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Premiere: Singer-Songwriter Dejhare Brings New Color to the Summer with Her New EP “Plead the Fifth”

Singer-songwriter Dejhare announces the imminent release of a brand-new EP, “Plead the Fifth”, featuring five exclusive dance-pop tracks sprinkled with the sounds of the ’80s and en-riched with world beats to create tracks full of energy and feeling and adorned with rich and interesting lyrics.

Plead The Fifth” is a special EP from Dejhare that she wrote with what she calls“our collective vulnerability” in mind. It addresses the complexities of navigating today’s increasingly complex world from both an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual perspective. Dejhare emphasizes that she is stepping away from judgment in “Plead the Fifth” but is equally notal-lowing herself to be judged, and no one else should either. In essence, the EP is about us all being in this together, and by extension, it empowers and frees the individual. The EP opens with “TakeFive”, an ethereal dance track that makes you feel like you are experiencing the weightlessness of space while rousing us to celebrate life and take time to smell the roses, so to speak. “Skeletons” is a markedly faster and more energetic track that gives no quarter to people who refuse to take responsibility for their choices and their actions, with its gorgeous driving melody and to-the-point lyrics making it clear that the singer expects people to hold themselves to higher standards. “Perception” is a beautiful track that asks us to let go of outdated notions like discrimination and human rights abuses in the face of our fast-paced technological development, and bring the things that matter to the forefront in our lives. “Not Alone” is a heartfelt dance anthem that empowers those of us who are marginalized and discriminated for whatever reason and encourages us to take flight, while the final and title track “Plead the Fifth” is a warm and encouraging dance track that cheekily suggests that though we may not all beliving the life we want, we can take heart in our general collective misadventure, and we are far from irredeemable.

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One of Dejhare’s greatest assets as a songwriter is her ability to tell any story with relatable and engaging lyrics all wrapped in catchy and infectious melodies. Her impressive and growing portfolio, built over a very short time, is a testament to her mastery at imagining and executing her vision. Her most recent release before this EP, “Long Time No See” which was dropped earlier this year, was an uplifting and energetic dance track that spoke about the longing we feel for those we love and care about when we have been apart from them for a long time. A relatable and pertinent track, it speaks to us particularly intimately in these crazy COVID times and is worth a second look at even as she drops her latest EP, “Plead the Fifth”.

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In “Plead the Fifth”, Dejhare steps up her game bringing her music to a new height. The EP displays Dejhare’s characteristic attention to detail and gives us a well-crafted and authentic vibe that comes together in the inspiring and melodic tracks on the EP. While“Plead the Fifth” is progressive in its undertones, it remains accessible and simple in how the artist connects with the listener. Here Dejhare captures the human emotional chaos that we all feel as we navigate through our often confusing world and lays bare the complexities that are at our very human core. Her signature vocal style and her genre-bridging melodies are well served in “Plead the Fifth” and we get a taste of her diversity as a singer-songwriter. This EP ticks all the boxes and has what is needed to connect and appeal to music lovers across cultures and genres. The five songs in “Plead the Fifth” are the perfect way to brighten the summer of 2021.

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For more information on Dejhare see below:

First and foremost a dreamer, Dejhare imagines the world through a lens of the possible, and her life experiences speak of that trajectory of always heading for the sky. Not one to be easily categorized or de-fined, Dejhare has always been drawn to creativity and self-expression. She loves the idea of using music as a canvas on which to draw our life stories and on which to share the happiness, hopes, and frustrations of our shared humanity. Using her experiences, she paints a picture of the dreams, longings, and joys that we all share. Dejhare’s vision is to use her music to reach out to people on a very personal level. She wants to give a positive and grounded message to her audience, as well as to share a meaningful and selfless narrative about our lives. She believes that music can unite us; music can heal us, and music can bring hope and a voice to us all. Through music, we can hear the voices of the silent and listen to the stories of the unheard. And through music, we can find common ground in a world that can be so cruel and divisive. Because whatever our beliefs and aspirations, we all share common desires–to love and to be loved, to succeed in what we do, and to matter.

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