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OF LIMBO Conjures A Modern Hard Rock Classic With “California Demon” 

If and when your friends tell you that hard rock is dead, steer them in the direction of this band. OF LIMBO will prove them wrong. Fast.

Led by brothers Jake and Luke Davies, OF LIMBO’s new single “California Demon” satisfies every conceivable requirement for a modern hard rock classic. It’s a slab of molten riffage married with well-orchestrated lighter sections whose union never comes off as forced. I’m a fan of how they balance the dynamics of this song to maximum effect because it shows confidence beyond their years. I came away from this performance convinced that, as much as they show us, I believe they are capable of even more.

The vocals show the same elasticity and confidence. They discharge moments of low-key drama and screaming heights of passion with equal skill. It’s a song that realizes the full potential of its subject matter. Resist the temptation to roll your eyes hearing another hard rock song about making a deal with the devil. Instead, take a listen. OF LIMBO may be treading the path of a timeless story, but they do it with flair and decisiveness that reclaims the subject as their own.

The production flexes impressive muscle. Luke Davies’ guitar attack sounds well-nigh unstoppable and even the transitions between beat your over-the-head riffing and nuanced passages are scorching. All of this is possible thanks to a rock-solid rhythm section that plays hard enough to rattle your sternum. They know how to build a convincing hard rock track from the ground up and the results are masterful.

It doesn’t mess around either. If you are expecting or dreading some lengthy tune showing off pseudo-virtuosity, sweep your concerns aside. OF LIMBO can play, there’s no question of that, but their first instinct is to serve the song and it serves them well. “California Demon” is all killer, no filler, and wrapping these often thunderous proceedings up in less than four minutes suits the song well.

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The video is a perfect fit for the track. It’s obvious that the band and their collaborators put a great deal of thought into the video, rather than making some slapdash performance clip. It highlights the band’s physical interaction with the music as well as offering complementary scenes that further illuminate the song. They’ve enlisted the right actors to help convey the song’s story but thankfully never belabor it with pretentious attempts to shoehorn a narrative around the music. They let the song, for the most part, speak for itself.

It’s arguably OF LIMBO’s best single yet. The band’s steady ascent from indie act to marquee-level mainstream hard rock band is happening without compromise or diluting their music. OF LIMBO is arriving on their own terms. “California Demon” provides ample evidence for that and practically crackles with the promise of even greater triumphs to come. This is a band that attacks each new song as if it’s their first and they have something to prove. Give this song a chance and they’ll prove to you that they are one of the best hard rock bands working today.


Christian Gardenhire

Album Review

Casual Confrontation drops a new album “Marriage Culture”

Casual Confrontation

Casual Confrontation has finally unveiled their highly anticipated album, “Marriage Culture,” which is nothing short of a masterpiece. This 17-track album is a captivating blend of introspective lyricism and eclectic musical arrangements that challenge conventional notions of love, connection, and self-discovery.

The headline act, “Marriage Culture,” is an album that explores the intricacies of marriage as an institution, shining a spotlight on its beauty, rebellion, and heart-wrenching moments. Each track delves deep into the rollercoaster of attachment, ensuring listeners are taken on an unforgettable musical ride spanning 53 minutes.

Casual Confrontation’s poetic craftsmanship shines through in every song, particularly in tracks like “Now That I’m In Love,” which paints a vivid picture of the joys of deep connection. Meanwhile, the rebellious spirit takes center stage in “Marry Me,” a revolutionary anthem that captures the essence of youthful defiance. “Now Kindly Undo These Straps” dives into the darker aspects of attachment, tugging at heartstrings with its raw emotion.

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“Marriage Culture” is not just an album about marriage. It is a journey of self-discovery and a testament to the beauty and necessity of self-love. It ultimately serves as a poignant reminder that the most profound love we can experience is the love we give ourselves.

This unique blend of musical genres and thought-provoking lyrics promises to be a genre-defying album that challenges conventions and resonates with listeners from all walks of life. Casual Confrontation has truly outdone itself with “Marriage Culture,” an album that will surely be remembered for years.


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Album Review

Ultra Naté releases dancefloor magic with ‘ULTRA Deluxe’

Ultra Naté

Ultra Naté proudly presents “ULTRA Deluxe.” This monumental Deluxe re-issue of her 10th album is a testament to Ultra’s enduring legacy in electronic, dance, and pop music.

“ULTRA Deluxe” is a dazzling collection of 18 tracks that showcases Ultra Naté’s unparalleled talent and her ability to seamlessly bridge genres. This Deluxe edition boasts remarkable collaborations with music luminaries including Osunlade, Quentin Harris, Henrik Schwarz, Slowz, Mood II Swing’s Lem Springsteen, and Grammy-winning sensations Blue Lab Beats & Tracy Young. The album also features the recent #1 nu disco hit, “DANGEROUS (So Dare Me),” a sensational collaboration with Les Bisous, and the 2022 crossover anthem “YOU’RE FREE,” featuring electronic duo Icona Pop.

But that’s not all. “ULTRA Deluxe” comes packed with two previously unreleased gems, specially crafted for this edition. Ultra Naté’s ability to continuously reinvent herself while staying true to her musical roots is on full display in these new additions.

The journey through “ULTRA Deluxe” is a thrilling ride, kicking off with the infectious groove of “HAPPY FEELING” and leading you through a sonic adventure that spans over 1 hour and 14 minutes, culminating with the liberating anthem “FREE.”

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Ultra Naté’s music has always been more than just beats and lyrics; it’s a celebration of life, love, and the dancefloor. “ULTRA Deluxe” is not just an album; it’s a sonic memoir of an artist who has shaped the course of dance music history.

Prepare to immerse yourself in Ultra Naté’s world of infectious rhythms, soulful vocals, and timeless melodies. “ULTRA Deluxe” is a must-listen for anyone who has ever found solace, joy, or liberation on the dancefloor.

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