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With her new single “In These Eyes,” featuring Rynellton, TaniA Kyllikki has reemerged with her trademark blend of musical styles

The most current musical composition by TaniA Kyllikki, entitled “In These Eyes,” has been released, featuring a collaboration with Rynellton. The present piece adeptly demonstrates Kyllikki’s unique artistic methodology, marked by the adept fusion of several musical genres.

TaniA Kyllikki, a renowned British singer-songwriter, has garnered considerable recognition from many media sources for her exceptional compositional abilities and her vocal range as a Light-Lyric Coloratura Soprano, spanning across a five-octave range. Presently, she is actively involved in the cultivation of her strong presence within the music field.

A variety of titles have been attributed to her by both enthusiasts and music experts, including designations such as “The British songbird,” “Lyrical genius,” and “The people’s artist.” The aforementioned designations recognise her outstanding vocal range and distinctive storytelling technique, resulting in analogies being drawn to prominent players in the music field.

The recent increase in the level of public interest surrounding the latest single, “In These Eyes” (2023), signifies a notable advancement in artistic expression by the British Songbird. This single serves as the inaugural release from her forthcoming album, “Free-Spirited,” scheduled for release in 2024. Notably, the album is in the middle of production and will be a joint effort, written and composed by the esteemed songstress with blue hair and her musician/producer husband, Rynellton, legal name (Garry D. Hairston). TaniA Kyllikki, who previously captivated audiences with her emotionally resonant track, “What If,” released earlier this year; moreover, the artist’s noteworthy piece, “H.W.C.” (2022), serves as a significant manifestation of her advancement in her career endeavours.

TaniA has made a reappearance with her latest musical release, titled “In These Eyes,” showcasing her distinctive style of blending many genres. This song has the capability to propel her to even greater heights in the global music industry. The quality of the performance and production is of an exceptional standard, and in the visual representations accompanying “In These Eyes,” TaniA has a striking resemblance to a resplendent deity.

This narrative recounts the story of an individual who becomes captivated by the distinctive attributes of a woman of foreign origin, characterised by her striking emerald-blue eyes and assertive demeanour. Intrigued by her allure, the guy embarks on a pursuit, ultimately resulting in their union. In its initial stages, the song presents a captivating electronic rhythm.

As one anticipates the percussion elements to enhance the overall sonic quality, TaniA’s enchanting vocals entice the listener with their alluring charm. As a whole, the vocal performance exhibits a notable breadth, accentuated by the enigmatic Persian influences that pervade her exceptional lead and supporting vocal harmonies. Her compelling vocal performance effortlessly integrates with the musical beat, resulting in a memorable impression that evokes the remarkable impact that has come to define her distinctive musical style.

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TaniA’s remarkable versatility and note switching abilities will blow your mind. Her vocal abilities continue to amaze us, and her performances never fail to impress. The rap verse performed by Rynellton, also known as Garry D. Hairston, enhances the musical composition by introducing an elevated sense of enigma. The international success of “In These Eyes” stems from its incorporation of various musical genres, including house, R&B, Arabic pop, hip-hop, and a pervasive rock rhythm.

Demonstrating a consistent trajectory of progress, TaniA Kyllikki has made significant contributions that have firmly established her as a renowned and influential figure within the independent music sphere, notably among female singer-songwriters. The artist’s surge in popularity can be attributed to her exceptional ability to amalgamate multiple musical genres, showcasing her courage and artistic prowess. TaniA possesses exceptional artistic qualities that set her apart from her contemporaries. The British singer-songwriter consistently creates notable musical compositions that elicit powerful emotional responses from listeners through the skillful utilisation of pertinent storytelling approaches.

Stay watchful for the highly anticipated sophomore album titled “Free-Spirited” by TaniA Kyllikki, coming in 2024. Given the success of her prior releases, it is expected that this album will achieve broad appeal.


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LYIA META’s Dazzling Jazz Album Release “Always You”


Prepare to be enchanted by the unparalleled talents of multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, and visual artist Lyia Meta as she unveils her latest masterpiece, “Always You.” With an exceptionally rare contralto vocal range that defies convention and a unique musical style that effortlessly melds jazz, soul, pop, and blues influences, Lyia Meta has once again proven her status as a global sensation among the music industry’s elite.

Lyia Meta, the Malaysian sensation, released her latest album, “Always You,” on June 16, 2023, and is set to captivate the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing her musical endeavor that transcends boundaries. This exquisite 8-track musical album combines jazz, soul, and pop, showcasing Lyia’s unparalleled vocal prowess and lyrical depth that takes listeners on an unmatched emotive depth, infusing each song with a lyrical masterpiece.

The 1st track, titledAlways You, exudes nostalgia, a sultry and dreamy ode to love reminiscent of the timeless allure of the Rat Pack era of jazz and blues. Lyia’s contralto vocal range takes center stage, weaving a captivating narrative of love’s enduring appeal.

As the album unfolds, listeners are treated to diverse emotions and melodies. In Never Enough Time, the 2nd track, Lyia’s vocals tug at the heartstrings of a soulful Jazz ballad lasting 4:55 minutes, while the 3rd track, It’s Up To You (04:15 minutes), intricately explores the complexities of love with a jazz sensibility.

For You, the fourth track, is a 04:15 minute heartfelt Jazz melody that explores the yearning and struggle to rekindle a lost relationship with poignant lyrics like, “Do you wish on the stars to have me back? I want to know.”Save Me, the fifth track, delves into the craving for intimacy and attention, set to a melodic Jazz-pop song with a runtime of 3:30 minutes.

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As We Throw Caution To The Wind (03:38 minutes), the sixth track, sets the perfect atmosphere for a romantic entanglement, and To Know What It’s Like (04:40 minutes) 7th track takes listeners on a deeper dive into the mysteries of love a soulful journey of self-discovery. The 8th and last track of the album closes with My Dream Lover, which weaves a nostalgic tale of falling in love within the realm of dreams, leaving a lasting impression with a runtime of 04:43 minutes.

Lyia Meta’s “Always You” is a testament to her unwavering commitment to authenticity and musical innovation. Her exceptional vocal performances, intertwined with a seamless fusion of jazz, soul, and more, redefine the boundaries of music and mark her as a rising star in the industry.

Lyia Meta has carved her niche with this album’s release following earning accolades like ‘Best Album’ and ‘Best Female Vocalist’ at the 2022 Global Music Awards. With an inspiring voice that effortlessly traverses the worlds of blues and classical music, she is admired alongside renowned artists like Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse, proving her worldwide popularity and musical prowess.

Lyia Meta’s “Always You” offers audiences worldwide a captivating and soulful musical journey that can now be streamed on various platforms. This unforgettable indie experience is a must-have for any Jazz aficionado’s playlist. Watch out for future album releases, which will become timeless classics.


For more information about Lyia Meta, please visit [website]. 

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Singer/Songwriter Robert LaRoche Releases New Music

I’m no stranger to Robert LaRoche’s songwriting. Longtime songwriter, solo artist, and frontman for The Sighs, LaRoche enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a songwriter’s songwriter who commands respect from his peers and has a devoted following stretching back years. I approached his new solo release Forevermore with excitement. My faith in his abilities proved well-placed as LaRoche serves up ten songs rich with the accumulated experiences of a lifetime and brimming with the same unique talents that have secured his place in the modern indie music scene. For those familiar with him, Forevermore is a reaffirmation of his gifts while, for newcomers, it gives them an excellent place to start their discovery of his work.

 Acoustic guitar is integral to this album and “Steal Your Heart” announces that from the first. This isn’t a folky singer-songwriter effort, however, as LaRoche’s decades-long experience fronting bands serves him well here and elsewhere. It’s a full-throated ensemble performance replete with satisfying changes and a lyric that veers between aching affection and borderline heartbreak. Zonder Kennedy’s guitar solo puts a fiery exclamation point on “Burn That Kingdom Down”, the album’s second song, but LaRoche’s lyrics are equally impressive. He writes and sings as if this were one of those songs that took a week or so to write and two decades to live. The sense of stakes is audible from beginning to end.


“Forevermore” is a strong title song. LaRoche aims for more of a mood piece with this cut and the diverse instrumentation he utilizes for the collection surfaces here in a pronounced way. He frames the unattainable object of LaRoche’s desire at the heart of this song in tasteful poetic lyrics that he’s well suited for conveying with his voice. Vocal harmonies play an important role in fleshing out many of Forevermore’s songs and sweeten the obvious vulnerability underlying a song such as “Safter Inside”. It adopts the same semi-brisk pace as many of the release’s other songs but never feels rushed.

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He serves up a nuanced song about lost love with “Temporary Virtue” and mature listeners will appreciate his unique take on the subject. There’s heartache and regret galore throughout this lyric. LaRoche and the sensitive arrangement conspire well to communicate those emotions. It lays his heart bare in a more direct fashion, at least musically than some of the preceding songs while being no less effective. The rueful “Traitorous Heart” gains a lot of traction from the contrasting laid back character of its arrangement and LaRoche’s scornful lyrics. He lays out betrayal and undermining behavior in a matter of fact manner. There are hints of the underlying resentment, however, provided by the song’s electric guitar passages.

This is a thoroughly successful release from beginning to end. Robert LaRoche deserves fulsome praise for his ability to write about a subject as old as song itself, love, in such an individualistic fashion. He isn’t remaking the songwriting wheel with Forevermore, but he pours old wine into new bottles with a skillfulness that deserves our applause and attention. 

Jamie Morse

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