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15 Minutes With Music Producer Colin Brittain

Hi Colin! How are you? How have you been able to continue working during the pandemic?

Glad to talk to you guys!  Things have been good for me (very thankful). Artists have obviously had a lot of time on their hands over the past year- which has been good and bad.  But for creating music, I can honestly say that things have never been busier for me and my crew.

What’s the project you are the proudest of in your music career?

I feel like this is a cop out- but it’s the truth-  I can’t say one project is my favorite.  Some of the most memorable and grateful experiences I’ve had though have been with Papa Roach, All Time Low, One Ok Rock, and A Day to Remember.

What are you currently working on?

Tons of stuff- a few of the most recent I’ve been working with are Sueco, Papa Roach, Fever 333, Parson James, and my band American Teeth.

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Did you participate in any online concerts or music-related events?

I’ve checked out a few of them-  Code Orange and Underoath were incredible shows, as well as Post Malone.

Out of all the genres you have been involved in, which one is the closest to your heart?

I’m a punk rock kid at heart- so anything that’s angsty and aggressive I tend to really have a soft spot for.  The best part about music is that you can genuinely love so many kinds and it doesn’t take away the love from another.

Which of your various activities gives you the highest fulfillment?

Probably production-  there’s something about taking a great song and bringing it to its full potential.  It’s like telling a story with sound- I’ve always been drawn to that artform.

Is there an artist that you would love working with (someone you haven’t collaborated with already)?

I would love to write with the Band Camino sometime- I think they are absolutely phenomenal.

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