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Best Songs Of All Time Vol.4 – Top 20 Tracks 2021


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In today’s articles, we are going to share with you Best Songs Of All Time Vol.4 – Top 20 Tracks 2021. The tracks also featured up-and-coming stars in the music industry you need to watch out for. You can find the best songs on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Here are the Best Songs Of All Time Vol.4 – Top 20 Tracks 2021 everyone needs to add to their playlist.


These songs are of great quality and standards.

Ay Wing – Lift Me Up

The music video features female artists in the fields of videography and film production, photography, choreography, styling, design, creative direction, and many more areas of production. The aim was to create community, connection, and solidarity among womxn in the creative scene & showcase emerging female talents.


B-boy Fidget – Golden Child

B-boy Fidget linked up with a producer who approached him on Instagram named Juanito Jones. He pitched him many beats, but the one beat that stood out was the instrumental that became “Golden Child”.

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Charlie Noiir – REASONS

Released by: STAYOUTLATE Arts & Entertainment

Lil keezy – Who Want Smoke Freestyle


Swimsuit Issue – Ocean Haze


Lil ink – dead friends

Jenny Kern – Run


HeartBreak Rich – Casamigos (feat. Slicko)

Released by: 495 records


Released by: T.$

Hairo – The Bubble


KUKO CIGAR – Sweet chin music


Outlier – Back From The Brink

Good Morning, Daydreamer – In Your Head

“In Your Head” is a fast-paced, swirling piece about self-doubt; the conversations you have with yourself that aren’t productive or healthy. It features John Hoff on drums (a friend for 25+ years and my earliest musical collaborator), who brings a delicate accompaniment that builds and builds into a massive ear-worm of a chorus.


RPxSB – Player 1 Player 2

This is our newest single. Simple beat that hits (hard). And clever lyricism both rappers display going back and forth seamlessly. Not too much depth. Just dope rhymes, beats, energy, and fun.

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Walk On Mars – New York Beach

This song is about spending life and death on a New York Beach. It is meant to be portrayed as a song representing a therapeutic place that makes you forget all of your stress and sorrows in life.

Uncle Nameless – Get The Money (Feat. Morris B)

‘Get The Money’ is an unreleased Mixtape Recording of a Freestyle by Morris B & Uncle Nameless from a late-night studio session


Sean Pixel – back2life

Released by: PIXEL

Nolan Skye – Rome in One Day

Soup! – Shocked

Gal Musette – Ghost

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