jewelry can best compliment the measurements of every client.

“Every chain in this collection was handcrafted by me, which really separates them from the generic designs we see in stores and online,” says Megan-Marie. “The part that I love most, though, is that these chains are made to be individualized and flatter your unique body and style. Whether it’s a chunky bracelet, short necklace, or shiny anklet, I believe everyone can feel incredible wearing these unique, timeless chains. And I’ve got more coming!”

The “Althea Collection” features highly customizable chain designs that can be altered to each client’s demands. The collection features The Hera Chain, The Dria Chain, The Klio Chain, The Ares Chain, The Circe Chain, The Astraia Chain and The Helios Chain. “The Helios Chain was inspired by the mythological Greek god Helios, the god and personification of the sun,” Megan-Marie explains. “The chain’s organic texture is meant to resemble the glistening Mediterranean Sea on a sunny day, and, when assembled, forms a clean, modern line. My intention was for it to feel ethereal and luxurious yet casual and comfortable.”

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Previous collections from the artist such as the ‘Evergreen Collection’ and the ‘Spearhead Collection’ have drawn unique aesthetic inspirations from different places and eras, while still maintaining the luxury, handcrafted quality that Megan-Marie is known for.

ABOUT MEGAN-MARIE: Megan-Marie is a gold jewelry artist and a Doctor in Physical Therapy by degree. She is a first-generation American woman originally from the quiet suburbs of Boston. While she loved playing sports, her love for jewelry started young and evolved into a passion when she was yearning for a creative outlet in her mid-twenties.

Instagram: @meganmarie.handmade
Facebook: @meganmarie.handmade
TikTok: @meganmarie.handmade
Twitter: @meganmarie_hm

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Classical-pop Composer and Musical Educator Bonnie Milne Releases New Single “Perception”

Following the international success of her album, “Anticipation” and standalone single, “New Beginnings” the renowned composer and pianist is releasing a new recording.

Perception’ is a reminder to myself, to continue to see life’s circumstances as leading to positive outcomes, and to be full of gratitude for the many blessings I do have”

— Bonnie Milne

Toronto-based songwriter, composer and musical educator, Bonnie Milne burst onto the international music scene in 2022, with her critically-acclaimed album, “Anticipation” and her Top 20 radio airplay charting single, “New Beginnings.” Her unique blend of classical piano, strings and pop sensibilities landed Milne earned the musician nominations in the International Singer Songwriters Association, while helping her to earn more than 150K Spotify streams of her songs.

On November 11th, Bonnie Milne will release a brand new single with MTS Records, “Perception.” The song is composed in Bonnie’s signature musical style, with key changes and noticeable transitions in the melody. Creating “Perception” has been a cathartic experience for Bonnie, and she hopes that her fans can have the same experience while listening to the song.

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“Perception’ is a reminder to myself, to continue to see life’s circumstances as leading to positive outcomes, and to be full of gratitude for the many blessings I do have,” Bonnie says. “Musically, you will notice modulations and transitions in melody and key changes, which emulate the changes that happen in life.”

“Perception” features award-winning artist Kevin Fox playing the cello and renowned musician Shane Guse playing the violin.

In addition to perfecting her own craft, Bonnie Milne is also passionate about nurturing budding musical experts from all walks of life. As a musical educator and instructor, she leverages her musical expertise to offer comprehensive learning opportunities for students so they can successfully discover their unique capabilities and grow as artists.

More details about Bonnie Milne and her new single ‘Perception’ can be seen at

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