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Jett Jenkins Releases Limited Edition Holiday Vinyl

This exciting 7” limited edition vinyl features Jenkins’ Debut Single, “City In Anger” alongside an entrancing rendition of “Silent Night”

Jett+Sweater+.jpgIndie alt-pop singer-songwriter Jett Jenkins brings her debut single, “City In Anger,” and holiday classic, “Silent Night,” to vinyl on December 1st. This release is inspired by Jett’s love for the holidays with “Silent Night” being one of her long-time favorites. This song has always been special to her, “It’s such a deep reflection of a spiritual longing for peace,” she says. Jenkins seamlessly blends her unique style with a classic in this arrangement. She did not just cover the Christmas carol, rather she transformed it into a Jett Jenkins song; the depth of her style shines brilliantly on this track. She worked with guitarist and mixing engineer Reed McBroom to compose this calming guitar driven acoustic version. With Jenkins’ charismatic pop-punk-kissed debut, “City In Anger,”  on side A, and her hypnotic arrangement of “Silent Night” on side B, this limited edition vinyl came just in time for bedroom pop lovers this holiday season.

Fans can purchase “City In Anger” and “Silent Night” now.

Jett Jenkins is a Texas based indie pop artist who layers dreamy, colorful production behind heavy lyricism. With stylings residing somewhere between Billie Eillish and Blondie, this poignant singer-songwriter leaned into her passions after having an inspirational experience at a Clairo concert. Years of playing the guitar and performing in musical theater prepared this emerging artist to dive into her music career; her debut E.P. is described as relatable, emotional, and delivering “lyrics beyond her years.” Alongside her debut in music, Jenkins is preparing to make the transition into young adulthood as she anticipates the move from home to college. This promising powerhouse makes a show-stopping introduction in her first single, “City In Anger,” in which she captivates listeners with passionate vocals, invigorating instrumentation, and lyrics steeped in melancholy. Jett Jenkins, with her spellbinding charisma, is on track to find a home on the playlist of indie-pop lovers for years to come.


Artist Spotlight

Kelsie Kimberlin stirs sizzling fiesta vibes with “Parking Lot”

Kelsie Kimberlin

Famous international artist Kelsie Kimberlin ignites the dance floor with her mesmerizing new release, “Parking Lot,” a sizzling fusion of pop and Latin rhythms that captures the vibrant culture city’s heartbeat. Filmed against the vibrant backdrop of Cartagena, Colombia, the song pulses with infectious energy, drawing listeners into its irresistible groove.

Collaborating with legendary Colombian producer Pedro Vengoechea, who lends his talents alongside mesmerizing Colombian dancers, to create a sensory delight from start to finish with her velvety vocals. Vengoechea’s Latin rap interlude adds authenticity to the extra layer of spice of “Parking Lot.


At its core, “Parking Lot” celebrates movement and allure, with lyrics that vividly depict a confident, vivacious dancer who captivates everyone in her orbit. She exudes joy and empowerment with each beat, inviting listeners to join her in revelry. The song’s driving force is its pulsating rhythm, anchored by the mesmerizing strumming of a Spanish guitar. This emotive vibe seamlessly complements Kimberlin’s soulful delivery, creating an intoxicating yet exhilarating sound.


As the night unfolds within the confines of the “Parking Lot,” Kimberlin’s voice rises above the fray as a beacon of light amidst the darkness. With every verse she delivers, she entices us to immerse ourselves in the music and surrender to the primal impulse to dance. In “Parking Lot,” Kelsie Kimberlin once again showcases her musical prowess, establishing herself as a formidable figure in the pop music industry. With its irresistible beat and undeniable charm, this song will set the night ablaze wherever it’s played.



For more information about Kelsie Kimberlin, please visit [website]. 
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Benzino and Jacksonville Rapper Natalac Announce Drop Date for “Trending Topic”

Hey music lovers!

We’ve got some exciting news that you’ve all been waiting for! The highly anticipated new single, “Trending Topic”, will be dropping on all your favorite streaming platforms on April 12, 2024. So, mark your calendars because you wouldn’t want to miss the debut of this promising track!


Straight from Jacksonville, Florida, Natalac, our beloved rapper and the CEO of Natalac Records and Natalac Express, is all set to release this brand new single. The exciting part? This upcoming single will be featuring none other than the entrepreneur, TV personality, and rapper, Benzino!

Remember when Benzino made waves in the hip hop and rap world with his release “Rap Elvis”, an Eminem diss? Our very own Natalac, draped in white mink, was a part of the single’s official video, filmed in Detroit. And it’s not the first time Natalac and Benzino have joined forces. They previously collaborated on projects like “Run Tell That” from the ‘Love & Pimp-Hop’ album by Natalac, which was released back in 2021.


This time, they’re back with “Trending Topic”, their latest collaboration. The official video for this single, filmed in Detroit, will also see Bo$$ Money in the mix. Fans can expect to find “Trending Topic” in the upcoming Natalac album, ‘Return of Goldie’.

Natalac’s illustrious career in music spans over two decades. Remember his voter’s rights single “Fire in Florida”? It was so impactful that it caught the attention of the NAACP “Get Your Vote On” tour for the 2000 Presidential election. Since then, he’s been consistently releasing albums and working on numerous projects. One of his memorable works includes the 2012 ‘Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 183’ with Wyclef Jean, Young Jeezy, Mary J. Blige, Ludacris and several more that followed. Currently, Natalac is signed with his own label Natalac Records.


Natalac’s charisma, talent, and raw perspective have earned him billions of views online. He’s also known for his character A Pimp Named Slickback, featured on Adult Swim’s ‘The Boondocks’.

So, on April 12, 2024, all fans and followers of Natalac and Benzino, get ready to tune in to “Trending Topic” as it makes its digital debut. Want to learn more about Natalac? Visit or Google Natalac at


ABOUT NATALAC: Natalac is a rapper based in Jacksonville, Florida. He’s the CEO of Natalac Express and Natalac Records. Find out more about him on,,, and

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