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Jen Ash’s “Trouble” is Worthy of All Accolades

The latest single from Jen Ash has been circulating for a little over a month now and is demonstrating traction in the RnB field as critics, fans, and newcomers are flocking to this track which is a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse. My first impressions of this release are that the vocals really match the song. With an abundance of clever instrumentation, the vocals maintain a perfect symmetry to the melodic form staying comfortably in the frequency range the track is allotted to. Although this is a classic RnB style track, fused with the typical elements and changes that make this genre recognizable, Trouble exhibits a lean toward Gospel, Pop, and Soul. With these sub-genre roots, Trouble incorporates an exciting choice of organ pedal chords to compliment the piano lines while the saxophone samples carry the main melody. However, as stated by Jen Ash, “The song is so jazzy and bluesy. it takes me back in time. The saxophone adds another dimension to the song, where I feel like I’m immersed in a 50/60’s black and white movie.” This nostalgic feel is contrasted by a very modern vibe allowing this piece to resonate with a contemporary audience. Trouble doesn’t really like to experiment with timing and tempo changes that separate the chorus from the verse, this hinders the impact of the main hook this song really wants to push through. This step back from the punchiness allows listeners to get caught up in the jazzy and blues feel that permeates past Pop RnB. What we get is a vibe that captures the audience and sucks them into the track making it more wholesome and vibrant.

Trouble would be an excellent addition to any Urban, Pop, Adult Contemporary, and RnB commercial radio playlist. This track would also be a great fit for any club setting, as the main groove and the bottom end pushes through the main melody to elicit a dance response from the listener. Every aspect of the production has been meticulously fawned over, as each instrument is allowed its place within the frequency spectrum, yet blended together allowing for a full and competent mix. Trouble is a very enjoyable track, and worthy of the accolades it is receiving. As a follow-up to her other singles; No Other Lover, and I Am Dreaming Of You, Trouble is a perfect addition to Jen Ash’s growing catalog of up-and-coming hits. As a fitting tribute to the great Amy Winehouse, Trouble offers metaphor and symbolism that captures the essence of Amy’s music and the impact she had on her fans.


Artist Spotlight

KOOLIE Releases Latest Single “Giver Giver” Showcasing Influences from New Orleans and Cultural Sensibility


In a captivating fusion of artistic prowess and profound inspiration, Koolie, the esteemed maestro of creativity, unveils his latest opus, entitled “Giver Giver,” a musical masterpiece intricately infused with the vibrant spirit of New Orleans. Drawing upon his recent sojourn to the bustling metropolis, Koolie deftly intertwines his encounters and connections into the very fabric of the composition, embodying the quintessence of the city’s renowned music scene. Engaging in profound dialogues with notable figures such as Maurice “MoBetta” Brown, Dennis Chambers, Lynn Whitfield, and Grace Gibson, Koolie unearthed a deep well of inspiration that reverberates throughout his latest magnum opus. Amidst his time spent in New Orleans, Koolie’s journey led him to the esteemed Jazz Fest 2023, where he met highly acclaimed musician Jon Batiste. This transformative experience served as a wellspring of artistic ingenuity, leaving an indelible imprint on the lyrical tapestry of the single.

Expanding upon his prior successes, Koolie’s latest composition has undergone a stunning metamorphosis, ignited by enlightening conversations with individuals of Indian heritage while in New Orleans. Originally bearing the title “Indian Giver,” the artist recognized the profound impact and cultural significance that words carry, prompting a conscientious decision, in collaboration with Venice Music Collective, to reissue the record under the name “Giver Giver.” This remarkable alteration, complemented by a thoughtfully redesigned cover, embodies Koolie’s unwavering dedication to cultural sensitivity and his fervent desire to create music that resonates harmoniously with a diverse audience. As Koolie’s imprint DMP flourished, his association with Venice has propelled his artistic career to unparalleled heights. The artist’s music, now readily available on esteemed platforms such as YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and Pandora, has experienced an exponential surge in exposure and accessibility, captivating an ever-expanding audience.


Furthermore, Koolie’s future is ablaze with an array of thrilling prospects. One such prospect involves a potential joint effort with acclaimed producer Rodney Jerkins in a groundbreaking endeavor titled “The Culture Tape Vol. 1,” which falls under the umbrella of Venice and The Culture Cards. This audacious collaboration not only showcases Koolie’s steadfast dedication to pushing the limits of artistic expression but also serves as a testament to his unwavering passion for venturing into unexplored realms within his craft.


Nevertheless, Koolie’s artistic endeavors surpass the confines of his remarkable achievements. Joining forces with his cousin Marcus Machado, they are preparing to reveal “Panaricans,” a collaborative opus that reveres their lively Costa Rican and Panamanian heritage. Their melodic undertakings, an extraordinary amalgamation of diverse cultural influences, possess the capability to enthrall global audiences. With an unwavering dedication to venturing into unexplored musical territories and embracing inclusivity, Koolie persists in charting novel paths within his artistic domain. Keep an ear out for more exhilarating projects and releases from this exceptional luminary of the arts.

Stream “Giver Giver” on Spotify.

Stay connected with Koolie Koo Koo: Instagram | Spotify

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Follow these tricks to check your friend’s Instagram stories without being seen

Instagram is a widely used app across the globe, and its dominance has grown exponentially over the years. This photo-sharing app provides multiple features like the Instagram story, where you can share pictures and disappear after 24 hours.

People can only see these stories if they follow each other or if the account is not private. The person who has uploaded it can see the people that have seen its story.

For several reasons, some prefer their name to be off the seen list. While some simply like to be nosey and see what others are up to but discreetly. It’s impossible to go unnoticed if you have viewed their stories unless you follow some tricks.

So, how to one check an Instagram story without being seen? Read below to find out the answer.

Three Ways To Check Instagram Stories Anonymously

Watching someone’s Instagram stories discreetly may not be highly advisable, but then humans are curious beings. Moreover, this kind of anonymity is more prevalent among ex-lovers or friends. Also, some like to stay anonymous.

That said, there are three common ways to check someone’s Instagram stories without being seen. Check the list below:

  1. Instagram Story Viewer

One of the most common ways is by using IgAnony. It’s a tool or website that allows you to check someone’s story without logging in to your account.

This application is quite popular, resulting in the availability of numerous Instagram Story Viewers online. These tools are mostly free and easy to use. All you need is to download the app or visit the preferred website. After that, find the person’s profile that you want to see in the search box.

You don’t have to log in. Simply type the correct user’s name and watch their Instagram stories. Some tools also allow you to download the stories.

  1. Use Incognito Browser

Another way to check someone’s Instagram story stealthily is by switching to an incognito browser. This private browsing mode allows you to watch stories of your ex-lovers or friends without being seen.

Go to your web browser, click the three dots at the top right, and choose the incognito option. Here, you need to follow the account, or the user account must be in public to be able to watch the stories. Read more about viewing people Instagram stories without being identified.

  1. Turn Your Mobile Device To Airplane Mode

If you’re browsing through your phone, enable airplane mode. It allows you to watch Instagram stories anonymously. Note that the account you plan to spy on is public, or you follow each other.

Do you know Instagram preloads the stories automatically? So, even without internet or Wi-Fi, you can check them without being seen. Before you are in airplane mode, go to the person’s profile. Only after that enable it and then go back to the account to check their story.

Note that if the user has uploaded many stories, chances are likely that it will not be preloaded. So, this means you may not be able to view some of it through airplane mode.

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