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Exclusive Interview With Queens, NY Emerging Rapper Turk Ny

The NY rapper from Queens is known for his songwriter skills and versatile urban hues. Turk Ny released his latest projects, singles “Two Things” and “Only A Millie’.” Both tracks dropped with compelling music videos driving the artist’s creations to the top. We caught the rare opportunity to chat with the talented artist about his past projects and upcoming hits. Check out “Only A Millie’” and “Two Things” for a mix of emotions and feels.

You have recently dropped new tracks, “Only A Millie’” and “Two Things.” Can you tell us the inspiration behind the two?

The inspiration behind “Only A Millie” was the beat! Once I heard it I automatically caught the rhythm of how I was going to do it. It sounded like an anthem and was motivational. The inspiration behind “Two Things” was the start of it all. I feel like this is the song that converted my sound into what it is. I heard the beat and it gave me a lazy feel to it so i wanted to have a mellow tone through the whole song.

What message are you conveying with these two hits?

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With “Only A Millie” I kept the message simple. Everybody wants to be a millionaire, and everybody who isn’t born with it , is trying to get to it. A lot of things are happening from where I’m from and it’s hard to be a young man in these environments and succeed. So I made it motivational for whoever is trying to reach the top despite the hate or envy around them. My message with “Two Things” is the saying “more money more problems” but i added a twist and said “less money got problems too” because it’s factual. Whether you have a lot of money or the brokest dude on the street, everybody goes through their own problems. That’s relatable to anybody.

Can you drop a few names that have inspired you to become the artist you are today?

My biggest inspiration since young is Michael Jackson, that’s what got me into music. My dad also is a big inspiration in music, watching him go to the studio to record and him being lyrical and a bar for bar rapper. My latest inspiration is Bryson Tiller and his “Trap Soul” Album. Once I heard that I started going to the studio.

Has your taste in music and production has shifted in the past few years? Why?

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I feel like I adapted based on how the industry is today. Back when I started I had more of a sound for that year. I still have a similar sound but this is more like Turk 2.0. The reason why is that I’ve gotten better and I’ve been more expressive.

Should we expect any upcoming releases from you soon?

Yes most definitely! Right now I don’t want to spill the beans but I can definitely say this year is going to be my most consistent year ever !

Have you always wanted to be in the music industry?

I didn’t always want to be in the music industry. I feel like my inspiration was there at an early age but I was always scared to record because I didn’t know how it would sound to other people’s ears.

When you are not producing hits, what do you do with your time?

Usually with my family , daughter and my girlfriend , or my immediate friends or “brothers”. I play 2k from time to time too, and I like to shop.


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