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Sarantos Is Heartbreaking On “Looking Up At The World”

Singer-songwriter Sarantos is back with a brand new single. Unlike the artist’s usual laid-back fare, Sarantos’ latest endeavor is a heartbreaking and raw outburst of emotion regarding the artist’s battle with chronic pain and COVID-19. Serious topics like this demand attention and sympathy, so today we’ll be giving “Looking Up At The World,” a closer look in our full review.

Considering how it’s a more melancholic-leaning Sarantos song, “Looking Up At The World,” opens with surprisingly warm and inviting instrumentals. As the song continues, the folds of the artist’s acoustic ballad unveil themselves, allowing the song to breathe and grow organically. Instrumentally, it’s an interesting tune, as electric guitars and light synths kick in providing some much needed atmosphere.

Slow build up is the name of the game with “Looking Up At The World,” as emotions slowly rise and the lyrics grow into soaring statements of sadness. There’s a lot of pathos in Sarantos’ performance here, which is understandable. Every feeling in the song comes through, making it easy to sympathize with the artist on his plights.

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What truly carries the single however is the raw songwriting on display here. All subtlety is thrown out of the window here, as Sarantos’ wails about how upsetting it is. Feelings of being boxed in, helpless and unable to do anything come through loud and clear. Despite all his hard work, he finds that he can’t even stand up without getting exhausted, and it frustrates him to no end.

These raw emotional outbursts are what make “Looking Up At The World,” as effective as it is. For people in similar circumstances, these plights are sure to be relatable and understandable.

Sarantos’ talent as a singer-songwriter shines through with “Looking Up At The World,” a testament to the artist’s skill. He’s been working at this for a long time now, and he’s only improved with time. As he vents his sadness and frustrations to the world, it’s hard to not to feel for him and the way the world has treated him.

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Despite all this, we hope the artist pushes through and manages to keep making his craft. “Looking Up At The World,” is an excellent single showcasing Sarantos’ efforts to the fullest, and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for the future.


–Jason Airy

Artist Spotlight

Haitian Artist, Wicked Haitian Is Just Getting Ready To Take Over The Music Scene

In the world of overblown hype and excess, it is hard to find an authentic artist that embodies the fin and vibrancy of the originals that did so to establish the artform back in the day. Well, debut artist Rodshield Richard popularly known as Wicked Haitian from Haiti is here to remind us of that and more.

Music always has a way of sticking with you when it’s a good time. When you can hit play on the music and immediately have your spirit lifted due to the great vibes of the music. Those types of records always last long because of the feeling people have while hearing it. This is what you get from Wicked Haitian from one of his recent songs “No Love”.

Check out his latest songs on Spotify below:

Hi there, welcome to Honk Magazine. Thank you for taking out time to respond to us. To kick things off, Can you tell our readers about what really inspired you to write music?

Wicked Haitian What really inspired me to write music is my people that I still have in  Haiti. My goal is for me to make a way for them in order to have a better life.

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When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

Wicked Haitian – I realized I was going to make music professionally about one year ago. I’ve seen that I can actually make a difference for the people in Haiti and the music in me has helped me in different ways financially to help them.


Tell us what is so unique about you and your music?

Wicked Haitian – What’s unique about my music is that I speak from the heart. I don’t really go off what people say or what people think I just speak on how I feel.


Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

Wicked Haitian – The funniest mistake I’ve ever made was two years ago when I signed a deal but it wasn’t beneficial at all. It was only beneficial to them. I’ve learnt from that mistake.


Can you tell us about your latest releases and what inspired you to create them?

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Wicked Haitian – My latest releases are No Love,Time and ION FWY. “No Love” is basically explaining how I can show someone love when I don’t know how to love, and “Time” is basically saying you don’t really have to rush anything in life everything will fall in place just take your time and just keep going, and “ION FWY”  it’s basically me saying I’m all to myself now I don’t really focus on fake Friends or females because when I had nothing to my name nobody was around everybody loves to be around when you’re shining but nobody likes to be around when you’re down

Can you give us a brief insight about your upcoming projects?

Wicked Haitian – My upcoming projects consist of the videos for “No Love”, “Time” and “ION FWY” and in the videos I will go in detail explaining what each song means.


What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out?

Wicked Haitian – When I first started, I wish I was told that nobody really cares about you. They only care what they can make of you and It’s a dog eat dog world.

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Which tips would you recommend to your colleagues in your industry to help them to thrive and not “burn out”?

Wicked Haitian – Just keep going don’t give up and keep it real as long as you love what you’re doing you will never burn out.


What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?

Wicked Haitian – When I don’t do music on Sundays I go on Jet Skis or I’ll go to the gym or I play basketball. I like to travel. I love travelling to Haiti a lot. There I’ll go to the Dominican Republic.


Any last piece of advice for those artists who just started making music?

Wicked Haitian – For someone that’s just starting doing music, don’t rush anything and never look for a handout.


How can our readers follow you online?

Wicked Haitian – You all can follow me on our social media platforms @WickedHaitian.

For more updates, follow me on:

Instagram – @WickedHaitian

Twitter – @WickedHaitian

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Toronto Singer-Songwriter Alex Krawczyk Nominated for Canadian Folk Music Awards on Eve of Single Release

Alex Krawczyk follows up her Top 10 US radio airplay chart hit, “Better Days” with the 3rd single from her debut album, “Le Olam.” She is nominated for Best New Artist at the CMFAs.

With more than 150K Spotify streams of her debut album, “Le Olam” and a #1 US radio airplay chart single, Alex Krawczyk has emerged onto the folk music scene in 2022.  Now, she is being recognized for her achievements with a nomination for Best New/Emerging Artist at the 2023 Canadian Folk Music Awards. The awards will be held during The CFMA 2023 Awards Weekend, March 31 – April 2, 2023, in Vancouver, B.C.

Established by Canada’s vibrant and internationally recognized folk music community, the awards currently boasts 19 categories. Nominees are chosen for each category through a two-stage jury process. More than 100 jurors, located across Canada, representing all official provinces, territories, and languages, determine the official recipients in each category.

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News of her nomination comes as Alex prepares to release the 3rd single from her album.  “Turning” follows the #1 US airplay hit, “There Will be Light” and the Top 10, “Better Days.”

Alex says, “Turning’ is a song written to encourage us to find beauty and meaning despite the challenges we are faced with, and to appreciate the simple moments in life. Thank you for listening!  With love, Alex.”

When she’s not working on her music, Alex devotes much of her time to working with charitable initiatives in her community. Preferring to stay out of the limelight, she continues to write and record new music, continuing to share her journey of hope and healing through song. More details about Alex Krawczyk and her new single can be seen at

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