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Exclusive Interview: Rising Artist Awall MG

Hello Awall MG, Thanks for coming to Honk Magazine to talk about your career.

Tell us a little more about when you first got into music? 

I’ve been around music since I was born. My family is a pretty musical family so I was always surrounded by it. My dad had his own studio where the first famous person I met was Gladys Knight and the pips. That was my very first introduction to the musical environment. By 2 years old I had my first keyboard by 3 I was banging on drums and it kinda just kept going from there. 

If you could describe your sound/style in one word, what would it be and why?

VIBES!  Most of my songs I make are from a real perspective but I make it to where it just sounds good and it cultivates the listeners ears to take em to a place where they can relate but also feel good about

What would you say to any aspiring recording artists who look up to your work?

I would say never give up on what you love most. That means fight through any obstacle life gives cause it only happened to make you a stronger person And never put all your eggs in one basket!

What quote or mantra do you live by?


That’s my slogan for my company Live Great Productions. It basically says like we are living to be great but once you make it go beyond that and then beyond that too!

What is your hobby outside of music?

When I’m not doing music I’m usually playing video games. I just got into the twitch community. I play basketball and football on a recreational level ..and cooking I love to cook

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I’m gonna be one of those names that you see in the big festivals like Rolling Loud or Coachella. I’ll be engineering still but super exclusively cause I really see myself as one the next best Producer/Artist on the come up.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

 I got lots of singles I’m dropping in 2022 along with visuals of course and doing more shows in the ATL scene. Also as a Producer I’ll be launching my website this month so the public can buy them. Before I was just making beats exclusively in front of them.

What is the inspiration behind your latest song?

My last song OWN is about two girls really. One girl I dated for about 3 years then we went our separate ways.. the other girl I met around Thanksgiving of 2021 thinking she could be the one cause the new girl I really liked a lot but somehow we drifted and I can’t lie that shxt was hurting my soul so that’s why I say I’m on my own and it probably better off that way until I meet Ms Right

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why. Please share a story or example for each.

Get a internship Right after school: I didn’t start interning at other studios till probably 4 years after I graduated from Music School..No regrets about it but it could have sped my process up and learned more earlier

Don’t be Afraid To Make Mistakes but don’t make it happen Twice: When I first started working at Patchwerk Studio I recorded Cocoa Vango.He was the first major artist I got to work with there. The session was probably my worst ever. He was very frustrated with me the whole time but he knew I was new so it just went with the flow…That session taught me things I should be doing and I never made a mistake like that again..Which is why I’m still at Patchwerk till this day.

BE VERSATILE: I Engineer both studio and live. I’m an Artist. I’m Also a musician of 7 different instruments (Drums, Piano, flute, baritone, sax guitar and bass) and a producer and learning how to DJ. Doing all those things made me stand out vs ppl who just engineer or just produce.. I’m a one stop shop basically and ppl these days love that. And learning one skill helped me learned another along the way 

GET OUT THE BEDROOM: For a while I was the producer who made beats And posted it in a beat store and just showed off on social media.. IT GOT ME NOWHERE. I still had to work a regular job and live in my parents house.. When I started networking at different events or applying to studios that’s when life changed quickly.. More ppl were hearing me which grew my outside presence but also my social media at the same time. Now I’m in rooms with major Artists getting paid way more and literally paying everything just by creating music 

GET RID OF SELF DOUBT: I used to compare myself to others like my music doesn’t sound like theirs or wondering if ppl gonna like what I put out. All that self doubt just made me think too much instead of having fun… The moment I got major confidence for myself is when the music was sounding good ppl were buying beats that I made quickly… and that confidence transfers to others now they wanna give you a chance with a bigger deal 

Which tips would you recommend to your colleagues in your industry to help them to thrive and not “burn out” ?

Just make sure whatever you doing that you love it..Cause I’ve burned myself out a couple of times but I love music so much I was able to find something to learn or something new out my comfort zone that made me fall in love with it like it’s my first time making music

How can our readers follow you online?

On all platforms I’m AWall_Mg insta twitter twitch all that

Artist Spotlight

Emika Love: Rising Music Artist Spreading Positivity

Emika Love

Meet Emika Love, a 19-year-old rising music artist from Sacramento, California. Emika’s unique sound and style are heavily influenced by her love for visuals and storytelling. In this interview, Emika shares how she tackles challenges in the music industry, her creative process, and her focus on making a positive impact on others through her music and interactions. With a big release coming up on May 19th, Emika is all geared up to bring her best self and leave a lasting impression on her listeners.

Honk: Let’s kick things off by getting to know each other a bit better. Tell us your name, age, and where you’re from—as much or as little as you’re comfortable sharing.

Emika: My name is Emika Love, and I am 19 years old. I am from Sacramento, California.

Honk: We all need good advice from time to time. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about music?

Emika: The best advice I got from someone about music was to never stop and to keep pushing my music. One song might not be your favorite, but to someone else, it will be. It’s all about preference. The advice I would give someone is to be unapologetically yourself. It is essential to reach your highest potential!

Honk: If you could go back in time, what would you do differently based on what you know now?

Emika: If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change anything. Everything I do, I stand by. I never have regrets, nor do I ever feel guilty. This is me, and every step and era I had and made was to make me have all the knowledge I have now. I am very blessed, honored, and thankful for everything and everyone.

Honk: We all face challenges, but what’s your biggest one yet?

Emika: My biggest challenge is that I love challenges.

Honk: What keeps you motivated and moving forward when things get tough in the music industry?

Emika: The thing that keeps me motivated is that I know where there’s good, there’s bad, and where there is bad, there’s good. Life only gets more complex, but you get stronger. Being able to do what I love is always the solution. So no matter how tough they are, diamonds need pressure. Nothing can take away from my music and motivation because, in the end, I’m doing it for myself and my people. There are going to be challenges, but bring them on.

Honk: If you had the chance to open a show for any artist, who would it be and why?

Emika: If I had the chance to open a show for any artist, it would be Taylor Swift. She brings such a warm, genuine atmosphere to the stage. Very feminine and whimsical energy, and just an all-around powerful, groovy tone. I believe we would bring an undeniable vibration to the stage.

Honk: Take us through your creative process. How do you come up with your excellent work?

Emika: My creative process is definitely all over the place and comes in so many forms. I usually start off with the visual side of things. So I will create a story visual in my head and say, “Now let’s tell the story. The visual part comes with me being a director, so it really sparks my creative process. Once I come up with the story, it’s time to tell it. I like to sit in the sink in my bathroom, look in the mirror, and sing melodies until I come up with the words. There will also be times where I will have a conversation with someone or read or hear about something that sparks it up as well. Once I come up with all of that, then the wardrobe and makeup come in to finish off the story.

Honk: We all struggle with productivity and scheduling at times. How do you tackle these issues and stay on top of things?

Emika: Productivity I don’t struggle with productivity, but there are times when I get scheduled for something, and the dates and times collide. I tackle this based on the cause. What is the job for? Is it for a good cause? Am I making an impact in others lives? It all depends on what is more effective for not just me but for others.

Honk: What are you currently focusing your time and energy on?

Emika: I am currently focusing on how to help others and have a positive impact on them. It is imperative to me that I leave a mark, add to people’s lives, and help them overcome some obstacles. I do that, whether it is to talk to them in person or through my music. I am also focusing on my music. I have a big release coming out on May 19th that has a message that people need to hear. That being the case, it is a project that holds a lot of weight in my heart. So I’m super focused on that and, all around, being the best Emika Amber Love.

Honk: Lastly, how can our readers follow you online?

Emika: To follow me online, you can find my music on all platforms as Emika Love, and my social media accounts are as follows: Instagram: eemikalove; Twitter: eemikalove; TikTok: emikalovee; YouTube: Emika Love; and Facebook: Emika Love.

Emika Love is a force to be reckoned with. Her unapologetic attitude towards being herself, pushing boundaries, and taking on challenges is inspiring. She creates from a place of authenticity, and her creative process is as unique as her music. With a big release on the horizon, Emika is focused on making a positive impact through her music and helping others overcome obstacles. Follow her journey on social media and join her mission to leave a lasting mark on the world.

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Artist Spotlight

DJ Skilz Returns to the DJ Scene as “The Scratch Enforcer”

DJ Skilz

Scratch DJs have been an integral part of the music industry for decades, with their unique style and technique often setting them apart from other types of DJs. Among the most prominent names in the world of scratch DJs is DJ Skilz, whose journey to the top of the industry began in New York in 1989. Since then, Skilz has achieved a level of success that few others in his field can match, with his innovative approach to DJing and his close partnership with American DJ helping to propel him to the forefront of the industry. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Skilz’s career, his rise to fame, and the impact he’s had on the world of scratch DJing.

Skilz’s success didn’t stop there, as he continued to push the boundaries of scratch DJing with his unique style and techniques. He gained a reputation for his ability to seamlessly blend different genres of music, creating a sound that was entirely his own. Skilz also became known for his creative use of turntables and mixers, incorporating scratching, beat juggling, and other techniques into his performances. His skills and innovation earned him the respect of his peers and a legion of fans around the world. In addition to his work with American DJ, he was able to take his DJing to new heights, performing at major events and festivals across the world. Today, DJ Skilz’s achievements and contributions to the world of scratch DJing remain a fixture in the world of scratch DJing, continuing to inspire and influence the next generation of DJs to follow in his footsteps.

Skilz’s return to the DJ scene was met with great excitement from fans and peers alike, eager to see what new tricks and techniques he had up his sleeve. Skilz quickly proved that he hadn’t lost his touch, seamlessly integrating his classic vinyl skills with new digital technologies and software. He also continued to showcase his ability to blend different genres of music, creating unique and memorable sets that kept audiences on their feet. Skilz’s comeback was also a reminder of his enduring influence on the world of scratch DJing, as he continued to inspire a new generation of DJs to pursue their passion and strive for greatness. With Skilz back in the mix, the world of scratch DJing is sure to be in for many more years of innovation and excitement.

From his early days in New York to his rise to the top of the industry, Skilz’s career has been defined by his relentless drive to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible in scratch DJing. His legacy is felt not just in his own work but in the creation of countless DJs around the world who have been inspired by his example. Skilz’s enduring impact on the DJ world is a testament to his talent, creativity, and unwavering dedication to his craft. As the world of scratch DJing continues to evolve, DJ Skilz remains a towering figure, a true pioneer whose influence will be felt for generations to come.

Connect with DJ Skilz on Instagram | Spotify


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