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Premiere: Lux Beauregard Reveals Indie-Pop Debut Single To The World Titled “Fireworks”

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard is releasing her debut single. The song is titled “Fireworks,” and is a hypnotic indie single that introduces the emerging talent with a subtle grace to the world. 

A sonic display of the coexistence of beauty and tragedy, “Fireworks” is the first milestone for Lux Beauregard, with a song that reflects the human journey through the deepest emotionality and the highest musicality one could dream of for a debut single. Her voice will transport anyone who listens to it to a parallel universe where sadness, joy, grief, and celebration walk hand in hand, tackling life’s essence in just one song. 

This past year having been incredibly painful, seeing the world literally on fire, Lux imagined a song that portrayed the complex feelings that arise when good things are also happening in the midst of atrocity. 

“You can fall in love while the world is falling apart, though. Somehow, those emotions can exist together. I wanted to make a song that expressed that idea and sounded both as heartbroken and hopeful as 2020 has made me feel.”

Soulful, cinematic, and atmospheric, Lux loves a huge, lush, ethereal sound, sitting at the intersection between indie pop, chamber pop and baroque pop.

Inspired by Renaissance and Rococo paintings, Lux’s synesthesia plays an active part in her creative process, with often a piece of art or a color palette in mind that looks how the song sounds in her head, guiding the whole process. Literature also plays a big role in fueling her creativity, as her grandmother was a librarian who influenced the way Beauregard developed characters and arcs for her music, and probably explains why she felt the impulse to write in the first place. 

“Fireworks” is a poetic exploration of love amidst the chaotic world we live in, and beautifully exposes Lux Beauregard’s undeniable talent to the world for the very first time.

A new indie queen is born, and she is confidently starting this new decade with a song that will undoubtedly help cement her rise as one of the most promising indie artists of our new era. 

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