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LA-based Singer-Songwriter Elin Wolf Releases a Breathtaking Single “My Fathers Daughter”

LA-based singer-songwriter Elin Wolf announces the release of her new breathtaking single “My Fathers Daughter”. Musically it’s different, not a classic form in any sense. Still with that raspy heartbreaking voice and shredding guitar that has been the signum in the collaboration between Elin Wolf and Dennis D’Angelo/Lucas Tadini.


Elin Wolf – Swedish singer, songwriter, and lover of the wild, brings her experiences from traveling worldwide and her love for nature into her musical realm. Being born in a small Swedish Island in a family with a distinguished musical background, with Hammond organ player father and famous music producer Max Martin being her second cousin, Elin has music in her blood.

Racking up 76.000 listens on Spotify for the track “Nighttrain to Yosemite,” Elin has already enjoyed success. She also worked with and garnered praise from industry heavyweights Robin Mortensen Lynch (Pink, Justin Timberlake) and Vanessa Liftig (Wu tan Klan, etc.).

My fathers daughter is about taking one step at a time, trying to live a little bit better every day. To struggle with anxiety and personal demons, the steep highs and lows of a mental rollercoaster.

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“…a voice similar to Lady Gaga meets Enya, and her musical accompaniment fills up the air, perfectly supporting that voice.”
– L.A.Music Critic

Elin played at The Mint, Viper Room, and Rainbow bar in LA. She performed at the prestigious music festival “Way out West” in Gothenburg, toured Eastern Europe, performed at Swedish National Radio 4, and Volvo Car events in Beijing. Elin also helped organize the first female music producer festival in Europe, “EQ loves music,” and was the president of “Musikklubben- House of the world, jazz and soul” (the music club), an influential live music club in Gothenburg, Sweden.

With the release of the soulful and out-of-world experience of “My fathers daughter,” Elin will not only claim her rightfully deserved place in the music world but also conquer new hearts and stages.

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