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Catching Up With Italian Composer, Producer And Arranger Vittorio Iue`

Italian composer, producer and arranger Vittorio Iuè has been working within the music industry since 1986. Pushing for the advancement of music everywhere ever since, he’s been a big name in the Italian live concert scene from the late 80s up to the early 90s, mixing various genres masterfully. Now, he’s in Los Angeles, starting a brand new venture with the Funky Party Festival, but who exactly is Vittorio Iuè? With a career spanning 35 years, collaborations with a plethora of incredible artists and even performing in front of the Pope, Vittorio has accomplished more than most. Despite that, he comes from humble beginnings, hunting for work all over Italy as a budding music composer and producer. Eventually he’d find his big break making music for Italian channel Rai, and this would propel him forward to fully discover his passion for music. Originally specializing in scoring soundtracks for TV shows and films, Vittorio’s love for music would push him to learn more and expand on his style. He’d take in influences from various different sources, slowly building up a solid library of sounds and styles that he’d make great use of in his various different projects. His love for music would extend to art from other artists, leading to Vittorio establishing his very own music label in FunkySworfi. Using his vast network of connections, he’s been able to establish relations with many different underground Italian and American artist, propping them up and acting as an example for them. Vittorio is also well known and highly regarded for his willingness to pick up on new tricks. As an artist, he’s always had a fascination with the latest versions of music production software and DAWs, taking great interest in utilizing them to their fullest potential. He incorporates a lot of this into his own work, resulting in some phenomenal ambient pieces.
Vittorio is looking to push the Funky Party Festival, an outdoor music event where he performs live music set to take place during the Summer in Los Angeles, California. It’s all set to be a huge live event featuring vocal samples of famed artists such as Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, and Aretha Franklin, all trigged during his live music performance. On top of that, Vittorio also has several other projects in the works, though the artist remained tight-lipped on his future endeavors. Iuè is currently scoring Damon Jamal’s latest film. He’s also a resident as a producer and composer at Arcane Global Media in Hollywood. However, for a performer and artist of his pedigree, we’re sure it won’t be long before he’s back announcing his next big project. About music releases, Iuè is working with Andronic Music in Los Angeles with his franchise “Relaxing in the City,” an ambient music project for meditation and relaxation. He has already released four tracks, reaching half a million streams on Spotify and other digital stores. Also, he is collaborating with composer Dom Capuano to score several projects, including “CBS Sports NFL and PGA Golf 2022”, “MADNESS 2022”, and Hulu series – “Catfish: The TV Show 2022”. In addition, Iuè joined Capuano on the soundtrack of “A Wall Away,” previously titled “MyCorona,” a film directed by Phil Gorn for Amazon Prime. So, turn up the volume and stay tuned; some wonderful music is coming your way!


ROCSTRONG has released a pop-rock single, “MOON”


From the moment you hit play, the mellifluous vocals of the emerging Congolese-Dubliner phenomenon André Bangala, widely recognized as ROCSTRONG, in conjunction with the enchanting harmonies of Tolü Makay, produce a musical fabric that transports the listener to a realm where ethereal melodies converge with the dynamic rhythms of his most recent single “MOON.”

At its core, “MOON” celebrates the pursuit of self-discovery after a brief hiatus during the Covid era. Its charismatic charm skillfully weaves a tale of uncomplicated living juxtaposed with profound introspection that resonates with authenticity. The song’s lyrics focus on the essential aspects of health, wealth, and freedom, serving as a timely reminder to embrace life’s simple pleasures beyond our comfort zones, even amidst the possibilities of challenging times. The song’s infectious rhythm carries listeners along effortlessly, creating an uplifting atmosphere.

Drawing inspiration from prominent musical figures such as Childish Gambino, Andre 3000, and Frank Ocean, ROCSTRONG incorporates his distinctive style in producing “MOON.” The outcome is a masterpiece that surpasses the limits of genres and efficiently reintroduces audiences to his introspective artistry.

Over the past year, ROCSTRONG has encountered unprecedented challenges, yet he has emerged as an artist with enhanced resilience and a more robust fortitude. His music’s soaring chorus and pulsating beat inspire us to embrace the unknown with open arms as we passionately pursue our dreams. He promises even more sonic adventures with each new release, weaving captivating storytelling that further cement his place in the music industry. As an artist who refuses to be deterred by obstacles, ROCSTRONG is well-positioned to conquer the music world again.

The forthcoming album ‘Road Trip FM‘ by ROCSTRONG, a highly anticipated release, is set to impact the industry significantly. ROCSTRONG’s extensive discography, which includes “MOON,” distinguishes him as a true trailblazer in the field.

MOON” by ROCSTRONG should be considered a must-listen for those craving a memorable pop-rock experience. So keep your ears open and allow “MOON” to serve as a fitting soundtrack to the stars, an anthem of motivation, inspiration, and limitless creativity. With ROCSTRONG’s mastery at the forefront, the sky’s the limit. Prepare to be swept away by the enchantment of ROCSTRONG’s music.


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ANDY SMYTHE unleashed a symphonic anthem with “Out of My Mind”


At the pulsating heart of ANDY SMYTHE’s latest single, “Out of My Mind,” lies an evocative narrative that transcends conventional music. The song portrays a symphonic rock splendor that explores the timeless quest for love and meaning amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Against the dynamic backdrop of London’s music scene, Smythe delves into the introspective journey of an individual in their late twenties navigating the maze of gigs, social gatherings, and nightclubs in search of a compatible ‘soul partner.’ The song’s lyrics provide insight into the complexities of relationships, suggesting that sometimes, love lurks in the most unexpected corners of our consciousness, awaiting discovery.

One of the most striking features of the song is its accompanying video, which showcases the use of AI actors, adding a thought-provoking aspect to the production. Smythe collaborated with visual artist Gary Brady to bring the lyrical narrative to life, creating a visually captivating experience that complements the song’s evocative themes.

Out of My Mind” follows Smythe’s artistic evolution since his critically acclaimed psychedelic anthem, Prodigal Son.’ This time, Smythe ventures into new sonic territories, incorporating a dynamic brass sound featuring trumpeter Hank Zorn, polished to perfection by producer Dave Palmer.

His distinctive vocal style, reminiscent of the legendary musicians Lennon, McCartney, Jeff Buckley, and Rufus Wainwright, exudes a bright radiance throughout the composition “Out of My Mind.” With an impressive four-octave range, Smythe effortlessly navigates the intricate melodies of the song, leaving audiences spellbound and yearning for more.

As anticipation builds for Smythe’s upcoming album, ‘Poetry in Exile,’ slated for release soonest, “Out of My Mind” becomes a tantalizing taste of what promises to be a modern-day ‘Sergeant Pepper’ for a new generation of music lovers.

Out of My Mind” presents a sublime artistic expression that submerges listeners in the creative depths of the human experience, testifying to Smythe’s unparalleled talent and infinite potential to enhance a symphony of sound from inception to completion. This phenomenon is a must-listen in today’s music landscape, and we highly recommend keeping your ears open for more.

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