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Vicky Casis ascends to new heights with her unparalleled artistry

Vicky Casis, a prodigiously talented Music Producer and DJ from the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, is making waves in the music industry with her soul-stirring compositions and exceptional DJing skills. With a passion for crafting music that resonates with the most profound emotions, Vicky is set to captivate the world with her unique beats.

From the outset of her career, Vicky’s musical journey has been distinguished by its originality and relatability, setting her apart in a crowded field. Her compositions possess an unparalleled ability to touch the soul, leaving an indelible impact on listeners. Collaborating with esteemed artists such as rapper JSWISS, French sensation Billie Brelok, and the soulful Tanzanian singer Koku Ganza, she has demonstrated her versatility and remarkable talent in the production studio.

Vicky’s ascent to success gained momentum with her contributions to the hip-hop documentary “Contact High” and the captivating E! TV Special “Black Pop.” However, her most extraordinary milestone came on 12/2/19, when she proudly unveiled her debut EP, “Baby Gurl.” An impressive testament to her musical prowess, the EP was entirely composed, arranged, and produced by Vicky herself, featuring an array of exceptional artists.

Beyond her studio accomplishments, Vicky’s dynamic DJing skills have electrified numerous parties and significant events, from the prestigious WNBA Championship to the lively Panamanian Parade, and even on Broadway for the renowned play, “The Collaboration.” She formed the formidable music production team Mach-7 Muzik alongside her brother, Marcus Machado. Additionally, Vicky took on the role of Co-Creator for “Quality Sounds TV” (QSTV). This groundbreaking YouTube show celebrated independent artists, musicians, DJs, and creatives during the challenging times of the pandemic. As the world emerged from lockdown, QSTV continued its ascent, hosting monthly music events in collaboration with prominent venues like Soho House, Pirate Studios, and The Hard Rock Hotel Times Square. A standout success was the famous event “The Link Up,” which united talents from various disciplines under one roof.

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Vicky’s exceptional journey also led her into the world of fashion, where she took on the role of Music Coordinator for the prestigious fashion brand Marrisa Wilson NY. Her curated, captivating music added a new dimension to MWNY’s fashion campaigns and their debut NYFW F/W 2022 and S/S 2023 Runway Fashion shows. The pinnacle of her career arrived with the highly-anticipated release of her debut album, “Casis World,” on April 22. Once again, Vicky showcased her mastery in music arrangement and production, bringing together a diverse range of exceptional artists to create an album that left both critics and fans in awe.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Vicky embraced the world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), offering her track “Bubblin” for minting on Soundxyz, solidifying her position as a trailblazer in the digital music landscape. With each new endeavor, Vicky Casis continues to build her legacy, cementing her place among the finest music producers of her generation. As her journey unfolds, one thing is sure: the world can expect even more breathtaking music from this extraordinary artist in the coming days.

Join Vicky Casis’s captivating journey on Instagram: @vickycasis


Artist Spotlight

LYIA META’s Dazzling Jazz Album Release “Always You”


Prepare to be enchanted by the unparalleled talents of multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, and visual artist Lyia Meta as she unveils her latest masterpiece, “Always You.” With an exceptionally rare contralto vocal range that defies convention and a unique musical style that effortlessly melds jazz, soul, pop, and blues influences, Lyia Meta has once again proven her status as a global sensation among the music industry’s elite.

Lyia Meta, the Malaysian sensation, released her latest album, “Always You,” on June 16, 2023, and is set to captivate the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing her musical endeavor that transcends boundaries. This exquisite 8-track musical album combines jazz, soul, and pop, showcasing Lyia’s unparalleled vocal prowess and lyrical depth that takes listeners on an unmatched emotive depth, infusing each song with a lyrical masterpiece.

The 1st track, titledAlways You, exudes nostalgia, a sultry and dreamy ode to love reminiscent of the timeless allure of the Rat Pack era of jazz and blues. Lyia’s contralto vocal range takes center stage, weaving a captivating narrative of love’s enduring appeal.

As the album unfolds, listeners are treated to diverse emotions and melodies. In Never Enough Time, the 2nd track, Lyia’s vocals tug at the heartstrings of a soulful Jazz ballad lasting 4:55 minutes, while the 3rd track, It’s Up To You (04:15 minutes), intricately explores the complexities of love with a jazz sensibility.

For You, the fourth track, is a 04:15 minute heartfelt Jazz melody that explores the yearning and struggle to rekindle a lost relationship with poignant lyrics like, “Do you wish on the stars to have me back? I want to know.”Save Me, the fifth track, delves into the craving for intimacy and attention, set to a melodic Jazz-pop song with a runtime of 3:30 minutes.

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As We Throw Caution To The Wind (03:38 minutes), the sixth track, sets the perfect atmosphere for a romantic entanglement, and To Know What It’s Like (04:40 minutes) 7th track takes listeners on a deeper dive into the mysteries of love a soulful journey of self-discovery. The 8th and last track of the album closes with My Dream Lover, which weaves a nostalgic tale of falling in love within the realm of dreams, leaving a lasting impression with a runtime of 04:43 minutes.

Lyia Meta’s “Always You” is a testament to her unwavering commitment to authenticity and musical innovation. Her exceptional vocal performances, intertwined with a seamless fusion of jazz, soul, and more, redefine the boundaries of music and mark her as a rising star in the industry.

Lyia Meta has carved her niche with this album’s release following earning accolades like ‘Best Album’ and ‘Best Female Vocalist’ at the 2022 Global Music Awards. With an inspiring voice that effortlessly traverses the worlds of blues and classical music, she is admired alongside renowned artists like Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse, proving her worldwide popularity and musical prowess.

Lyia Meta’s “Always You” offers audiences worldwide a captivating and soulful musical journey that can now be streamed on various platforms. This unforgettable indie experience is a must-have for any Jazz aficionado’s playlist. Watch out for future album releases, which will become timeless classics.


For more information about Lyia Meta, please visit [website]. 

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Artist Spotlight

Two-Steppin’ to Richard Lynch’s Latest Single, “Current Conditions”

Few things in life can quite capture the depth and breadth of human emotion as beautifully as country music. In the hands of an adept musician, a simple melody can paint a vivid picture, stirring within us feelings that words alone never could. So, are you ready to kick up your boots and embark on a soulful journey? Today, we are turning the spotlight on indie country music legend, Richard Lynch, and his latest single “Current Conditions.”

=Richard Lynch is a name that resonates powerfully within the world of indie and traditional country music. Spanning over four decades, his illustrious career is a testament to his unyielding dedication and exceptional talent. From Waynesville, Ohio to the heart of Nashville, Richard Lynch’s music has touched hearts across the nation and beyond.

With countless hits up his sleeve, his influence in country music is undeniably profound. His reach is not just limited to the domestic market, but extends to international sales and radio airplay charts as well. His music has graced Billboard Magazine, Taste Of Country, The Boot, and many others. Lynch hasn’t shied away from collaborations either, having recorded popular duets with legendary artists like Ronnie McDowell, Leona Williams, and Grammy Winner, Rhonda Vincent.

Besides being an accomplished musician, Richard Lynch is a man of many talents. He is the proud owner of Keepin’ It Country Farm in Waynesville, Ohio and co-founder of Love Tattoo Foundation dedicated to assisting veterans. Truly, Richard Lynch embodies the true spirit of country music – authenticity, tradition, and, above all else, heart.

“Current Conditions” isn’t just a song; it’s a heartfelt narrative that unfolds beautifully through Richard Lynch’s poignant lyrics and masterful musicianship. This single takes listeners on an emotionally intense journey, exploring the painful throes of a relationship on the verge of dissolution.

At its core, “Current Conditions” is a heartbreaking tale of infidelity. It also delves into the raw reality and eroding nature of love. Lynch’s lyrics are a heartfelt confession painted with vivid imagery. There’s an undeniable poignancy and authenticity to his words, making the message all the more resonant with listeners. The song’s acoustic backdrop sets the tone while the percussion enriches the composition, making it a truly captivating listen.

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Richard Lynch’s brand of country music is rooted in tradition, and “Current Conditions” is no exception. The lyrics of the song are a moving portrait of love and loss – they are raw, real, and achingly beautiful. Each word is carefully chosen, each phrase meticulously crafted, to deliver an emotional punch that hits you square in the heart.

The instrumentals of “Current Conditions” are poetic in their own right. The acoustic guitar gently underscores the narrative, evoking a sense of melancholy that lingers long after the song ends. The percussion adds a layer of depth and richness to the overall composition, further enhancing the emotional intensity of the song.

His voice is an instrument unto itself. Richard Lynch’s passionate vocals breathe life into the song, his delivery marked by raw emotion and vulnerability. As he unravels the story of a crumbling relationship, you can’t help but be drawn in, hanging onto every word.

In a world increasingly dominated by synthetic beats and auto-tuned voices, the authenticity of traditional country music like Richard Lynch’s is a breath of fresh air. There’s something deeply comforting in its familiarity, a sense of home that tugs at your heartstrings.

“Current Conditions” is a shining example of Richard Lynch’s remarkable ability to tap into common human experiences and express them musically. It’s the kind of song that doesn’t just make you listen, it makes you feel. And that, perhaps, is the true power of country music.

Country music is not merely a genre; it is a language of the heart. It holds a mirror to our very souls, reflecting our joy and sorrow, love and loss, triumph and despair. It is the voice of the common man, a symphony of the human spirit. And artists like Richard Lynch keep this tradition alive, one heartfelt song at a time.

So here’s to Richard Lynch, a beacon of traditional country music. His songs, like “Current Conditions,” will keep the heart of country music beating for years to come.

Tammy Jo Slinger

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