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FTF Double A: Popular Rapper On The Rise

FTF Double A is a rising artist from Memphis, Tn who is lyrical and has a unique melodic style/flow. The music that he creates is relatable to many audiences. He is quickly generating a buzz around his brand/music, especially in the Southern states.

His sound and message is way different from any other artist in Memphis, the whole city is saying he is up next. This is his 4th year, he started back in 2016 when he finished his college basketball career.

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His single that is out right now is “Better Me”, and he has an EP out on all platforms named “Family To Feed” and the FTF in his name is for Family To Feed because he has a family of his own now and he’s  a new father. That’s his main motivation.

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5 Tips To Achieve Greener Packaging

5 Tips To Achieve Greener Packaging

Consumer shopping is increasingly moving online, and at the same time, there’s an escalating conversation about why it is important to fight climate change. Fortunately, innovations in packaging can provide decent alternatives to plastics and other materials that have a high environmental impact for businesses that want to reduce their eco-footprint.

Here are 5 Tips To Achieve Greener Packaging in 2022

  1. Evaluate Your Packaging Practices

The first thing you should do is assess just how much packaging you truly need to ship products securely. Excessive packaging is not only an annoyance for the consumer but also sends the wrong message about sustainability.

From there, you need to determine just how environmentally friendly the materials that you are using for packaging actually are. To be regarded as sustainable, packaging needs to meet certain criteria, which include, but isn’t limited to:

–    Physically designed to optimize both energy and materials

–    Being cleanly sourced and manufactured

–    Being safe, beneficial, and healthy to both people and communities throughout its lifecycle

–    Optimized to use recycled and renewable materials

If you discover that your current packaging practices are not up to par, you should take steps to correct the course. You can find high quality sleeve packaging that is environmentally friendly.

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  1. Use Materials That Give Plastics a Second Life

Plastic is one of the biggest contributors to pollution, both in landfills and in our oceans. With over 380 million tons of plastic produced each year, saying that there’s a lot of plastic in the world would be an understatement.

With this much plastic in circulation, there’s an opportunity to give plastic a new lease of life. Products such as recycled mailers provide an affordable and eco-conscious option for retailers to ship and customers to recycle or reuse items wherever soft plastics are accepted.


  1. Leverage Corn Plastics as an Alternative Material for Packaging

Companies that want to lower their environmental footprint in e-commerce need to have a wide selection of alternative packaging options to suit the shipping needs of their products in an environmentally-friendly way.

Corn plastics, which are a specific type of bioplastics, provide numerous benefits. Notable advantages include being made from a renewable source, being cost-effective, emitting fewer greenhouse gasses, and are also biodegradable.

While the material has its drawbacks, this alternative packaging option is considered less damaging to the environment compared to traditional plastics.

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Compostable mailers are one such option, which is ideal for soft items like clothing or even items that aren’t fragile. Compostable mailers function in a similar way to recycled plastic mailers, but their disposal differs. While recycled plastic mailers can be recycled again, packaging made from corn plastic can be composted.


Use Compostable and Recyclable Paper Packaging

While soft plastic bags are used for shipping many items, there will always be a need for cardboard.

You can recycle cardboard numerous times, after which it is compostable, and many recycled paper products can be transformed into Kraft paper mailers or even environmentally-friendly packaging tape once their lifecycle ends.

Paper products that have been recycled severally and are compostable should also meet some criteria to be truly environmentally friendly. Criteria such as ensuring that the paper is acid-free and not treated using harmful chemicals such as sulfur and lignin will ensure that the paper is safely compostable.


  1. Don’t Forget About Packaging Fillers


Styrofoam inserts and peanuts are a wasteful nuisance that consumers have to dispose of. While these options are definitely not eco-friendly, they have plenty of alternatives.

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Starch-based packing peanuts are one such example. They might look and function the same as those made of Styrofoam, the key difference is that they are nontoxic and made out of crop-based sources. Starch peanuts dissolve in water without leaving any waste.

Mushroom packaging is another viable packaging filler alternative. A mushroom’s root system, which is known as mycelium, is grown, harvested, and baked into a mold that forms protective cushioning inside the boxes.

Mushroom packaging is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable alternative packaging options that can be used as a replacement for Styrofoam, bubble wrap, and other plastic fillers.


  1. Make Sure That Your Packaging is Labeled Clearly and Sourced Sustainably 

When you send out environmentally-friendly packages, it is important not to forget to state clearly how to best dispose of or reuse the packaging materials.

Consumers are usually unsure how they should recycle packaging materials since incorrect disposal leads to unnecessary use of landfills or the rejection of recycling due to contamination.

Whether the packaging material used is compostable, recyclable, or reusable, clear labeling can help the customer do the right thing after receiving their shipment.

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Vydia Launches Vetted Partner Directory to Fill the Gap for Independent Labels

Vydia, the leading end-to-end music technology platform, provides new program identifying reputable third party industry providers.

In an effort to solve an ongoing industry gap for independent label owners, Vydia has created the Vydia+ Partner Directory– a centralized database of reputable and vetted third-party vendors, available to all industry professionals via the Vydia website. Launched on February 9, 2022, Vydia+ spans every need in the industry highlighting service providers in digital marketing, publicity, booking/touring, recording equipment, merchandising, video/audio production, music management software, and so much more.

Constantly researching the market to find gaps and solve problems within the industry, Vydia’s team found that 80% of label owners found it difficult to find reputable third party service providers that would allow them to scale their business and artists, quoting “trust” as the biggest factor. With many people working remotely with vendors, stories of dishonesty and scams were rampant throughout the industry – making it increasingly difficult for independent labels and managers to find partners that would foster growth. Head of Label Services, Liz Eason, adds, “We often get asked for recommendations on who to hire, and because we have worked with so many different vendors, realized we had an opportunity to provide a reliable resource that would not only be helpful to our clients, but any industry professional.”

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Vydia+ aims to make it easier for labels to partner with the best vendors in the market by cultivating a new level of accountability for any vendor listed in the Vydia+ Partner Directory. Only after undergoing an extensive vendor vetting process, a company is deemed ‘Vydia Certified’ and provided with a badge — signifying the company has been thoroughly researched and is found to be a transparent, reputable, and trustworthy partner in the industry. With increasing accessibility to craft teams remotely and work with people all over the world, Vydia is making sure that labels have every resource available to them to champion the artists on their roster. “The most important aspect of hiring a team is reputation and trust. That’s why it was essential for us to leverage our influence and experience in the market to help the larger community,” says Roy Lamanna, CEO of Vydia.

Vendors like Dash Two, Total Assault, and Laylo who have already been vetted and approved for the directory are also excited about the opportunities this will provide for their businesses. Alec Ellin, CEO of fan engagement platform Laylo, says, “My music industry friends are always asking for the best tools out there. The Vydia+ Directory is exactly where I’ll be pointing them to going forward. It’s a great way for labels to find reliable companies and helps companies like mine to get in front of the partners we want to work with.”

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Empowering 1100+ labels and artists in over 150 countries, Vydia is the leading end-to-end music management infrastructure that empowers labels, managers, and artists to monetize the entire digital music ecosystem. Constantly innovating, Vydia’s expertise in both tech and music is paving the way for the future of the music industry and Vydia+ is the next step forward in their mission to help labels empower their artists to maintain creative control and ownership over their work.

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