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Haley Harkin Takes A Journey Inward In Liberating Self-Love Album ‘To Heal Her’

‘To Heal Her’ is an angelic, acoustic driven folk album vulnerably recounting Harkin’s experience reconnecting with herself through music and healing her deepest wounds. 

Folk singer-songwriter Haley Harkin delivers a stunning showcase of vulnerability in her new album, To Heal Her, out January 6th. This collection of 7 heartfelt records paints a colorful picture capturing the full scope of Harkin’s journey inward; the album gives fans a deeper insight into the artist’s experience getting reacquainted with her true nature while she examines herself through honest eyes. To Heal Her fearlessly dives head first into the highs and lows of self-discovery, and embraces truth with wisdom, beauty, and elegance. Harkin caresses her raw lyricism in the comforting warmth of acoustic, strings led soundscapes throughout the album; from bright acoustic guitar, to decadent orchestral strings, to playful banjo, the simplicity of these arrangements allows the music’s inherent beauty to shine through with an unfiltered brilliance. Listeners can expect to hear influences from artists like Rising Appalachia, Fia, and Ayla Nereo in Harkin’s work.

For Harkin, To Heal Her is the artist’s most vulnerable release to date. It represents a direct translation of her inward journey over the past 3-4 years in which she pursued self-empowerment and liberation. From the ethereal introduction on “All Things Grow,” to the heartfelt poetry on “My Love For You,” to the meticulously crafted, textured soundscape on “Vine Of Light,” Harkin effortlessly creates a vibrant world for her stories to come alive exactly how she intended. ‘To Heal Her’ is an album calling to free spirits and folk lovers with open minds and hearts looking to embrace a brighter future.

More About Haley Harkin:

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Haley was born and raised in Austin, Tx, and is currently residing in Colorado. Surrounded by music most of her life, her roots are in folk, while pushing the edges of creativity. She has described her style as folk medicine music. Others have said her music feels like, ‘bare feet on grass’. Her lyrics express her love for nature, humanity, and her desire to make change. With her sultry sounds and sweet words she will surely touch your heart.


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Sedona Swan Soulfire & Chalice Collective Release the Single, ‘Flame Of Truth’

Flame Of Truth” depicts a journey from the darkness of limitation and suppression into the light of truth and empowerment. (Portland, OR USA)

What do you experience when you hear elements of evocative incantation, ancient rhythms and mythic sonic-scapes, fused with penetrative words of empowered intention? More than a spark of sound, “Flame of Truth”, the authentic new single that is the soundtrack to the Flame of Truth Art Film, offers ignited inspiration and transformative verve. The film Flame of Truth is a multi-media journey of the timeless super heroine’s transformation from the darkness of limitation and suppression into the light of truth, freedom and empowerment. “Flame of Truth” the accompanying single will be released to the public on Friday, May 13th.

“Primarily, I work with the feminine. I believe the world is desperately in need of the medicine of the awakened, embodied, fully expressed feminine. Much of my work is centered around the celebration of feminine strength and power. I hope that my artistic offerings can inspire women and all people in activating a deeper sense of self-love and self-empowerment.” – Sedona Swan Soulfire

Directed, produced and initiated by sacred artist Sedona Swan Soulfire, The Flame Of Truth film is served into the collective with a relevant message of love, courage and strength. Filmed by Mike Lindberg in iconic Portland locations, with the directive and fire production support of Ishani Ishaya and Pearl Sol’Aura, the short eleven minute film features the captivating music and dance work of Chalice Collective artists, a Pacific Northwest based coalition of creatives. Chalice Collective includes all of the above mentioned artists as well as Chakaara Bliss,, Kallum, MirCat, Ayla Rèalta and MoMoagiccc.

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About Sedona Swan Soulfire

Sedona Swan Soulfire is an artist of many forms; she writes, dances, choreographs, directs, and shares spoken word and prayer-formance poetry. She is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the first performing arts academy in the United States. After graduating from The Academy, her desire to deepen in the movement arts inspired two decades of study, travel, research and immersion. Her discovery of Yoga, Bellydance and Classical Indian Dance were all monumental. Each of these forms inspired her deeply, with their rich cultural essence, supreme beauty, empowered embodied expression and encoded spiritual wisdom. She has studied with incredible teachers and lineage carriers throughout the many years, including Rehka Tandon, Aida Nour, Colleena Shakti, Suhaila Salimpour, Ra Lalita Dasi, Prajwal Vajracharya, Swami Ramananda and Swami Satchidananda. She is Miss Bellydance USA 2008 and has won other various esteemed dance titles, including Bellydancer Troupe of Universe and Bellydance Nationals Group Category Winner. She has appeared on various instructional and performance DVDs and teaches at global online dance school Datura Online. She recently made her way into the literary publishing world with my newly released Cosmic Dancer Oracle.

“I marry all of my knowledge, experience and vision with a humble but wholehearted intention to raise the vibration on this planet, I strive to create work that embodies the mythic and invites in a remembrance of our innate connection to each other, the planet and the magic of life” – Sedona Swan Soulfire

For more information on Sedona Swan Soulfire, please visit her website.

About Chalice Collective The Chalice Collective offers forth an evocative weaving of heart-centric invocational lyrics, enchanted electronic world beats, mystical embodiment and ritual intent. They share their alchemical artistic offerings towards the activation of unity consciousness and the elevation of vibration on the planet. Their powerfully unique blend of song, dance, incantation and entrancing beats are divinely designed to open the heart, mesmerize the mind, delight the senses and inspire the realization of our innate universal interconnection.

They are a Portland based group founded by Sedona Swan Soulfire, the groups primary creative director, songwriter and lead vocalist. Sedona Swan brings a lifetime of performing arts, sacred dance and mystical studies to the group’s alchemical brew. She has spent the last two decades traveling the globe, studying various lineages of esoteric embodiment and has taught and performed her own artistic synthesis of spoken word, dance and invocation internationally for nearly as long.

Sedona’s expansive word-smithing is amplified by Ayla Réalta and Chakaara Bliss’s tight compelling harmonies and persuasively powerful vocal work. As the collective’s two songstresses they open portals of rapture with their melodic mystique. DJ Kallum coheres the group’s sonic dynamic by weaving traditional acoustic sound, heavy bass and cross-cultural instrumentation into resonant rhythms and beats.


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The Chalice Collectives live performances serve up a captivating and ceremonious experience of multi-modality magic.

They offer their theatrical ritual art transmissions both live and more recently through the crystal-coded technological spheres of video and media.

In addition to the four artists mentioned above, the Chalice Collective also includes embodiment artists, aerialists and fire dancers Ishani Ishaya, MirCat and Pearl Sol’Aura.


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Ananda Xenia Shakti & Love Power The Band New Single – ‘Cosmic Quiver’

From Punk Singer to Singing with the Angels: Ananda Xenia Shakti’s Mission is Love

Ananda Xenia Shakti & Love Power The Band’s new transformational single “Cosmic Quiver” will be released Friday, May 13. “Cosmic Quiver” is a song that draws upon the deep and mysterious energies of the universe celebrating the Wisdom Eye of Creation. Through music, Ananda aims to help us all open our own divine vision. Listeners will delight in the song’s exuberant energy and the artist’s uplifting performance.

Ananda’s journey began in the punk music scene where she became the lead singer in an all girl band that put her on the road with bands like the Clash and Blondie. But that road came to end as Ananda Xenia Shakti chose another path that opened it’s doors through the teachings of yoga. Since then, Ananda has never looked back and her previous 5-song EP, “Love Is Where You Are” was met with open arms by a world ready for love and change.

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Today Ananda takes her high-spirited energy and love and directed it towards creating transformational music. As Ananda Xenia Shakti & Love Power The Band, the collaboration are creating what they call “Music for Body and Soul, Vibrational Healing and Celebrating the Festival of Life.” Love Power the Band perform a rare musical experience called “Interactive Music.” The audience becomes part of the band. The audience is given their own vocal part of the song that one of the background vocalists helps them with. It a magical experience of breaking the division between performer and audience, and ignite the soul to experience we are “One.”

About Ananda Xenia Shakti

As a founding member of the B-Girls, Ananda (known then as Xenia Holliday) played guitar and sang in one of the original girl-punk groups of the late ’70s. As their popularity grew, the band relocated from Toronto to NYC, where they played the hotspots and toured numerous times with The Clash. Signed to Bomp! Records, the band sang back-up on Blondie’s smash album “AutoAmerican” as well as Stiv Bators’ solo album.

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Ananda’s spiritual awakening came while living in NYC. She made a huge life decision and left the B-Girls to pursue yoga and the spiritual principals of life, with a firm inner commitment to merge modern music and ancient life teachings.

She is the Creative Director and founder of Choose Love Karmic Readings, in which she acts as a conduit of Higher Realms wisdom for clients and through which she receives healing ‘Poetry’ similar to the style of Rumi that she transforms into song. She is also international Yoga Trainer, founding Sananda yoga training courses since 2004.


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Sananda Yoga, offers classical esoteric yoga, and specializes in “The Feminine Art of Yoga” — A “Deep Empowerment for Women” in all of their natural expressions: Strength, Grace, Spiritual Awakening, Vibrancy, Compassion, Love , One-Pointed Focus, Revelry, Tender Heartedness, Intelligence, Divine Moods, and Being the Crucible for your Evolution, Freedom of Expression In Body Mind And Heart, Beauty, Womb Wisdom.

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For more information, please visit




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