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Interview With British Vocalist Chloe

Chloe’s collaboration with Australian songwriter-producer Seekay displays a full body of work, the EP titled Reflections, exploring introspectiveness through music, an art the pair masters to perfection. We had the privilege to chat with the wonderful vocalist Chloe about her new EP, but also about her collaboration with Seekay and their upcoming plans together.

Hi Chloe, we loved your performance on Seekay’s EP Reflections. What does this project mean to you?

So glad you like it! This project means a lot. I feel like it represents and expresses what I want to say and sound like as an artist really well. For a while I was trying to find my voice as an artist and this project finally feels like me and is a culmination of all my influences.

Have you been able to work normally during the pandemic? How did 2020 affect your career?

Not really normally and mostly from my bedroom but I still managed to keep working on music! In some ways I was more focused than ever on creating music without any distractions but not being able to meet with musicians in person or play live was pretty depressing. Without the internet I don’t know what I would have done though. There were a lot of zoom sessions and lots of collaborating online. Seekay and I didn’t actually meet in person the whole time during making this Ep but we managed to make it work!

Which song do you prefer from the EP and why?

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My favourite song off the EP is probably ‘Rose’. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I like the simplicity of it and feel it conveys the meaning of the song and the subtlety of a failing relationship well. 

How did you and Seekay meet, and how did you decide to collaborate?

Seekay got in touch with me online last year and asked if I’d like to collaborate. As soon as I heard his music I knew I wanted to be a part of this project. We began with just a couple of songs, and realized pretty quickly that it was working.

Do you plan to continue this fruitful collaboration? Can fans expect new releases soon?

Yes! We’re working on some new songs at the moment that we’re excited about. We’re trying something a bit different that we’re hoping to release soon. 

The album has been mainly described as electronica-pop, do you agree with that term? How would you describe it?

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I think overall electronica pop does probably best describe this album. We aimed to convey emotions, sensations, through electronic soundscapes. I would say it’s quite emotional electronica music and there are definitely some of our other influences in there like indie RnB and hip hop both production wise and in the songwriting. Sometimes I feel descriptions can be a bit limiting. We definitely are planning to explore our other influences and incorporate those into our latest tracks. 

Out of all the projects, albums and singles you’ve already dropped, what is different or special on Reflections?

I think the emotions in Reflections is special compared to other tracks I’ve dropped. Although the tracks are electronic we try to take the listener on an emotional journey. The meaning of the tracks and themes that are touched on are special and important I think too. They’re quite difficult topics such as abusive relationships and the complexity of feelings felt. I think music can be really powerful in its ability to connect with people and hope these tracks can resonate with people in some way.

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