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Aleksandra Kowacka: Special Mode Issue July/August

Aleksandra Kowacka is a super model from POLAND. She started modeling as an adventure five years ago. Later then took Aleksandra Kowacka decided to follow her dream as a model she have been featured on many magazine than we can count. For us, Featuring the super model is a great opportunity. Today, Aleksandra is among the best model to be on the front page of the USA magazine.

The sun is shining stronger, as Aleksandra dreams of becoming a model is coming to a reality. She treat her professional career like a ring because she get a lot of blows, which either encourage the fight or just become the end of the round in which you lose.

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In life, you fight for something different, instead of ending, you fight for the beginning, instead of giving a blow, you try to understand it. In her life she usually fight for it to be good, calm, joyful and experience the best of each day.

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Her horizons are growing with each session, with each newly met person with whom She have the pleasure to work.  Traveling has become her  job, so it’s a nice and useful. This land of mine is quite muddy, it is easy to stumble and fall.  She went through many such barriers and walls, but  decided to break them apart with her mind. From the beginning, going in this professional direction, she knew what she wanted to achieve.

She said:

“I gave myself time, a lot of time to accomplish this. For over three years I gave away and undressed my emotions, fighting my weaknesses. Now I know that it was my strength that led me to the place where I am”.

I am an ordinary girl who turns dreams into goals. I want to be in it and stick to it. Live and enjoy every day. Further more, “The most important for me is family, friends, loved ones, my love.  I will not exchange it for anything else”.

HONK Magazine issue July/August

Green Grey jacket : LAURA SKOWRON –
Jewellery : APART and BELT : ZARA
Model : Aleksandra Kowacka
The stylist : ELVIRA ABRAMCZUK –

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