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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Gaël Zaks – Film Actor behind a Film Title: “A STONE IN THE HEART”, soon to Be Released

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Gaël Zaks – Film Actor behind a Film Title: “A STONE IN THE HEART”, soon to Be Released


Gaël Zaks is one of the film Actors, Michael Ingrassia (Creator of the film), David Decraene (playing the lead), Serge Leterrier (Screenplay of the film), Pascal D’Ivernesse (Co-Actor), and Laurent Caille is (General Artistic Director) for the Film – A STONE IN THE HEART” (“UNE PIERRE DANS LE COEUR“).

Gaël Zaks (Actor)

Michael Ingrassia (Film Creator)

     David Decraene (Actor)

     Serge Leterrier (Actor)

Laurent Caille (Artistic Director)

Pascal D’lvernesse (Actor)


The film is finally heading towards its digital release, and we at Honk Magazine had the opportunity to exclusively chat with one of the Actors – Gaël Zaks.

Previously, Honk Magazine had interacted by way of interviews with – Michael Ingrassia, Serge Leterrier, David Decraene, and now Gaël Zaks, about their personal inspirations, chaos in film-making, and creating characters you can empathize with on the “A STONE IN THE HEART”.

The origins of this film are a series of discussions they had with the director and creator of the film Michael Ingrassia which transit from the front of the camera in a number of hugely popular and highly respected Philosophical tales about the chaotic journey of a little guy from Liège, his sufferings, his struggles, a parade of genres, representing the whole of the society of our time.

The new film production which is titled: “A Stone in the Heart” (in English), “Une Pierre Dans le Coeur” (in French) will soon be released. The film “A Stone in the Heart” is targeted at adults and young adult audiences.

Recently, Honk Magazine got the chance to interview Laurent Caille who is one of the film’s creative Artistic Director to discuss his inspirations and motivations behind making the movie.

The film’s poster shown is a collective commitment by all casting crews and are working to veraciously deliver the final release in 2022.



Here are the highlights of our recent interview with Gaël Zaks


1. When did you decide that you want to become an actor?

When I was a teenager. There was a small movie theatre in my small town. And there I would always go watch films, even just by myself. I loved those moments. That’s when I felt that being an actor is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

2. Tell us a little about yourself, the training acquired, and your age.

I’m 36 years old and I went to ‘The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute’ in New York. It was a real revolution to me, being in NY in such a great city, and a great school while I was coming from a small town in France. It was super impressive.  The training was deep and amazing. Today in my heart it is still ‘My school’. I learned so much there and with great teachers.

3. How long have been an actor in this industry?

Professionally it’s been 18 years but I shot a few short films when I was a teen. Oh my God, there’re definitely not masterpieces but I learned.

4. What do you like about acting the most?

 It make you feel like you are in another universe. I always place my character, act and talk like my character, and I commit 200% of myself into every public acting. The experience is thrilling.

5. When did you start acting? What got you started?

 I started acting when I was 18 years old. At that time, I got myself involved in acting a small part in a very bad sitcom (comedy) play. And what got me started was for the love I have for this kind of job. I just love it beyond all other things.

6. Who is your inspiration in this industry?

There are so many them. But to summarize it all, I would say, Mr. Denzel Washington, Mr. Robert De Niro, Mr. Al Pacino, Mrs. Meryl Streep, Mrs. Angela Davis, Sir Anthony Hopkings, Christian Bale, and many others…

7. What attracted you to begin a career as an actor?

 That deep fluid of happiness that crosses your body, mind, and soul when you act. Just acting!

8. Who are your biggest influences?

Mr. Denzel Washington and Mr. Robert De Niro are the main individuals that influenced me most. However, there are many others.

9. What project are you currently working on to produce a movie?

I’m currently very committed to two(2) major film projects:

(a) A movie production with the title – A STONE IN THE HEART – featuring Michael Ingrassia (Creator of the film), David Decraene (playing the lead), Serge Leterrier (Screenplay of the film), Pascal D’Ivernesse (Co-Actor), Laurent Caille is General Artistic Director; and

(b) A movie with the title – “Mrs Rosenbloom”. I’m super excited about these projects.

10. What likely going to be the title? What is the story behind the film/movie?

(a) “A STONE IN THE HEART” is a story about Michael Ingrassia (Creator of the film)

(b) “ Rosenbloom” is the story of a lady who has inspired me all my life. It’s a dramatic comedy.

11. The film is targeted to what type of audience?

 The first title is meant for an adult audience while the second title is meant for everyone.

12. Who is involved in almost every aspect of this movie, be it film writing, or production, or acting, or directing? (Name all that are playing a role in the production).

(a) The movie “A STONE IN THE HEART” involves me and Michael Ingrassia (Creator of the film), David Decraene (playing the lead), Serge Leterrier (Screenplay of the film), Pascal D’Ivernesse (Co-Actor), Laurent Caille is General Artistic Director.

(b) The second film “ Rosenbloom” will be written and directed by myself and will have a co-production team to produce it.

13. Describe your acting style?

 I always like it when it’s deep and allows my character goes dig. Acting styles are personal ingenuity that reveal the fragility or the immense strength and beauty a human being can be at times.

14. What attracts you to your role in this project now?

My role in the first project – “A STONE IN THE HEART” is definitely the deepness of all the characters and the story and hopefully the amazing journey it can bring to the audience.

15. Describe the character roles of other leading actors in this production. What are their names and position in the movie?

Michael Ingrassia (Creator of the film), David Decraene (playing the lead), Serge Leterrier (Screenplay of the film), Pascal D’Ivernesse (Co-Actor), Laurent Caille is General Artistic Director

Also, ‘Piero Di Cuero’ is actively involved. It feels like he’s constantly, during his journey walking and going through such heavy emotions and events that we can all wonder if he’s gonna make it.

Gaël Zaks himself is playing ‘Armand Tale’. “I accompany him in his journey, along with Pascal D’Ivernesse playing ‘Gipsy Ché. We don’t know if we’re real or just Piero’s imagination”.

Gaël Zaks character tries to guide in a more intellectual and conscious journey he has to go through, while ‘Gipsy’ is more represents the influence of the soul. It’s a brilliant script and story.

16. What’s something we should know about you that might surprise our audience?

The film production finishing of “A STONE IN THE HEART” and that of “MRS ROSENBLOOM” will amaze our audience. They will definitely be surprised!!

17. Are there any upcoming projects/roles you can talk about?

As earlier mentioned, the two projects are due for release in 2022.

18. What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in film actors, directors, artistic crews?

 In my opinion, a film crew can be compared to the crew building a magnificent house.

You have all kinds of jobs represented but the most important, what defines them all: They’re all, with their own talent, working in the same direction, with the same passion: to make this house/film as beautiful it can be for them and for the audience!

19. What is your articulated release date of this film production for public view?

 It’s not my field, the production knows more than me on that but I would plan for a release in late 2022.



Michael Odu is the founder of Goshenvilla Limited and official Interviewer of Honk Magazine. He shares stories of inspiring entrepreneurs from all around the world and tips to create a better life & business.

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