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Introducing Dalby Biehl’s New Song “Prom!”

Dalby Biehl

In a recent interview, singer-songwriter Dalby Biehl discussed the inspiration and creative process behind her latest single, “Prom!”. Biehl revealed that the song was initially a joke between her and her producer, Dylan Rouda, but they ended up liking what they were writing together. The song is a departure from Biehl’s usual mature lyrics, as it was intended to be more suited to her age and centered around high school. Biehl shared insights on the song’s narrative, production techniques, and musical influences. She also hinted at upcoming projects with Rouda and a possible music video for “Prom!”.

Fans can expect to hear more from Biehl in the coming months, with several songs already in the works.

Can you tell us the inspiration behind the title “Prom!” and what it means to you personally?

Dalby Biehl: The funny thing about this song is it started out as an absolute joke between me and my producer, Dylan Rouda. Dylan and I started messing around with the idea of writing a song about prom, and then we started liking what we were writing together, so the exclamation point in the title is the remnants of our joke. My management team and many industry experts advised me to write songs that were more suited to my age and relative to high school because I typically write more mature lyrics.

What was the initial spark or idea led you to create this song?

Dalby Biehl: Since we came into the session knowing that my team and many people hearing what I’ve been working on wanted a song that was a high school theme, we knew the concept with the best narrative would be a prom. We were throwing around some ideas that, thankfully, saw the light of day when I found this pre-chorus melody in the song. We both unironically loved it and started building the music around the chorus.

How does “Prom!” differ from your previous work, both in terms of sound and subject matter?

Dalby Biehl: We wanted to branch out into a space that I am less comfortable with, which is writing songs that could potentially happen to me. I never like when people ask, “Who is this song about” because that’s unimportant to me. This song was a step forward for me because we took a direction in which we got a high school-centered piece but in a way where it can be perceived as a fictional story, which is what it is. We wanted to write an upbeat pop/punk anthem, and we got that with the hard-driving guitars and drum fills, which is way different than anything I’ve released before. In terms of sound, Dylan gets what I look for in the music of a song so clearly that it just clicked.

Can you describe the creative process behind “Prom!”? Did you start with lyrics or melody first, and how did the song evolve from there?

Dalby Biehl: The songwriting process is one of my job’s most exciting and enjoyable parts. It is so intriguing because it never happens the exact same way. With prom! We started with a concept, which led to Dylan building some drums and beats around a metronome click. We messed around with some guitar chords and then began to figure out the melody and lyrics at the same time. The pre-chorus, as I mentioned, came first and I thought of the melody and lyrics at about the same time. After that, we wrote the chorus lyrics and melody and then the verses.

What instruments and production techniques did you use to create the unique sound of “Prom!”?

Dalby Biehl: Dylan killed it on the production of this song, and it has one of my favorite instrumentals I’ve ever worked on. You can hear that the main instruments used in this song were tons of electric guitars and different drum fills and beats. Once we built the track and had a relative idea of the melody and lyrics, we started recording a rough vocal. We met up again a few months later, and I recorded a final version with tons of harmonies and chants because the chant following the bridge became a considerable part of the song, and we loved it.

Are there any specific musical influences or artists that inspired you during the creation of this song?

Dalby Biehl: When I entered the studio, my reference songs were ‘Flavor of the Month” by Hailey Haus and ‘Victoria’s Secret’ by Jax, two fantastic female pop song anthems at the moment. I also thought.



Swizz Beatz Thinks DMX Sent Scar Lip To Him

The producer thinks the late rapper had something to do with him taking the NY based rapper under his wing.

Swizz Beatz Thinks DMX Sent Scar Lip To Him

Swizz Beatz is having some interesting encounters with the spirit of DMX recently. During an interview with The Breakfast Club last month, Swizz recounted a powerful dream he had. In it, he felt the presence of his late friend and iconic rapper. Prior to sharing this extraordinary experience, Swizz expressed that it didn’t feel like DMX was truly gone, but rather just temporarily absent. He described feeling a sense that the rapper was somewhere relaxed and at ease. However, when significant anniversaries related to the DMX approach, Swizz is struck with a profound realization of his friend’s physical absence.

Swizz went on to describe his dream about the late rapper. “But the thing that make me feel easy about it is he came to me,” he continued. “I seen him in my dream. He came to me. And this was, like, super quick too. And he let me know he was good. I’m the person that be like, ‘He ain’t come to see you, what you talkin’ about?’ I seen him. I felt him.” However, that isn’t the only thing that DMX is doing for Swizz Beatz. In fact, he says he feels like the late icon sent up-and-coming rapper Scar Lip to him.

Swizz Thinks Scar Lip Has The Same Great Heart As DMX

According to Swizz Beatz, he believes that DMX played a spiritual role in connecting him with Scar Lip. The rapper is an emerging star out of New York. Recently, Swizz has taken on the role of mentor for the young artist. During an interview with Audacy’s Hip-Hop Made, the renowned “Ruff Ryders Anthem” producer shared that the connection to Scar Lip was initiated by the spirit of DMX. Apparently, DMX’s fiancée Desiree Lindstrom urged him to collaborate with the new, talented artist from the Bronx.

“I honestly feel like DMX sent Scar Lip my way because she’s too much of his energy,” Swizz said. “Like I’ve never seen an artist that just naturally have what I know DMX have. And they two different artists, two different levels, yes. But I’m not talking about that. You know, like, that sister’s been through a lot, like Dog been through a lot. That sister, you know, is when you sit with her, she’s amazing and have a great heart the same way X had a great heart.” What do you think about Swizz’s words on Scar Lip and DMX sending her to him? Let us know in the comments!

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Artist Spotlight

Emika Love: Rising Music Artist Spreading Positivity

Emika Love

Meet Emika Love, a 19-year-old rising music artist from Sacramento, California. Emika’s unique sound and style are heavily influenced by her love for visuals and storytelling. In this interview, Emika shares how she tackles challenges in the music industry, her creative process, and her focus on making a positive impact on others through her music and interactions. With a big release coming up on May 19th, Emika is all geared up to bring her best self and leave a lasting impression on her listeners.

Honk: Let’s kick things off by getting to know each other a bit better. Tell us your name, age, and where you’re from—as much or as little as you’re comfortable sharing.

Emika: My name is Emika Love, and I am 19 years old. I am from Sacramento, California.

Honk: We all need good advice from time to time. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about music?

Emika: The best advice I got from someone about music was to never stop and to keep pushing my music. One song might not be your favorite, but to someone else, it will be. It’s all about preference. The advice I would give someone is to be unapologetically yourself. It is essential to reach your highest potential!

Honk: If you could go back in time, what would you do differently based on what you know now?

Emika: If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change anything. Everything I do, I stand by. I never have regrets, nor do I ever feel guilty. This is me, and every step and era I had and made was to make me have all the knowledge I have now. I am very blessed, honored, and thankful for everything and everyone.

Honk: We all face challenges, but what’s your biggest one yet?

Emika: My biggest challenge is that I love challenges.

Honk: What keeps you motivated and moving forward when things get tough in the music industry?

Emika: The thing that keeps me motivated is that I know where there’s good, there’s bad, and where there is bad, there’s good. Life only gets more complex, but you get stronger. Being able to do what I love is always the solution. So no matter how tough they are, diamonds need pressure. Nothing can take away from my music and motivation because, in the end, I’m doing it for myself and my people. There are going to be challenges, but bring them on.

Honk: If you had the chance to open a show for any artist, who would it be and why?

Emika: If I had the chance to open a show for any artist, it would be Taylor Swift. She brings such a warm, genuine atmosphere to the stage. Very feminine and whimsical energy, and just an all-around powerful, groovy tone. I believe we would bring an undeniable vibration to the stage.

Honk: Take us through your creative process. How do you come up with your excellent work?

Emika: My creative process is definitely all over the place and comes in so many forms. I usually start off with the visual side of things. So I will create a story visual in my head and say, “Now let’s tell the story. The visual part comes with me being a director, so it really sparks my creative process. Once I come up with the story, it’s time to tell it. I like to sit in the sink in my bathroom, look in the mirror, and sing melodies until I come up with the words. There will also be times where I will have a conversation with someone or read or hear about something that sparks it up as well. Once I come up with all of that, then the wardrobe and makeup come in to finish off the story.

Honk: We all struggle with productivity and scheduling at times. How do you tackle these issues and stay on top of things?

Emika: Productivity I don’t struggle with productivity, but there are times when I get scheduled for something, and the dates and times collide. I tackle this based on the cause. What is the job for? Is it for a good cause? Am I making an impact in others lives? It all depends on what is more effective for not just me but for others.

Honk: What are you currently focusing your time and energy on?

Emika: I am currently focusing on how to help others and have a positive impact on them. It is imperative to me that I leave a mark, add to people’s lives, and help them overcome some obstacles. I do that, whether it is to talk to them in person or through my music. I am also focusing on my music. I have a big release coming out on May 19th that has a message that people need to hear. That being the case, it is a project that holds a lot of weight in my heart. So I’m super focused on that and, all around, being the best Emika Amber Love.

Honk: Lastly, how can our readers follow you online?

Emika: To follow me online, you can find my music on all platforms as Emika Love, and my social media accounts are as follows: Instagram: eemikalove; Twitter: eemikalove; TikTok: emikalovee; YouTube: Emika Love; and Facebook: Emika Love.

Emika Love is a force to be reckoned with. Her unapologetic attitude towards being herself, pushing boundaries, and taking on challenges is inspiring. She creates from a place of authenticity, and her creative process is as unique as her music. With a big release on the horizon, Emika is focused on making a positive impact through her music and helping others overcome obstacles. Follow her journey on social media and join her mission to leave a lasting mark on the world.

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