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Top Best Songs Making Wave In The Music Industry

Every day up-and-coming artists release their songs on all digital streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple music. But, listeners are finding it difficult to keep up with their releases. Today, we’re going to introduce the top best songs making wave in the music industry in 2022. The Songs listed below are songs from talented singers, songwriters, and musicians all over the world we can’t stop streaming their songs.

These tracks gave us a kick in the pants when we needed it most. They were the soundtrack to our 2022, and we have a feeling we’ll keep turning to them in better times yet to come. These are the Top best songs Making waves in the year 2022.

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Leo Rispal – “Team”

Chaos Reach – “Anarchy”

20 Year Short Break – “Heavy on my soul”

Aviva La Viv – “Vigilant Love”

W28 – “Sun and Moon”

Sonic Tides – “Insomnia”

Martian Fumes – “Pabuelo”

jinnss – “millionmilesaway”


Shawno – “Blame On Me”

Edy Forey – “Come With Me”

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SmokeyLonely – “Melted Glaciers”

SmokeyLonely’s “Melted Glaciers” is a genius-level display of music that gives the listener more that gets them through. It’s beyond just good audio but a true work of art that makes you feel closer to the person behind the music, with so much emotion put into it that its impossible not to marvel at the amazing approach that’s in full bloom, for us all to feel in a major way.

Rylai – “Testimony”

If you’re looking for an experience of music that captures the magic of how exciting it can be to hear new music, this is the perfect song for you. You get to hear an artist be bold in their approach to make a commanding record that gets better for every second, bringing major appeal and incredible artistry to the forefront to make you want to keep enjoying the art of the sound for time to come.

Woody Hood – “If I stay high”

Organic Mood – “Fields”

WTVRR – Cigarettes & Tattoos

Cigarettes & Tattoos is a smooth, ambient song with some hard truths inside. Cigarettes & Tattoos have live instrumentation with deep background vocals to add that extra feeling to the hook.

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TribeChiefTony – “Crossed The Line”

TribeChiefTony’s “Crossed The Line” is an amazing record that genre bends in supreme fashion to bring all the vibes you could want and more. It packs major appeal in the sound with a digestibility to it that anyone could hear and enjoy, while still bringing master class musically to make it connect in every away for fans everywhere.

Gurudine – “Best part”

That music where an artist bares it all for the world to take in, as they give authenticity to make the rhymes line up, with the person they buy into. No other genre has that type of responsibility, and Gurudine handles that pressure well on his new song “Best Part”.

They hate Lil d – “Mr lonely”

They hate Lil d’s “Mr lonely” is amazing Hip Hop that shows his promise as not only a top emcee but an artist that you can make an emotional connection with to last through the times. The music has a golden style Hip Hop approach that flourishes, with a freshness to it that purists and casuals can enjoy alike on this, must-hear tune.

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Kaÿcie – “Sweet Side Of The Storm”

Kaÿcie’s “Sweet Side Of The Storm” is a song you hear and know will be heard all over the world. It’s a hot brilliant sound that is digestible for the masses to hear, with a catchiness to it all that makes it fun to take in. If you’re looking for a piece of new star-run music to be invested in Kaÿcie has got you covered in a real way.

Goldwoman – “Neapolitan”

Isaac Joy – Lights On

Nola Reign – Life

Old Foes – Population Slave

Itz Jaleel – Bossin’ Up

Lui Cambio – Me Desespero (Feat. $kinny$lim)

Blake Morgan – Baby I Would Want You

Belau – Dreamstate


Feelinfluence – Right Now

Chinese Man Records – Fahron – Amar

Roisin O – Stolen

Super Saiyan Jay – Let Them Be

LYLVC – Perfect Drug


dirty dan – EP – Lil Jaso

Artist Spotlight

Voice Of Addiction Releases New Music “SHINIGAMI”

Voice Of Addiction

Meet Voice Of Addiction, a Chicago-based punk-rockers who are making major moves. V.O.A is no stranger to the music industry, Storytelling, motivation, and inspiration, are what you can find in V.O.A music. The band has 8 official releases & independently sold over 10,000 physical copies (as well as being involved in countless compilations, and digital sales).

What makes V.O.A unique is its talent and approach to music. Their soulful voices and ability to create both introspective and relatable lyrics have endeared them to many fans and made them one of the fastest-rising Rock / Punk artists. V.O.A’s passion for their art shines through their mastery of the soulful acoustic sound that mesmerizes their audience in every performance.

For the latest music and other information related to Voice Of Addiction, follow them on music and social media.




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Artist Spotlight

Chris Lewington – “Radio Radio”

Chris Lewington

U.K.’s talented singer-songwriter, Chris Lewington has released his new catchy single called “Radio Radio”. Which is an acoustic folk song written to inspire happiness and hope.

“Radio Radio” has that sort of nagging catchline you just can’t get out of your head, coded and dense lyrically, and builds to an apocalyptic cataclysm. Chris Lewington’s lyrics are at home in a garden of guitars, simple drum kit, and voices. It is a timeless song with a timeless message and leaves you feeling refreshed and alive much like the flowers after the rain clouds lift.

For the latest music, tour dates, and other information related to Leonardo Prakash, follow him on music and social media.

Connect with Chris Lewington:


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