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Tory Floyd Learns To Love Life “As It Is” With New Pop Single

“As It Is” is a colorful, sultry escape into romanticizing life at every stage. 

LA-based pop artist Tory Floyd is releasing her bright, R&B-inspired single, “As It Is,” on February 4. Working alongside her brother Preston (aka Press Tone) of Press Tone Productions, the song came to life almost instantly. The track, interestingly enough, started out with the goal of Julia Michaels cutting it for NBC’s Songland. Luckily for Floyd, the song eventually fell back into her lap, which allowed them to transform it into her signature style of soulful, R&B infused pop. The music video for “As It Is” will release on February 11 and will feature Floyd discovering the magic in life through cosmic adventures.

“As It Is” will be available on all major streaming platforms on February 4

Although “As It Is” went on a quite unique journey to become what it is today, the message behind it always remained the same. “I’m someone who has struggled with the internal battle of anxiety and comparison,” says Floyd. “It doesn’t accept the state of paralysis we put ourselves in, waiting for an idyllic world and the chance to wish on the right star.” The single takes a lighthearted approach to this issue, allowing listeners to feel safe in accepting their habits of comparison and begin working towards positive change. “As It Is” welcomes the desire to live and the love life you’re given. “We’ll still have moments of weakness, we’re human, but we’re able to re-center ourselves much faster on this one,” says Floyd. “It refuses to accept the paralysis we bring upon ourselves waiting on an idyllic world if we could just wish on the right star.”

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Originally from the midwest, Tory Floyd grew up between two worlds: putting on “at-home concerts” to her parent’s heavy rotation of artists like The Jackson 5 and a deep relationship to the world of sports. Floyd’s athletic ability gave her a path to college, but songwriting and performing always took the lead. Music’s role in the family didn’t stop at playing records as kids, but both she and her brothers have managed to turn that influence into their own careers. Going back to the early sessions of 2018’s “Bloom”, she’s constantly been in the studio with her number one collaborator and producer; her brother Press Tone of Press Tone Productions. Her soulful pop style pulls influence from melody master Ariana Grande & lyrical storyteller Julia Michaels.

 Expanding her impact on the industry, Floyd has caught the attention of those in the TV & Film world as well. Already having multiple nationally and internationally aired music placements, her artistry speaks for itself. Notable examples are The CW’s Black Lightning & the critically acclaimed Black-ish spinoff, Grown-ish. The edgy pop/R&B blend “A(WY)” comes in next with gritty Ariana & SZA vibes. Decoded, this title means “Alone (With You)”. It’s especially fluent in the female perspective; knowing when it’s time to take back control and when it’s time to bounce. Summer ’21 rolled in hot with the light, flirty anthem “Keep You Mine”; for those that want to soak in a new love before unleashing it on to the world. Be on the look out for her string of releases slated for rollout this year. Introspective, yet rhythmic, they are the perfect summation of what makes the human experience both complex and colorful.

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Music Stars Come Together From Rock To Pop, They’re All United In One Cause – To Save The Planet

“The warnings about global warming have been extremely clear for a long time. We are facing a global climate crisis. It is deepening. We are entering a period of consequences.”— Al Gore

“Born Free” album was released on Minds Behind the Music label only a few weeks before the world came face-to-face with yet another wave of extreme weather when England and Northern Europe fell victim to scorching temperatures. Recent events aside, it hasn’t been a good year for Planet Earth. While monsoon rains have unleashed disastrous flooding in Bangladesh, East Africa was hit with a drought that’s brought millions on the brink of famine. The climate is changing and the most alarming part is that scientists say the worst is yet to come.

The previous fundraising album by Minds Behind the Music included such stars as Simon Kirke of Bad Company, Mungo Jerry and Ric Sanders of Fairport Convention. Thanks to these legendary artists, the release saw mainstream distribution. Now Brad Walsh, Lorenzo Cabanizza, Jay Elle, Tom Tikka, The Remnants, Doctor Zee and many others have come together to raise awareness about the plight our planet is in. Since almost nothing speaks to humans more than music, the label and the artists are hoping that the world will listen … before it’s too late.

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So make a difference, download the record and settle down with a nice environmentally friendly cup of musical tea. “Born Free” is an album of unique and special songs recorded especially for Minds Behind the Music. Enjoy the tunes, savor the message: Planet Earth needs your help.

The revenue from each purchased album will go toward Born Free Foundation’s sustainability project that helps communities around the world to achieve more environmentally friendly future.

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Artist Spotlight

Kate Stewart’s New single “The Game” is a royal flush

Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart presents a new single called “The Game,” which displays the realm of not getting played by anyone. This track “The Game” reflects on an opportunity to show power and get back to yourself when you’ve fallen astray. Lyrically saying how it feels to know exactly what you want when you want it. It’s all about playing your own game, one where you have control of the outcome and finding a more self-assured version of yourself, all the while having your own full house.

“The game is the game” is just something that I and all my friends have always said. Whenever I try to explain it to people they never understand, you just have to hear it in context to get it! However I thought it would make a really cool title for a song, and in this instance ‘The Game’ symbolizes not letting anything or anyone get in the way of you or what you’re trying to do. You just have to look forward and enjoy the ride, looking back will only hinder all the progress you’ve made. Don’t let anyone dull your shine, the games the game!” – KATE STEWART

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Kate Stewart shines in her daring approach that pays off majorly for this special talent, as she has the charisma of stars on this trendy anthem just on time for the season. It’s a record that is infectious and will have you listening repeatedly with her intriguing display of music being in full bloom for us all to eat up. The single “The Game” is accompanied by black and white music visual directed by Jack Bowden (Nike, HP, Primark, Boohoo, and Trivago) and is the latest visual entry to Kate’s upcoming EP, “You Had To Be There” releasing Fall of 2022. The video flips through Kate against a stark black background and an illuminated background as she poses in powerful stances, with strong visual storytelling. Her outfits range from an oversized blazer to a form-fitting bodysuit.

Her EP ‘You Had To Be There is a storybook of seasons of love, self-love, and empowerment, collaborated and put together by Kate and a circle of music titans. Writers and producers include the legendary, Swagg R’Celious, Humble The Great, David Stewart, Callum Conner, Ryan Ashley & Jeff Gitty.

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Listen to “The Game” by Kate Stewart

What do you think about this song? Drop a comment below…

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