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RetroJ: South Jersey Next Top Rated Producer

RetroJ, born and raised in South Jersey. His Mom and Dad was very talent but the music side came from his Father. He took interest in producing music at age 17 years old right after he graduated from high school (Overbrook High School).
RetroJ originally started out as a dancer at age 12 and participated in multiple dancing events. RetroJ is self taught when it came to producing , he dug down and did the research and studied others so he can reach his potential. After RetroJ graduated he started looking more into producing but he wasn’t quite taking it seriously yet . His first song that did extremely well was (You changed me) . Once he seen the potential and the bar others set for him he started taking producing more seriously and turned it into a career . He currently attends Full Sail University for his bachelors in Audio Production. He’s still working hard and staying focused to achieve more and better opportunities in the future .
RetroJ currently have a song (Hit Different) going viral on TikTok as we speak from his album “Essence”. He also had another song that did numbers on TikTok as well call “Drive You”. RetroJ brings the old flow jersey club and mix with the new which gives his a unique song to his music . In 2020 he accumulated 1.5 million plays total from all music platforms and this is only his Sophomore year in the jersey club producing world . He has a very bright future ahead of him and continue to path a way to a different feel of jersey club music .
Social Media
Instagram: Retroj
Twitter : Retrojjj
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