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Kid Cudi Reveals How Lil Wayne Helped With Eminem Collab

Lil Wayne’s Young Money Radio has surprisingly been a fruitful venture for the New Orleans legend. Over the past few months, he’s brought A-list celebrities and artists to the table as he switches over into the position of an interviewer. Last night, he brought Kid Cudi onto the show following the release of “The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady” ft. Eminem.

There are few rappers that Lil Wayne hasn’t influenced to some degree. Kid Cudi kicked off his appearance on Young Money Radio with high praise for Weezy before they jumped into the conversation ranging from Cudi’s first #1 single and his upcoming series on HBO We Are Who We Are to the possibilities of what the afterlife is. 

Even though Kid Cudi and Lil Wayne are hip-hop’s oddballs in their own right, we’ve yet to get a track from them but it looks like that could be changing soon. By the end of their interview, Wayne urged Kid Cudi to send him a song for a collaboration. “I’m in the stu everyday so shoot me something,” Wayne asked. Kid Cudi said that he’d shoot something over immediately. “Just know, Eminem effect when I send it back.”

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Interestingly enough, Lil Wayne revealed how he played a role in getting Kid Cudi the Eminem collaboration earlier in the conversation. Wayne had Em on the show in May and asked him about Kid Cudi’s tweet calling on the Rap God for a feature.  “When I spoke to Em on the show in May, I asked him about the tweet,” Wayne said. “He hadn’t seen it yet, though. And I see y’all got a joint eight weeks later. How did that come about?”

“It’s crazy because your interview kinda set it off, right? That was like the shit was in motion after that,” he said. “You know, I had the record and I just was like, let’s send it to him. You know, the worst thing that happens is he doesn’t fuck with it.”



Massive Festival Garden Of Eden Announces Huge Ticket Giveaway With Astounding Star Artist

Garden of Eden is coming to California in the high deserts of Adelanto at the Adelanto Stadium & event center on September 30th.

But it doesn’t end there,an oasis of music and merriment is set to rise from the star artists of the Garden Of Eden Festival, subgenres, dance and EDM with vip experiences for every enthusiast.

Spanning four expansive stages, the festival showcases the likes of renowned artists including the thrilling ETC! ETC!, the pulsating Teddy Killerz, dynamic Murdock, and, of course, crowd-pleasers such as Blaqout, High Zombie, Mista J, and the ever-electrifying Adil C. Accompanied by notorieties such as Sage Sam, Sawyer Sharbino, and Alexander James Rodriguez.

Evoking visions of mythical gardens, serpentine mysteries, and tempting apples, the festival beckons attendees into an enchanting world of sound and sensation.

Garden of Eden Festival multiple stages confirmed –
Mainstage – The Tree of Life Stage
Stage 2 – The Forbidden Fruit Stage
Stage 3 – The Genesis Stage
Stage 4 – The Inferno Stage

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Beyond the beats, a curated selection of vendors awaits, offering everything from delectable bites to festival-centric memorabilia.


  • When: September 30, 2023
  • Where: Adelanto Plaza & Event Center, 12000 Stadium Way, Adelanto, CA 92301
  • Hours: 4PM – 4AM
  • Age Admission: 18 or above

Feeling lucky? Win some free tickets here –

Buy tickets to your escape to the desert reverie here:

Please note, the event is strictly 18+. The Garden Of Eden Festival invites attendees to escape the mundane and enter a world of unbridled excitement and euphoria.

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Yin Lin’s Resounding Keys to Success”

Nestled amidst the electric heartbeat of Shanghai, Yin Lin’s tryst with the ivory keys of a piano commenced when she was a mere toddler of three. Born and nurtured in the rich cultural milieu of this dynamic city, she embraced her passion with open arms, setting the stage for a musical journey that many can only dream of.

By the age of 15, she had already graced the prestigious corridors of Shanghai Normal University School of Music. Under the nurturing wings of renowned figures like Shuxing Zheng, Lan’er Hu, and Zhebang Xie, Yin Lin didn’t just evolve; she soared, etching her name into the annals of music history. Her prodigious talents didn’t go unnoticed; she clinched distinguished honors such as the Pearl River Piano Cup National Pentathlon Competition and the much-coveted MAP-IMC award in 2021.

Yin’s thirst for knowledge was insatiable. Adding more feathers to her cap, she pursued multiple degrees, with her academic journey reaching an apex when she secured the Artist Certificate from Azusa Pacific University School of Music. As we speak, a scholarship awaits her at La Sierra University, all under the esteemed Dr. Elvin Rodriguez’s tutelage. And come this fall, another chapter awaits as she embarks on a DMA degree program at the renowned University of Southern Mississippi.

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The timeline between 1999 and 2022 isn’t just years on a calendar for Yin; it’s a collage of her multifaceted engagements. Be it mesmerizing audiences with soulful solo recitals or rubbing shoulders in masterclasses with industry giants such as Dr. Allan Smith and the Grammy Award-winning Opera Singer, Victoria Livengood, Yin has done it all. A shining feather in her cap was her collaboration with the celebrated cellist, Yi-Bin Chu, in 2022.

Beyond performing, Yin Lin has left indelible marks in administrative roles, helming positions as the Artistic Director at the MARKER AND PIONEER International Culture Exchange Center. She also showcased her versatile talents as a piano accompanist and a music worship leader at revered institutions like Claremont Chorale INC and the Mountain View Mennonite Church.

Yin Lin’s musical odyssey, spanning from institutions like the Shanghai YAMAHA Music School to the Los Angeles Chinese Musicians Ensemble Chorus, echoes her relentless passion and dedication. Her story isn’t just about mastering the keys of a piano but resonates with a deep love for the symphony of life.

Follow her inspiring journey on Instagram @yinlinthepianist and on Facebook @Apple Lin.

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