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Queenie Drops New Studio Work: “Man Made”

Features an interview with the “classic meets contemporary” hip hop artist. August 2022Queenie is an artist focused on capturing the energy of modern hip-hop while remaining true to the genre’s golden age. What makes her sound so special is that she ignites her beats with a lot of personality. The artist is a natural-born storyteller who knows what it takes to make music with emphasis and impact. Each song she performs has energy to it. It feels like with every release, she can set the bar much higher in terms of production excellence and connecting with people on a much deeper level through her musical chops. Recently, Queenie announced the release of a brand-new project, “Man Made.” This bold, creative statement highlights the unique vibe of the artist’s lyrical flow. As they say, some of the best rappers in the game are natural-born storytellers. This is most definitely the case with Queenie, who can offer a gripping lyrical flow and unique lyrics from the first word to the last.
The way she comes up with lyrics is truly masterful, and there is a total sense of intentionality, which highlights the quality of her raw talent. “Man Made” has a direct sound that’s not about chasing trends. It’s all about making things happen with a more authentic flow and a one-of-a-kind dynamic approach that makes the artist’s personality stand out from the herd and all the cliches. Musically, the beat has a lot of energy, and there is an element of grittiness to the rhythmic components (i.e., the drums), which bring forth a more organic and warmer vibe. The melodies accompanying the vocals are quite natural and understated, so they do not overpower Queenie’s lyrics and delivery but rather prop it up and highlight its qualities throughout this track. The balance between the instrumental sections and the vocals is excellent, and it is not always easy to find songs that are so deeply nuanced and characterful. Thankfully, it seems that Queenie truly managed to uncover the winning formula here, and it is a true payoff, sonically. “Man Made” by Queenie is highly recommended to fans of artists such as J Cole, Kendrick, ghetts, Fivio Foreign and Lauryn Hill, , to mention a few. However, it is not always easy to compare Queenie to other artists because she stands alone in both approach and delivery of her music. On the contrary, she is proudly carving her path in the music world, and she is quite successful at it! Queenie is a true artist. With every release, she keeps setting new standards of skill and quality, and we look forward to what else she has in store for the future. Find out more about Queenie, and listen to “Man Made.” This release will be available on all digital streaming services from August 18th, 2022. Instagram Twitter @queeniesaidso YouTube Your style combines elements of modern hip hop while staying true to the originators. Who are the artists that influenced your music, and who influences you personally, on a day to day basis? Q: From a very young age, rappers like Ludacris and Busta gave me an appreciation for the way character and personality can be expressed through rap, Methodman, Redman, Outkast, Mos Def, Mobb Deep, showed me that you can keep the lyricism and still make a hit, and Lauryn Hill taught me that you can convey a deep message and show your personal journey through your art, and women who rap didnt have to portray a gangsta/angry/sexual persona to be heard. When I found Grime, it was the perfect outlet for me to write and perform lyrics for myself. The whole genre gave me the platform to be a girl from London who wanted to MC. Roll Deep taught us all how to be performance ready, and always have a 16, but then groups like “The Movement” taught us how to be clever with the words and find new ways to flow. I have so many influences, and some of them aren’t even rappers/MC’s, it’s just the whole craft of spoken word, and the people who take it in new directions that inspires me. As an artist, do you feel a sense of responsibility to your fans, to behave a certain way, or to maintain some kind of lifestyle that shows people who you are? Q: Nah, the only responsibility to my fans is to keep giving them art to interpret. It might have a positive effect and I hope it does, but I can only give them my perception of the world. To the latter, I don’t ever want “maintain a lifestyle” that isn’t truly my own, because whilst I’m nurturing the facade, who’s going to take care of the real me? I don’t want to lose my mind here. Tell us about your latest single, “Man Made.” Q: “Manmade” is about acknowledging that the most consistent person in my journey has been myself. There have been and still are teams of people that support me in all different ways, but the makings of “Queenie” are a mosaic of past and current events that I go through/am going through, and the what I learning from them. Have you toured? Played shows locally? If so, what has fan reaction been like? What is a Queenie performance like? If you haven’t toured, any plans on doing so? Q: No tours just single shows around the UK…yes done a local show in box park Croydon. They wondering why the industry has picked me up and they love my word play..Yes, looking to tour in 2023 What’s up next for Queenie? Any plans for more new music? Q: Release more music shows and touring..Releasing new music ever month What does Queenie like to do outside of music? Any hobbies or other interests? Q: Queenie likes to do makeup and drawing.


Exclusive Interview with Danny Hughes (DCPA)

Please describe to our audience how you came about on the music scene and what is the biggest difference between your first piece of music to your latest! 

I was a musician growing up, and I played a few instruments (piano, guitar, trumpet). In high school I took a music production class and fell in love with the software, electronic production methods, song writing and scripting melodies. Although my passion for music took a back seat in college, I always contemplated what role it would play again in my life once I got settled as an accountant in Dallas TX in 2011. From my high school days through 2015 I watched the electronic music scene grow exponentially in the USA. I was always very much into European dance music early on. Eventually I realized that my favorite style of music and the showcase aspect of DJing went hand in hand and it all made sense. I wasn’t meant to remain a classical musician or play guitar in a band, I’m the type to go mad scientist in the studio and mesh all these different sounds together in a unique way, then bring it to a live audience while also sharing great music from other inspiring artists.

Initially, I was producing progressive house and trance instrumentals. I wasn’t too focused on the commercial aspect and had no idea where to find a vocalist or how that process worked. I outsourced some of the production work to a Netherlands based studio and eventually found a roster of vocalists via that outlet. I learned more about songwriting and producing music around existing vocals, enjoying the collaborative aspect. Over time since my first release in 2016 I’ve gotten a lot more flexible as to my style and making it commercial while keeping its integrity. I can thank the EDM stars who preceded me for acclimating society to electro-pop fusion. Lately I’m incorporating pop, electro-house, nu disco, and punk into my 2023 release plan! I’m aiming for the music to be edgy, catchy, and danceable.

What are you doing to push a positive message as the year comes to an end and there is a new beginning coming up with this new year?

I’m always looking to leave the listener feeling understood and empowered with my music. I want them to relate to it and be part of my ‘soul tribe’. It’s important as an artist to have a positive mission statement. We can be highly influential to people we’ll never meet, and in ways we don’t always see. Apart from the music I share, I only put out content with an insightful message, share my life experiences with a tempered mind, or post something funny/wholesome. Viral negativity is a real scourge these days.

Are there any rituals you have developed over the years that are helpful for any upcoming changes happening? 

I try to add creative value every day whether it’s many hours on one upcoming song or jumping around to many different ones. I keep a normal sleep schedule and get outside regularly; I stay active and eat well to keep a sharp mind and body. Live gigs are big physical and mental battles and aren’t always routine in nature. So being up to date on the latest music while staying organized with older libraries is important in being ready for anything. I check my gear regularly too, the last thing you want is to show up and your stuff doesn’t work as expected.

Could you talk about a success that happened this year that you would attribute to all your hard work?

I’ve been focused on growing my fanbase and traction on streaming platforms. It’s important that those can grow organically and generate ‘true fans’, not just play counts. Based on the relevant data, my Spotify grew 56% and is getting a lot more of that algorithmic traction, so I’m happy my efforts are paying off. Also, I reached the top 5% in Spotify artist rankings this past Fall for several months, and that was a shock! It really gave me perspective on how far I’ve come. Lastly I charted on iTunes House: Poland for ‘Iconic Love’ and iTunes House: United States for ‘Filmatic – Carefully Together (DCPA Remix)’.

Could you talk about an obstacle that you persevered through?

Times of loneliness are inherent to a music career, usually those are counterbalanced with moments of abundant attention from others. Personally, when going toward my music career, I accepted a reduction of income and really challenged my physical self. It’s a different world than my prior desk job but endlessly fulfilling in so many ways! In addition I’ve used music as a way to revisit past experiences and reconcile/transmute leftover and confusing energies. My latest track ‘I Feel It Too‘ is a perfect example of this.

How do you think these experiences have helped you shape your career and approach your music? 

It’s brought back a grittiness to my life; and though I value the time I spent in a corporate environment, I currently appreciate these new opportunities to fly by night and get out in front of new audiences, sharing my passion for music and a side of myself that was mostly hidden for many years. For a long time I was more reserved with my emotional energy but I’ve realized the value of honest and intense expression in life, spreading light through art and intend to fully embody this in my personal relationships as well.

How do you continue to develop your community of fans over the years? 

Being present and available is important. I see fans as being collaborators on a bigger project. To make that collaboration work, I know I need to show up in conversation and in my actions. By responding to others in a genuine way and appreciating everyone’s time and input, you start to feel a larger community forming around you and feel more significant and motivated in your role as an artist.

Thank you for sharing all your music with us! Can you give us any exclusive on more music coming up?

My next song is called ‘Broken Heart’. The chorus line for this electro-pop-punk track is “Someone tell me how to let it go…I don’t wanna feel this anymore.” Look for this track to drop in February or March 2023!

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Paige Corwin drops a stunning new single, “Better Than That” [Interview]

Paige Corwin

New York singer-songwriter Paige Corwin shares the pop single “Better Than That,” with a pop sound that grabs the attention of many listeners.

“Better Than That” is a neo-soul, pop-crooner record. It is a heart-wrenching tale of dreamt romantic insecurities that turn into reality.

Paige Corwin had a Conversation with us and answered our unique 8 Questions. Check it out below.

HONK: Let’s start by telling us how it all began. What encouraged you to start playing and making music?

Paige Corwin: I have always written songs and ideas, and once I began networking and meeting the right people, they helped turn my ideas into records that have translated into actual releases. I am grateful to all the people I am lucky enough to have worked with so far and am excited for whatever comes next! From day one, the plan has been to be my own artist.

HONK: Talk me through your creative process when you write new music.

Paige Corwin: My creative process begins with creating a beat with my producer that I feel connected to. Once the rhythm has been established, I write the top line inspired by personal life events. 

HONK: Can you tell us about your new single, “Better Than That”? 

Paige Corwin: “Better Than That” is a neo-soul, pop-crooner record. It is a heart-wrenching tale of dreamt romantic insecurities that turn into reality. Make sure to listen to it to get the full story. 😉 

HONK: What do you like most about being a music artist?

Paige Corwin: I firmly believe that music unites people from all walks of life, no matter their differences, and that, for sure, is a beautiful thing! Playing music is soul-fulfilling, an emotional release, and means of self-expression like no other. Connecting with an audience is the best feeling in the world, and I have met so many incredible people along the way. 

HONK: What projects do you have coming up? Can you give us any info on them?

Paige Corwin: I am working on an EP consisting of six tracks, including the intro. Each record will first be released as a single, followed by a music video!

HONK: Do you have any advice for our readers who may be trying to enter the game of music?

Paige Corwin: Don’t let the long, winding path to success get you down. Stay the course, do not deviate, and believe your hard work will eventually pay off. Putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your work and then not receiving the recognition you feel it deserves is hugely discouraging at times, but do not give it up. It is all part of the journey! 

HONK: How do you solve productivity/scheduling problems and reduce overwhelming situations?

Paige Corwin: I use the calendar on my phone to set reminders which usually avoids scheduling issues, but when I feel overwhelmed, I take hot yoga classes. Yoga calms me down, clears my head, and grounds me again. 

HONK: Name Three things you can’t live without when recording in the studio.

Paige Corwin: Water, tea with honey, white claws : )

Stream Paige Corwin’s “Better Than That” on Spotify. 

Stay connected with Paige Corwin: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify


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